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  1. Mc

    Been doing this for year to get you to spend more money and meet their quota! You used to be able to ride every ride, now you lucky to get 5 in.

  2. No one there

    They fired almost their entire workforce for “COVID” and are finding it hard to get willing employees back. Disney does many shady things, and I believe they do more shady things that haven’t been noticed or accepted, but this sounds like it is entirely down to not enough workers.

    It’s a real problem and you can tell by the fact some gift shops are still closed. Those are a top priority for Di$ney.

    1. LockTrumpUp

      These are all absolute truths.

    2. LockTrumpUp

      They only now wish they would’ve shown loyalty to their workforce during Covid. They’re reaping the self-inflicted pain that they sowed. Greed sometimes backfires, spectacularly.

      1. DJT

        Biden should bail them out.

    3. Carol

      I was just ay EPCOT and at the Magic Kingdom. Didn’t notice any slow downs. Ironically, people complain when they’re rushed through their meals and now they’re complaining because they’re not.

      1. Silvia

        I totally agree with you! I had a great time and I was able to ride all the rides. Times change!

    4. Joe

      Disney left long term cast members on furlough for 2 years. Not many came back, you don’t know half the stuff that goes on at Disney

    5. Lee

      Will never go back

  3. Len

    I had been told by several cast members (about five years ago) that the parks were being geared toward having each guest having/enjoying 5-6 “experiences” per day in a given park. An experience would be….a ride, a parade, a meal or dining experience, a character meet and greet.

    Some five years later, I suspect that the number has shrunk. The average guest time ( remember, an average) is just under 7 hours. So just about 1 experience per hour.

    So assume a park ticket is $150 ish…..with 6 experiences…..just about $25 per experience……so it’s Pirates worth $25……I don’t know.

    I understand it is entirely possible to squeeze in more things…..but what about the 70 year old grand parent. Can they stand in line for an hour.

    Lastly…..remember those 6-7 experiences?…..most likely you will be standing in line for 45-60 minutes for a 3-5 minute ride experience.

    Lots to think about……but it sure feels like the magic is slipping away…..people will only take so much…….you will never see a sizable change until people start to vote with their dollars…..they don’t listen with their ears…..they listen to the dollars of profit.

    Food for thought😎

    1. Kat

      Try standing in line for 400 minutes. Just came back from Disney World. We were lucky if we rode 4 rides in an 8 hour day. Lightening Land is ruining the experience. This new Disney is for the wealthy only.

      1. Erin

        Kat-I just got back and agree with you 100%. Most LL were sold out by park open so us offsite peasants had lines galore. Over 3 days with park hopper passes we got 15 experiences. Also, planning so much took the fun out of just walking around and seeing things. My walks were all with purpose.

      2. Mark

        If Disney was only for the wealthy, you wouldn’t notice the difference Lightning Lane makes. It shouldn’t exist, sure, but since it does exist the problem is that it’s too cheap.

      3. Stuart Piedmann

        Is Lightening Land near Phantasm Land or Front Teeth Land?

    2. Silvia

      For the grandparents you can get a handicap guest pass and you go to the front of the line. 😉

      1. Dawn

        That’s not how that works. With a DAS you get a time and come back at that time and get in the LL. Which can also take more time. DAS is NOT a “front of the line” or “skip the line”.

        1. Dawn

          And the time is equivalent to the current wait time.

  4. Jeff

    Just spent a week there on property and it’s not the same as it used to be. Couldn’t get on anything without a long wait. Sick of lightning line cutting in front of people. This is a worse idea than fast pass and I was against that. I loved Disney and have been there for every 5 year anniversary and was there the week it opened. After this trip I’m having serious doubts about going back. The experience vs money spent isn’t there anymore. Not the same old place. Walt would be very sad.

    1. Peggy

      I agree. We are DVC members. No annual passes for sale since November. We are seriously thinking selling. You are right I believed the magic was dying a few years ago. Seems like since reopening the park was dirty the bathrooms were horrendous and the restaurant on line wait thing in the park was stupid. Not only that the food selection left a lot to be desired. We live the commissary but the menu was not appealing. We will be eating at Disney springs next time. So it’s through out the service. It’s a shame Disney always lead the way for classy service

      1. SELL!

        Sell while you can. Disney is teetering on the brink and all they are doing is adding more DVCs.

