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brightline train on tracks over water

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  1. Victor Nazarian

    Mismanagement and questionable decisions have cut Disney company value so badly now it appears they cannot borrow enough money against the value of Disney stock to continue with Brightline.

    1. Dennis

      Didn’t read the article did you? The new route doesn’t allow for a disney station. Disney didnt cancel their involvement.

      1. Scamp

        Don’t waste your time. Idiots believe what they want to believe regardless of logic and facts.

      2. O Resident

        Orlando resident who has been following this here. The new route would have been an easier connection to Disney Springs, but Disney is against the connection to SunRail (at Meadow Woods) and the convention center, which would benefit Universal.

        The whole purpose of Disney offering the land for the station was to keep it from connecting to the rest of Orlando. Yes, this would also benefit Universal, but it would benefit the region so much more than any single company.

        It is understandable, but it is still wrong to hinder the entire region for the benefit of Disney.

        1. Ronald Emery

          It was Brightline’s idea to go to Disney Springs on its way to Tampa. You don’t run a train at 125 mph and stop every 15 miles.

  2. Maddest Hatter

    So Disney axed magic express BEFORE the train was ready, then they cancelled the train.

    Well played

    1. Dennis

      The article says the new route doesn’t allow for a disney station.

      1. Bon

        No…. The Disney spokesperson said that. Very different statement. Disney doesn’t want the station if it connects to sun rail. It’s shortsighted leadership

  3. Charles Winkle

    Wow. There really is no limit to the idiocy of Disney company management. With these clowns down 50% may be a ceiling not a floor on its stock price.

    1. Dennis

      Read the article. The route location no longer allows for a disney station. The Disney rep didnt say they were pulling out or canceling it just that it appears there is no interest in having a disney station based on the new route.

  4. Kevin

    Why would they continue to invest more money in a place that no longer wants them there?

    1. Victor Nazarian

      You must be mistaken. Florida, Orange County and Orlando all want Disney, they just don’t want a mega corporation run by rich elitists using they money we pay for products and services to manipulate our democracy.

      1. mike Smith

        In the US a company is considered a personal who has the rights of free speech. It seems that Florida it trying to take away free speech from anyone that doesn’t have their group think.

        1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

          That may be what you want, but a corporation is legally a person, and has been since the founding of the country. And as a legal person, it has the same rights as any other person, including the Right to Free Speech. You might want to read up on the law first.

          1. Mr B.

            Free speech has consequences

        2. Strout Holly

          Exactly, the political games being played are only hurting the residents of Orange and Osceola counties with their property taxes increasing because of the GOP led Florida Legislature. Sadly people don’t read the article and don’t understand the ramifications of the Florida Legislature’s most recent retaliation for speaking out on behalf of every human being. Floridia voters are to blame for continuing to vote in representatives who don’t care about Florida and pander to special interest groups. The Florida Legislature has hurt the employees and the families who work for Disney and significantly increased taxes for residents.

          1. O Resident

            First, I am against the reasons WHY Florida is taking away Disney’s special district. However, it should not have been created in the first place. It needs to end because it hurts us.

            It saddens me how many are defending the Disney District because of who is trying to end it and why. The enemy of my enemy can still be my enemy.

        3. O Resident

          The entire Disney District was wrong to begin with, and companies should never have free speech. Florida is wrong for the REASON that they want to end it, but it should still be ended.

          Now if we can get rid of the concept of corporate personhood. It will be a while.

        4. Steve

          Something tells me you only believe that when the company agrees with your agenda.

      2. Tom

        Especially those mamby pamby elitists who whine about people, and their dignity and voices and rights. Florida likes elitists who put public money back in the pockets of their loyal campaign donors, who create voting districts designed to further disenfranchise the poor and helpless. They prefer kissing up to lobbyists while our children get shot with sutomatic weapons and responding with thoughts snd prayers instead of legislation. Florida wants men who can defeat democracy in its tracks, put women on their place, and simultaneously annihilate the middle class while taking their campaign donations with lies and fear based propaganda.

        Just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye. Seriously.

      3. Bonnie

        Disney made Orlando. This place was a hole in the wall before Disney. They’re bigger than most cities, they should be allowed to do what they want with it. Let them rule their own. They’re pouring phenomenal amounts of money into the state. Leave them alone.

        1. HollyStrout Holly

          Well said and completely true.

          1. O Resident

            Disney doesn’t get to block our region from growing because it wants to. It can do want it wants on its property, but that’s about it.

      4. Bob

        Um what country you living in? Rich corporations have manipulated our democracy for nearly the whole of the country but especially the 20th century.

    2. Ed Murphy

      Maybe a Christian like Walt himself would lead the company the way he did.

      1. mike Smith

        Christians don’t go out of their way to discriminate and judge other people.

        1. Bonnie

          You have got to be kidding! Disney has done amazing things for the LGBTQ communities. Half their cast members fall into that category. Where have you been!

          1. O RedifentO Resident

            Universal did some amazing things for the LGBTQ+ community. Disney just sat on the sidelines while the cast members did the work.

  5. Daniel

    Short sighted, arrogant, stupid, petty, and vindictive. My money spends just as easily at Universal if and when they’re going to have a stop.

  6. Marco Polo

    By canceling their bus system from Orlando’s airport, they banked on this to get patrons directly to Disney Springs. Now this will be another instance where people realize they’re paying more while Disney has even fewer perks as it did just a few years ago. Not a good look for Disney.

    1. Dennis

      As many people who are involved in this project are aware, the new route configuration does not support a Disney Springs station and as a result, we don’t anticipate being part of this project,” Disney spokesperson Avery Maehrer said in a statement regarding the cancellation.

