Comments for Guest Dies After Incident at Disney World, New Lawsuit Reveals

cinderella castle at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney


  1. Jacquie

    What’s happening is the ‘woke’ idiots in this country smell blood and are swooping in trying to discredit the Disney corporation. Accidents happen, tragedies happen. Disney getting attacked because it is a tremendously successful and wealthy enterprise. America’s Larger corporations under attack from the Left.

    1. Fritz

      Who’s trying to discredit Disney? Why the far right Retubs especially Desantis. And learn how to use the woke term correctly.

  2. Sara

    These articles aren’t fooling anyone. You appear to be paid by some right wing slanderous candidate. All of your stories have been negative with no fair balance. When this happens, people see through your words and paint an uglier picture of the writer, not the subject in which you are writing about.

  3. Bennett Lavorino

    Let’s see, Jacquie says Disney is under attack from the left, and Sara it’s from a Right-wing slanderous candidate. Just my opinion but there is a general dislike for Disney that has nothing to do with “woke” or right-wing. Many Disney fans are just tired of the higher prices and getting less for it. As far as reporting the negative, well dog bites man, no big deal. Man bites dog, now that’s news.

  4. Sue

    Ok let’s see who is looking for money? Disney gets hit with lawsuits every day. Nothing new. People look to make money and blame it’s Disney fault. Not there fault. Just like the government blaming everyone else why the United States is going down the toilet.

    1. Gerri LaVallee

      I knew someone who handled lawsuits at Disney and you would be surprised at the number of people who lost their brand new expensive luggage there (not at the airport or cab or other hotel). The luggage was always full of new expensive clothes and cameras.

  5. Trixie

    Fall down, go boom, die. Hardly Disney’s fault. But there is money to be made, so let’s file a lawsuit and see if they will settle out of court (which they usually do).

    People will sue over ANYTHING these days! Ridiculous. Disney should shut the “brother / cousin / friend” down hard!

    1. Chris W

      Not to mention, they couldn’t even get the dates right – some lawyer her “brother” hired

    2. CJA

      There is a lot of info missing here. Falling is a normal accident, so what makes the plaintiff think he has a lawsuit? If this was outside on a wet walkway, surprise! It’s Florida, it rains there. If a newly mopped floor with no warning sign or barrier, that’s a different situation.

  6. Dave

    Can’t exactly throw any blame either way as there aren’t any details as to why she fell and hit her head. Of course victims relatives always feel that their loved one isn’t at fault regardless of what happened as a lot of the time they’re just looking for a payday. I’ve never understood why sue a company for millions of $$’s after saying their loved ones life is priceless….sorry if you are suing for millions of $$’s then you’ve put a price on your loved one. Until you know the details though of what actually happened, you can’t bash on either Disney or the deceased

    1. Heidi Claire

      No, but you can bash the lawyer for getting the date wrong.

  7. Susan

    My sister stepped off an unpainted curb in the dark at a park and got a spiral fracture of her right ankle. No one did anything except get the ambulance called that took her to hospital.

  8. James

    Another useless lawsuit, this is not Disney’s fault at all

  9. F

    Hahaha! You people are fools. YOUR kid loses 2 fingers while on vacation at a place geared and aimed at kids and your not going to ask for payment for his/her medical bills or their pain and suffering?! Right…
    Your at ANY hotel ANYWHERE for any reason and your spouse slips and cracks their skull open and your not going to sue the hotel for negligence?! Right….. YOU EXPECT ANYONE TO BELIEVE THAT CRAP!?

    Puhleeeessseee! You are just as ridiculous as WDW!!!!

  10. Heidi Clare

    Time to get a new lawyer, one who can get dates right.

  11. =/

    Ok, but HOW did she fall? If she was running in wet flip flops, then obviously no one logical blames Disney. But if they were negligent in letting a hazardous area go unattended, then that’s another story.

    We need details!

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