      2. J

        Nobody wants to buy timeshares lol despite calling it a club

    2. Frank

      We were going to WDW for 6 years in a row starting in 2006..Free Dining, great ticket prices, low airfare, and able to walk onto most rides!! Those days are long gone…We are so glad we were able to take advantage….We have been priced out for years now…I know there are other factors for present conditions at WDW, but at the end of the day , CORPORATE GREED is the cause, and not just with Disney…

    3. Roberta

      Walt Disney is probably rolling in his grave. He wanted the park to be FAMILY ORIENTED. Well guess what? It’s not.
      It’s so high priced that it’s hard on a family especially when the kids want all the souvenirs that go along with Micky and Minny. Then you have parking.
      As far as the lightening pass goes, they should get rid of it. EVERYONE should have to stand in line.
      We took our grandchildren and will never go again. The park is just a money maker and could care less about the guests coming in, I spent almost 10,000 on Our week long adventure🤷🏼‍♀️

    4. Joey

      This happened to me at Cinderella’s Royal Table the past 2 visits. Each meal took a little over 2 hours, which are into the plans for the day. Not sure if it’s a shortage situation or a crowd control?

    5. Pat

      Walt should be rolling in his grave because they are pricing out the family experience of going to WDW. We use to camp back in the 70’s and 80’s at the campground their. Now the value resorts are over hundred dollars a night and you have to stay longer than four days to get any discount and I am a Floridian now. So sad that they are for the rich only now with their pricing.

  5. Ginger

    Disney is not the same. Walt would be appalled! They are more worried about trying to control the political scene than providing a great place for children and families to enjoy. I will no longer support Disney by spending any of my time or money there.

    1. Chowskj

      And here comes the truth. Faux News told this person to hate Disney because Jesus and trump! Sorry lady. Disney is just fine without your ignorance. Some people just can’t stand Other People’s Civil Equality, or their inclusion in our culture.

      1. Tim

        Just like you?

      2. When did this conversation evolve into being about “your” culture?! For goodness sake, it isn’t always about you!!!

      3. Tee


      4. JustSomeLady

        Yeah; wondering how many people commenting on here are angry tRumpers reacting with political hate

        1. JustSomeLadyWhoThinksAboutTrump

          How much does it stick being you? Do you honestly think about Trump 24/7. I feel terrible for you.

    2. Melissa

      They STOPPED donating to political campaigns. You’ve got it backwards.

  6. Jo

    Last time we went to Disney (2021) it was horrid. We were lucky to get 2 rides in at MK one day. The wait times were beyond horrible and there were no fast passes. We decided we would not return. Ever.

    Fast forward a year and we just got back from Universal Studios. Cost us less, we stayed on grounds, were able to go back to the hotel mid day to relax, no reservations for rides, no reservations to get in the park, no masks, no worries. Rode EVERY SINGLE RIDE each day. We are already planning another trip later this year.

    1. Pixie passers

      Same experience at universal! We enjoyed it immensely! Stayed at the Porto fino hotel, went on everything within the two days and did all the shows. Ate on grounds and did the naps mid afternoon. The hotel learned we were there for anniversary and did a gift basket in the room. Staff was above and beyond pleasant! We were gifted the Harry Potter experience by the resort (get it, it’s amazing) so free breakfast and a dvd with you in it! Was cheaper, less stressful and so much more fun! I feel like an ad for them. Oh and by the way, we are DVC ANNUAL PASSHOLDERS… but we have given up on Disney.

      1. AH

        Compare your experience with my wife’s and mine last year for our 30th anniversary at wdw. We got nothing but a few congrats from cast members.

  7. Kim

    It’s a shortage of workers. The cast members we remember, the older ones, were laid off because of covid. They all found new jobs, and didn’t come back when disney re-opened. Disney is practically begging people to come work for them. They run an add promising a large sign on bonus every week. Disney will be back. Just give them time.

    1. Reformer Disney CM

      Agreed, Kim, except CMs we’re invited back according to seniority, so many in my role just decided to retire.
      And, I have a feeling that the sudden appearance of “inclusiveness” was partly the only way to staff the resort. The Disney Look that Walt wanted is gone.

  8. Chris

    Andrew Boardwine is a hack

  9. Regina

    BOB CHAPEK is the greedest ceo that disney ever employed. I’m a share holder and a DVC member and it use to be about having a “magical time” but those days are over.Another company sells out to corporate greed.

