Comments for Water Expert Says Disneyland Is the “Scariest Place on Earth”

Left: Water Sommelier on H3H3 podcast. Right: Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland.


  1. Absolutely big NOPE 👎 to Dasani. I honestly would rather go thirsty than drink that. It upsets me that they add sodium to the water (they say it’s “for taste”) because it makes you thirstier and you have to keep drinking more. Biggest scam ever!

    1. KL

      Actually sodium is an electrolyte. It helps to keep you hydrated… like in Pedialyte. I have low blood pressure and live in AZ. I have to have electrolytes to stay hydrated. If you only drink water alone, it can flush out your electrolytes and you can still have a heat stroke. I know, it happened to me.

      1. When I was younger and went to Disneyland, there was no such thing as paying for water. It was called a drinking fountain.

        1. KKate

          Heck no!!! Desani is the worst water out there!!!

    2. Blll Martin

      There shoulde more choices like fresh squeezed juice other water 💧 ..even mineral water like San Palegreno..

  2. BJC

    Seriously? There’s actually a thing as a Water Sommelier? I thought that a wine sommelier was ridiculous, but this takes the cake. Water is freaking water, and there’s plenty that is readily available all throughout the parks.

    1. Bobbillina

      Check out his page @martinriese. Water is not all the same! As he says, “water is NOT water”… However, drinking any water is better than drinking Coke, of course.

      1. Kate

        Absolutely agree!

  3. S2

    Water sommelier?

    Is there a milk solemner and mango sommelier too while we are at it?

    1. Drew

      Probably yes. And if you’ve lived life never noticing water tastes varies from different sources, I feel sorry for you…

      1. Al

        You can tell the difference without thinking it should be a job description.

        My god, you’re so condescending, it’s going to kill you some day.

  4. Olivia

    I take a water bottle and fill it up at the taps in the bathroom.

    1. Elaine

      There are actually taps of filtered drinking water at Red Rose Tavern and near the Mint Julep bar. I’d rather use those. You can also ask for free ice water at any quick service location. That water is better than the water in the restrooms.

  5. Sandra

    Dasani is the most disgusting water I’ve ever tasted in my life. Like, it actually has a taste! Water shouldn’t have a taste. Plus you’re paying upwards of $4.50 for a bottle. Biggest rip off ever.

  6. SL

    Disneyland actually gives free cups of water to anyone who asks at any restaurant (I’ve been there many times and done this). They make clean water highly accessible, and it doesn’t have to be bottled or cost money. Offering Dasani bottled water for sale shouldn’t be a negative; it’s good to have options and people have the power to make their own choices.

    1. Annie

      Not true. They do not give out free water. They can only give you ice in tiny water cups in SOME sit down restaurants. Any quick service is straight up banned from giving water or ice at all.

      1. David

        Totally inaccurate. I’ve visited Disneyland recently and my entire party requested and received water cups all across the parks for several days. The cups did indeed contain water!

      2. Maddest Hatter

        This is factually incorrect.

        Thanks for spreading misinformation.

      3. D W

        You are incorrect, Disney offers free water at any location that sells fountain drinks.
        My family has been to Disney every other year for 15 years. Free water is readily available.

      4. Elaine

        Absolutely true. I have never been refused when asking for ice water, and have even been large cups. Also, there are filtered water taps in Red Rose Tavern and near the Mint Julep Bar. There may be more, but I don’t know where they are.

      5. Brandon

        Of course they give you water anywhere you ask. They don’t want you dropping dead in the park and a family member saying we asked for water but they said no.

      6. Frank

        They are required by law to give cups of water to anyone that asks

  7. Greta

    No to buying bottled water at Disneyland. Every restaurant will give you water for free.

  8. Ann

    I thought this was going to be about the water in their rides. If it splashes on me, I get a rash wherever the water touches.

    For drinking, I just get the free water wherever we are. I’ve never had a problem staying hydrated at Disney.

    1. Katie C

      I believe it’s a California law that water is to be provided free at any sit down food place. Also the Hot Dog (Coke corner) will always hand out cups of ice water. On a hot day they usually have a tray of water in cups at the ready.

  9. Meryl A Biszick

    Dasani is the most putrid excuse for water ever forced on the public. It’s disgusting. Evian isn’t bad
    I’d rather have that

  10. TruthSeeker

    Nothing but cry babies and snow flakes here. Don’t like Dasani? Drink something else.

  11. Bes

    As a trans woman, I don’t like Disney water.

    1. Maddest Hatter

      Is it non sequitur day and no one told me?

    2. Peter

      What does being a freak trans have to do weather you like the water or not? Maybe it’s trans water, the water thinks it’s a Coke!

      1. Noah

        Damn, Peter, you’re just going to announce being an absolute loser, just like that?? That’s kinda brave of you, I guess…? Embarrassing, though.

        Anyway, Bes, I gotta agree. Trans man here and I’m super picky about water. Hate the bottled stuff in general, though!

        1. Brandon

          As a white male with 2 face moles, a beard and a flat a$$ speaking from a point of privilege. I use to buy Dasani at home because it had real caps on the bottles. A real cap, not those tiny half caps where you think you have it on, squeeze the bottle and pee yourself. Now every company has it so I have no choices and squishy water bottles, arg. /satire

    3. Lcoppe

      How about I don’t like Disney water and no
      I don’t have a phobia towards you…my sister is deeply involved in Trevor project. I just think it
      Has nothing to do with your statement.

    4. Elaine

      It’s fine that you are a trans woman, but what does that have to do with the kind of water you like?

    5. Steve

      As a heterosexual God fearing white male who believes in an honest days work for an honest days pay I have to say none of the above has anything to do with my opinion on water.

    6. WTF

      Ah….Bes and Noah reduced the crux of the pride movement to your choice of bottled water. LGBT+water.

  12. Maggie

    I love that water brand. It’s my favorite. Never had problems getting ice cold water when in line for a cup of water.

  13. Maddest Hatter

    O-1 visas are for entering the country, not becoming a citizen.

    I see this site’s usually level of journalist rigor is at work today

    1. Brandon

      I remember a time when America only accepted the best of the best and you would have to show proof that you could support yourself and had a marketable skill. Now we only take manual laborers, which is good but it should only be a small percentage of our adds. How the mighty have fallen…

  14. Kate

    Just to add to a planetary discussion. Our family asked Disney to develop a recycling plan for the smart passes (arm bands) several years ago… these horrible plastic and rubber items have to be adding up.

    1. Mike

      Well they did you one better and stopped giving them at all now. You have to pay for then now, lol.

  15. Beth

    Dasani water tastes terrible, I can’t drink it so I bring my own water when I go places.

  16. IAN M

    South Florida roofer here.I just buy a gallon of drinking water from public or Winn Dixie either drink it plain or add powdered Gatorade.But I always drink a big glass of V8 every morning for the potassium and sodium.

  17. Jayy

    Lol what on earth being trans have to do with water I had enough with this

  18. Wcjeep

    The article is not wrong. Water in short supply. The drinking fountain water tastes terrible. Probably municipal fed water. Municipal water in my area much higher quality.

  19. JWong

    I actually only like Dasani water.. coming from Canada, it has the closest taste to tap water in Canada.. I had a hard time drinking water in the states because the taste was a bit strange to me, but thats probably because I grew up in Vancouver BC and got used to the flavour 🙂

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