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  1. Matt Brewster

    Once again, we see what happens when maintenance budgets are cut, just so profits can be artificially produced.

  2. Kevin

    This is new education of people. Say the right words your in. Be mechanically inclined go away. Power words. Get you killed.

  3. TK

    Helped building that ride and a lot of safeties are built into it. You should be thankful.

    1. Kam

      I am rather overweight and I’ve never fully rode the ride to completion. Something always happened.
      I laughed so amused the day it did this to our car saying, “this ride has had enough of me”

  4. Brad

    C’mon Author….it ended in disaster? It slowed down as a safety precaution. You and this website should be ashamed at the level you drop to when reporting this BS news. Report on actual things and stop making crap stories up

    1. Rich

      I completely agree with you 100%.

    2. Rich

      And why does it take 4 paragraphs to get to the heart of the article!? Should take one!

      1. Hugh Litzer

        Welcome to ITM

    3. Jessica P

      I agree as well. The same thing happened when we took our family on this ride years ago. All 6 of us made it back to the next ride in a timely fashion and this was years and years ago.
      Disaster is loss of life or limb.

    4. Kam

      This site could tell me the world was ending and with UFOs shooting lasers at my neighbor’s house I’d still Google.

  5. Brutus

    Wow…we have kids being shot to death. An economic calamity on the horizon and you describe a virtual disney ride as a disaster because it didn’t function properly. A damn liberal would only claim that!

    1. Politics really??

  6. Jag

    “Disney’s Fastest Thrill Ride Malfunctions, Ride Ends in Disaster” The video shows the ride after the breakdown finishing running at 3 mph. Nobody was physically hurt. The title of the article is trying to get as much attention as possible over guests being inconvenienced. Really?

  7. Michael Morgan

    Misinformation from this site! Disaster??? Was anyone injured or killed. Watch your word usage. ISTM is loosing credibility.

    1. Gram Early

      One time, ITM wrote an article about Minnie Mouse loosing her eye during a parade. Apparently, the eye was loose, causing her to lose it.

  8. Mary Catherine Riley

    We were on that ride once and it stopped completely in the middle of the outside track. It was hardly a disaster. It was actually pretty cool.

  9. Nate

    Ugh..this ride. The problem I have is when it breaks and they can’t fix it right away your sitting there for at least 30 minutes while they try to fix it then another 15-20minutes to decide whether or not to get everyone off the ride. Even after they shut down the power to start the disembarking process cast members are just tooling around not even working on getting people off this ride. After almost 45 minutes and about 5-10 minutes after they shut down the power and our seat belts clicked (unlocked) they still had guests sitting in the loading area not doing anything. Why can’t the guests…in the vehicle…at the loading area leave? Cast members were not moving with any care at all to get people off the ride and on with their day. First hand experience here…saw it all.

  10. Politics really??

  11. It’s not a disaster.. it’s not as fun but not disaster. It’s a great ride lots of fun.

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