    1. Silvia

      I love Disneyland and I enjoy every happy moment I can get while visiting the parks. Yes, it’s pricier now days but times have changed. Also, more people are able to afford annual passes too so the amount of people visiting everyday multiplied. Waiting in line is part of the fun, no matter what theme park you go to you will make long lines I was just at Knotts Berry Farm.
      Enjoy the moment and treasure all the memories. Our memories become stories that we tell hundreds and thousands of times throughout our life time. The beautiful thing about Disney memories is that, not only are they beautiful to us, they are also beautiful to others and everything Disney has to offer is just priceless. ❤
      #Even miracles take a little time” – Pinocchio
      #”All it takes is faith and trust” – Peter Pan
      #”I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day”- Hercules
      #”To infinity and beyond!” – Toy Story
      #”Practically perfect in every way” – Marry Poppins
      #”It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney
      #”Togetherness, for me, means teamwork.” – Walt Disney
      #”We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney
      #”Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney

  10. It’s been about 6 years since I went to WDW. I went every year for 20 years. As a family we loved WDW. the last time I went I noticed the lack of magic. Form really rude cast members to REALLY rude guests. We had paid to have the Pirates makeup done for Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween party also an extra cost. Usually well worth it. This year we got caught in the rain, and a cast member had moved my wheel chair and we were told we would have to make a run for it out in the rain.. There was a way to not get caught in the rain by letting us walk around and just lower a rope. Full make up ruined. The cast member got an attitude and I wound up getting the Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween party ticket refunded and then a free pass. Still the make up was gone could not be redone and looked good. But what if this had been my first time there. That was my last time. We would go for 2 weeks at a time. I miss the way WDW would be.
    Maybe the cast member shouldn’t tell some one in a wheelchair to make a run for it.. ugh

  11. Dave

    Just makes me glad I got my Walt Disney visit in in 1991 when I went to WDL as a teenager. Back then it was enjoyable and quite affordable, now it seems like you have to take out a small loan against your house just to afford everything. Back then there was magic when you visited the park, these day, its just frustration.

  12. Paul

    I just returned from Disneyworld and will likely never return. Charging more money for Genie+ and Lightning lane after you have already purchased an expensive ticket to begin with is absolutely criminal. Whoever is making some of these decisions is out of touch with the consumers.

    1. Holly

      Bingo! Sorry for your loss seems to the statement here. Love how they say to you, we will share this with our cast, if you tell them. It sucks.

  13. Kyle

    Anyone miss the numerous reports of LOW STAFFING?! Of course some stuff is going to take longer.

  14. Eric L Erickson

    Of note is the fact that there seems to be a shortage of WDW Bus Drivers. During my most recent 12 night trip (Apr.-May 2022), I stayed at Coronado Springs. During that time, a full 50% of the busses I took to & from parks were from companies OTHER than Disney — they even had paper signs on the windshield to verify that they were a “substitute bus”. One time, while attempting to return to the resort from one of the parks, it happened to be “shift change” for the bus driver, but unfortunately his relief was a “no-show” — as a result, we had to wait for ANOTHER bus to arrive, & that one was one of the ones from the “other company”, so we waited nearly 45 minutes for a return bus to the resort.
    I’d be curious to know how many other areas of WDW have a shortage of Cast Members.

    1. Ruthie

      I never saw any of the alternative buses at Coronado Springs in November ’21, but in January ’22 quite a few of them showed up at Movies.

  15. J

    One thing that got on my nerves during our recent visit was how hard they were pushing the mobile ordering when you needed food. Hope that goes away soon. Speaking of food…did they not say that the Disney Dining Plan was to be back this year? No sign of that so far. My wallet sure missed it this time around. Having to pay out of pocket for everything was painful. I put about the same amount of money aside to cover our bills as I would normally have paid for the meal plan and it isn’t even going to come close to covering it.

  16. I agree, unless you are going to Olga’s Cantina. When we went in, they told us we were allowed to be at our table for 45 minutes. There were 9 of us. We went in to relax & have a drink or 3. They sat us at a dirty table that 2 people had just left. While we were sitting there, they put 2 new people at our table & we were already squished in like sardines.

  17. My significant other and I enjoyed 5 years of annual passes at Disneyland beginning in 2008. At that time there were Fast Passes, days with short lines early in the morning, we could go whenever we wanted, and less rides broken down or under construction.

    Since BEFORE the pandemic Disneyland has undergone significant changes. First the food took a dive and became almost inedible (I remember when Pizza Port had great pizza and spaghetti). Even the churros became inedible and the best food on Disney properties was the popcorn at that time. Second, are the number of rides always down for maintenance and refurbishment. The fact that Disney did not use the time the parks were closed to do maintenance and refurbishment on rides is ludicrous.

    The main reason I am against the new Disney however is the reservation system for everything…reserve your tickets, reserve your meals, pretty soon Disney is going to have reserve your place for the restroom at a low, low price of only $4.99. The reservation system causes you to lose the spontaneity of visiting Disneyland.

    We live 2 hours away and would wake up Saturday morning very rested and we’d say let’s go to Disneyland, get in the car and go. Our annual passes had no black out dates, included parking, and were well under $700 COMBINED. The ticket prices were affordable, parking wasn’t highway robbery, the food tasted good, and you didn’t need reservations for everything.

