Comments for Disney’s Splash Mountain Undergoing Changes Starting Tomorrow

splash mountain interior tokyo disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. LC

    Revised title:

    Tokyo Disneyland’s Splash Mountain Undergoing Changes Tomorrow

  2. Katharine

    So why does Tokyo Disney get fun things and the USA Splash Mountain get the boot.????? Florida and California. Problem with the CEO?!?!! I think yes. Please save our favorite ride in the USA

  3. Steve

    The Japanese aren’t as far along the woke degeneracy route as Americans. They have a stronger culture and deeper values.

    1. Justin

      Yeah except y’all freaked out within the last, I don’t know, 6 months? When Tokyo Disney announced that they were removing “ladies and gentleman, boys and girls” from their announcements in order to be more inclusive. So save us the woke comments that you don’t even understand the meaning of.

  4. J

    Is the “wear a mask or you won’t get your photos” quote that is shown in the article still a thing there, or is that just old copy?

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