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Left: Attendees wave pride flags at LA Pride. Right: Bob Gurr aboard Disneyland omnibus at prid.e


  1. Jarvis

    So it isn’t “gay” or “homosexual” pride? It’s just pride now? One word vague term that means anything, but it is one thing. POLITICAL.

  2. Michelle

    All across the US nudity and sexual moves in front of children at these parades. Convicted criminals participating at drag queen story hours. Convicted criminals performing at bars and schools for children who hand them money. Such wholesome entertainment! NOT!!! Absolutely vile. Imagine being a kid and having it dawn on you later that you were violated and used!

    1. S1

      It’s been a whole, I haven’t see you in the last Klan meeting. Are you well?

      1. Michelle

        I don’t go to Klan meetings. If you were there to see I wasn’t, why were YOU there?😄

  3. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

    No children were violated or used in any of your examples. You are just making up things or repeating things made up by others. Might want to actually find out the facts before you spew your uneducated hate talk. Just a suggestion.

    1. Michelle

      Apparently you’re blind or don’t know how to google. That’s so sad.

  4. jimmy

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,
    You are born a male or a female and that is it. No matter how many hormones you take, how many operations you get, what kind of clothes you put on. No matter how much Disney management (or our own government) panders to this group is not going to change that fact. Vote accordingly in November.

    1. S1

      Yes, I will vote for acceptance, not hate. Time to take back the country from all this hatred and racism.

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