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Disney Rainbow Collection worn by Guests

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Robert

    Pride? A sickness.

  2. Ron Schickel

    Can we celebrate every other culture like being hetero, white, employed, male and conservative or will those still be vilified and those folks be put on the endangered species list ? Asking for a friend.

  3. Jamie

    I’m happy to see Disney make a stand and stand up with and for the LGBTQ community. I’m proud about it!!

  4. Themike8

    This is a made up victim card. The 70s saw a massive pro gay movement and Hollywood was ALREADY depicting gays in tv from the TV show, Soap, To the disco scene.

    This is not about “pride” and discrimination. Homosexuals have gotten employment everywhere. Openly gay homosexuals. Social media has hired homosexuals from the start, and has yet to hire blacks.

    Yet the latest incarnation of gay agenda is including BLM in it’s rainbow with a black and brown stripe. I am black. We never said, “let’s hook up with the homosexual movement”

    They forced us into their own causes so as to appear to be a victim, equal to black discrimination.
    But as I said, there is no black pride efforts given the sort of business backing we see with Disney and homosexuals.

    No one knows if you’re gay till u say it. Like no one knows if you’re a swinger or a cheater.
    We all can see a Michael Jordan looking black person a mile away.
    But you don’t know who he sleeps with.

    And no, “white pride” is not the opposite. Because those that are already in power do not require honor or recognition.
    Homosexuals HAVE BEEN in power, openly. They are getting bank backing for business openings WITH NO push back.
    They are not credit score red lined.
    They are not pushed into living into single neighborhoods.
    No one is calling cops on a homosexual walking down the street alone, assuming they don’t live there.

    The police are not targeting homosexual drivers for tickets.

    The judges are not handing down harsher punishments for homosexuals than whites.

    Homosexuals are not being told to wait in the ER longer than straight people because the hospital doesn’t feel they REALLY are in pain.

    Gay clubs, black churches. Shall we count how many attacks have happened between the two?

    Inside a gay club, is illegal public sexual activities happening? Yes. Are they being targeted for arrests as a result? No.

    Are heterosexual sex clubs raided? Yes. Do websites that allow for heterosexual encounters to hook up, taken down by the gov? Yes.

    The LGBT so called community, has no discrimination at all.

    The REAL objective is sexual addiction for their personal fetish. And they want to get more people into it, as anyone with a fetish would.

    An exhibitionist would most certainly welcome a Disney day where it was all nude and call it discrimination if you’re protesting against it, would they not?

  5. Iamu

    Love is Love

    The addition of this product sends a message that Disney supports the community.

    Disney has a variety of product lines to choose from.

    You don’t like it then don’t buy it?

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