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Disney World wedding pavilion

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  1. TimW

    $5500 was a bargain. At least serve punch and cake. Cheapskates.

  2. Deborah

    They should’ve have opted for a Minnie & Mickey wedding for two. Just forego the guest list, save themselves the grief of complaints. Anyways…Who has a wedding with no food or drink? It’s Bizarre & cheap!

  3. Ann

    Very unlikely this is real situation/post. In addition to venue fee, Disney also has overall event minimum and food/beverage minimum per person (guest).

    1. Marie

      If they skipped one of the several trips they take to Disney every year, they could have provided food for their guests. The guests should have kept their monetary gifts to buy food for themselves!

  4. Casey

    If you can’t feed your guests at your wedding, DONT HAVE ONE AT ALL!!!!!

  5. Kat

    I grew up going to weddings that served cake and punch and that was it. I think it’s insane that people expect food at a wedding. I also think it’s insane to spend that much money for Mickey and Minnie, but hey, it’s their wedding, it was their money.

  6. Diane

    This is total BS. Right on the Disney Wedding webaite it clearly states that there is a minimum per guest fee for food/beverages. Don’t fall for this nonsense.

  7. Debbie

    I think it’s wrong to make the bride and groom into complete villains. I don’t think that they meant to hurt people. Having said that, I think it was in bad taste and insensitive toward their guests to expect them to pay for their own food and drinks. If they can afford to go to Disney World throughout the year, they can afford to provide something for their guests. A nice wedding cake and sparkling water – something like that, would have been nice and not broken their budget. Or, maybe they should have eloped or had a very small wedding with their closest family and friends. It seems clear to me that their guests were not a priority. Also, having Mickey and Minnie in their photos is fine – but not at the expense of their guests. Besides that, Mickey and Minnie are fictional characters – so whoever showed up for their pictures are just strangers in costumes. Maybe this sounds harsh – again I don’t think that they meant to really do damage – I just think that these two need to grow up a little more.

  8. Tom

    If this is true the invitations should have clearly stated no food would be served. If not it should have said please no gifts.

  9. Kat

    It’s possible the wedding wasn’t at Disney but a partner hotel and just offered the option of a Disney Official Mickey and Minnie appearance. That could explain why they didn’t have to follow the Disney wedding planning rules.

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