    The biggest problem I have with the reservation system is that unlike the rest of the world, me and my significant other don’t have cell phones with apps on them. They are basic smart phones but we don’t have a data plan. When we are at the parks our cell phones are off so we can have time together uninterrupted, Disney took all that away from their guests. There is no longer the let’s go with the flow and see how the day goes because you have to plan everything.

    We used to be able to go on a Saturday morning, meet the princesses, meet the fairies, and ride everything in Fantasyland and most of New Orleans Square by noon. Now you are lucky to get on 5-8 rides a day. The food is overpriced and doesn’t taste good.

    I wouldn’t go to Disneyland for free at this point with the mess they have created at the place. I think Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave and Chapek is the biggest fool the Disney company has ever hired. Just my opinion.

    1. Dawn

      You don’t have to use the app, you can use a computer to reserve your days and you can still get a paper pass (we have them). In the parks I don’t use the app. We don’t order food ahead, we get in line. We don’t use LL, again we get in line for rides. It is very possible to do Disney the same as always….

    2. Travis Weberling

      Sarah, I hope Bob Cheapek didn’t read what you wrote, otherwise, he might seriously consider your idea of charging people to use the RR, believe or not, some Greyhound bus stations are already doing that & have been doing that for years.

    3. Michael Easter

      Maybe time to get a smartphone?

  18. Terry

    Fire bob chapek change org

  19. Ikeholt

    We went to Disney World the first week of June and this will be our last trip. We purchased the genie+ and even with that we only were able to ride 5-6 rides per 12 hour day and we were trying believe me. We waited over 45 minutes for Rise (with fast pass) and when we were about to get on the ride it broke for the fourth time that day. Disney gave everyone in line a fast pass so when the ride re-opened 30 minutes before closing the fast pass line was an hour wait. We went six years ago and it was a completely different experience.

  20. Silvia

    For the grandparents you can get a handicap guest pass and you go to the front of the line. 😉

    1. Dawn

      No, that’s not how that works. It’s not “for the Grandparents” it’s a DAS and you actually have to have a limitation to get it, no matter your age. It DOES NOT give you a “front of the line” entrance, what it does is assign you a time to come back to the ride. You will still wait the same as the current wait time. You go to the ride when your time is up and enter through the LL entrance, which can also have a wait time once you are in it. So you could end up waiting longer.

  21. Julia

    Disney has changed ….and not for the better. Very disappointed last trip. Long wait times. We used to love our trips there. Sad that the magic is gone.

  22. Lisa

    I have noticed many things about Disney over the last three years that has made me pull away from Disney. I grew up with Disney (c. 1963). Held Disney, especially the parks, close in my heart. But the way the company as a whole has been going is not consistent with the company I knew. It’s heartbreaking and disappointingly soul crushing. I can only hope that the path of devistation will not leave too many children broken hearted and disappointed.

  23. Lee

    Will never go back

  24. DisneyDave

    I been going to Disney since 1978 and I can tell you how things have changed for the worse. The park is not as well maintained even done to the bathrooms. If you haven’t been there in the 70s and 80s then you won’t the difference from the overall experience. It’s a shame to see the decline over the years but as long as the crowds still come and pay nothing will change.

  25. Scott


  26. Jonathan

    I’m just going to say it. As a pass hold off and on for over 14 years I’ll put it like this from my point of view.
    Slow the pass holders
    Allow only per day and on property guests. Make same amount of revenue with less staff. That will increase profits 100%.

  27. Common Sense

    Almost like there’s a national labor shortage.

  28. Barb

    We recently got back from Disneyworld, and I have to say I have never been more disappointed in Disney. The new genie plus and lightening lane are horrible. It was a very stressful experience instead of being fun! Everyone has their noses in their phones, worried about booking rides! And we did not get on a few of the rides because they sold out for the day and we did not want to wait 90 minutes-120 minutes! Everything is so much harder, so much more expensive than when we were there in 2019! I probably won’t go back unless they get rid of this new system which no one seems to like!!!!

  29. Nathan McMichen

    I think it was poor planning on thier part. I just got back from DW. Everyone knows to plan reservations well before your planned visit. Otherwise, you endup waiting long times.

  30. JC

    This was my first and last time visiting Walt Disney World. The park hopper was a waste of money. By the time I got to the 2nd park I was lucky if I got to go on 1 ride. The genie pass availability filled up fast making it almost useless. I’ve been going to Disneyland for years and I have been able to do a lot more when I’ve gone there.

  31. Don

    Just got home from 5 nights six day park hoppers for my family. Cost was about $1300.00. Disney is so equal minded I would like them to explain to my grandchildren why some people pass right by them to get on rides before them. I thought They did not believe in privileged people. I will never yes NEVER go to a Disney park again.

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