      1. Bob

        Well that’s not true. It’s that the new system hooks into Sunrail allowing people to take it to unirversal or to the convention center. Disney doesn’t want that. They are beingn shortsighted

        1. O RedifentO Resident

          Disney’s plan cuts the region and is residents off from South Florida and the airport, and eventually Tampa.

    2. O Resident

      Look at a map. I gave details in another post.

  7. BeanMizer

    Chapek is gping to become another of those CEOs that gets run out of the company because he nearly ruins the company. Next he will want to spin off the film and other parts of the company in the name of shareholder value.

    He must be stopped at all costs.

    1. Dennis

      As many people who are involved in this project are aware, the new route configuration does not support a Disney Springs station and as a result, we don’t anticipate being part of this project,” Disney spokesperson Avery Maehrer said in a statement regarding the cancellation.

    2. Dennis

      Disney did not cancel it.

    3. Steve

      The board wants to break up Disney. This is what I believe now that he has been extended.

  8. 88

    This article is a great test to see who is an incompetent boob with zero reading comprehension and an agenda and who actually reads the article and has some semblance of intelligence.

    1. HollyStrout Holly

      Agreed, reading is essential.

  9. Gary Iscoe

    Of course they did. Of course Bob Chapek would not want anything that makes Disney easier. Let’s have families Uber from airport or rent a car. no train, no magical express none of that. Oh and not to forget a ridiculously inconvenient paid fast pass system………

  10. Gary Iscoe

    Another example of Current Disney leadership spitting on Walt’s honor and legacy. Like getting rid of Splash Mountain. Wonder if Walt would welcome the Bright Line considering he loved trains…….

    1. You did read that the updated path for Brightline does not take it NEAR Disney Springs. That was not a Disney decision. And if the train isn’t being built through town, then there’s no need to build a station.

      1. O Resident

        Look at a map.

        Find the airport, Meadow Woods SunRail station, the convention center, and Disney Springs.

        The trace along the 408, 417, and I-4. Look at what routes make the most sense. Then decide if Disney’s statement makes any sense.

        I drive some of these roads daily, and all of them weekly.

  11. Joan

    Apparently, Disney couldn’t make enough money from this project or they would have pushed for it. I am sure it could be reconfigured to come into Disney somehow but since Disney doesn’t own it, they don’t make a pile of money off it. Nothing to help out their paying out of the nose customers. Time to visit other places. Disney just doesn’t care anymore. It is all for the almight dollar and only in their pocket.

  12. Heidi Clair

    Good riddance to Brightline, the train kills way too many people.

    1. Chris

      I’m all for bright line killing stupid people. Cleanses our gene pool. Not hard to avoid the tracks when a damn train is coming.

      1. Heidi Clair

        Would you want a high speed train every half hour cutting through your downtown in several places?

        Those tracks and crossings were designed for slow freight trains

  13. JJ

    The article is lacking information, local business leaders here in Orlando pushed for an I-drive stop and route vs just a Disney Route.

    I believe universal is going donate land for the stop.

    The I-drive route makes more sense vs a Disney only route.

  14. Bonnie

    Disney made Orlando. This place was a hole in the wall before Disney. They’re bigger than most cities, they should be allowed to do what they want with it. Let them rule their own. They’re pouring phenomenal amounts of money into the state. Leave them alone.

    1. O Resident

      No…. They don’t get to dictate how we live our lives or how we shape the future of our community. Only elitist would think such a thing.

      Disney gets to dictate what happens on Disney property. That’s it.

  15. John

    Disney management starting with Chapek is utterly shortsighted with a focus just on short term profits and of course bonuses. How did Disney allow itself to get pushed out of this project? They’re Disney, the most powerful company in the state and instead of using their wealth and leverage to ensure Disney Springs had a station they just let Universal manhandle them. I guarantee you Universal’s management had a consistent goal from day 1 to ensure that they got a station directly adjacent to their newest park. They knew that this investment would pay massive dividends in the future. While Chapek is focused on nickel and diming guests at every turn and cutting costs regardless of consequences Universal has a vision and they’re executing it flawlessly.

  16. Nick

    It’s probably just Disney not really caring about this, and being somewhat elitist like they’ve turned into the past decade or so, not wanting the riff raff to come in via train, people hanging out at the station, etc. So they didn’t lobby much for the station. I think that’s a mistake, because it will make it easier for people to train from the airport directly to universal, but we will see.

  17. Sleeve

    From the article;
    “The train was originally slated to be completed in 2026 and was delayed several times, but now we are learning that Disney has canceled the project entirely.”

  18. RMM

    Disney has not already started construction on the station. Brightline doesn’t even have all the right-aways settled for the Tamp route. The current testing is Brightline trains at the Orlando Airport Intermodal station.
    Secondly, DISNEY cancelled their station. The proposed route down I4 has not changed. You will be able to look out the window of the train and see Disney Springs pass by on your way towards Tampa. It sounds more like Disney wanted to have direct routing without sharing the service with a stop near Universal as well as the Convention Center/International Drive tourist corridor. Maybe the decision has more to do with Disney station providing an easy option for their captured guests to access the Universal area more easily?

    1. ianimal

      You can already easily take a charter bus from any Disney resort directly to Universal.

  19. S1

    Lower the speed limit of cars to 50 miles an hour to save the planet and cut traffic accidents.

  20. John Daly

    Disney is undoubtedly weighing their options in light of recent Republican hostility. Why wouldn’t they? DeSantis has made it clear that Disney is an enemy so They’re holding off on long term investments in infrastructure while considering other options.

    1. Roc

      That makes as much sense as building a grocery store, but blocking off the parking lot.

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