Comments for Disney World Announces MAJOR Revamp of Fan-Favorite Experience

arnold palmer 90th birthday goofy playing golf at disney world

Credit: Disney


  1. LeoGuru2000

    Maintenance is one thing but a redesign of an already successful and popular attraction sounds like a waste of money and an unnecessary risk. Who’s to say the redesigned course will be as good let alone better? Just seems like a foolish waste of resources at a time when Disney is already not at peak profits.

    1. Glenn

      They have to move the road to add more vacation club units to the Polynesian

  2. Vinny Turner

    I still miss Eagle Pines golf course.

  3. Paul T

    On a separate article it stated not only to make room for the road, it also suggested to make room for the possibility of new hotel. Disney does not reconfigure roads and golf courses unless there is another plan. Also, Disney always keeps big plans a secret

  4. Phi

    Ummm… pay a lot for hotels and meals, then I’m going to pay more for something I could do at home instead of experiencing the theme park and rides .

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