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goofy (left) and pluto (right) outside of disney's grand floridian resort

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  1. There are plenty of lounges throughout the parks and resorts. The only popular ones are Olga’s Cantina and Trader Sam’s. They have cult followings. Reservations required or virtual que.

    1. Susan

      WDW has taken all the magic out of Disney World resorts and parks. We have been to Disney over 100xs and always hotel hoped to see the different scenes of each hotel. Now we can not do this because of no parking unless you have a dinner reservation. The fun of WDW was to see everything, this is definitely not a friendly family place anymore .

  2. I Went from The wilderness lodge where we stayed to the contemporary.The guard Would not let me park. I took all six of us went down the road to Universal. It is much easier to get around there. Less expensive too. Disney world has gotten to complicated. It is not enjoyable. I have spent all my vacation time there. It is ending. When I got back to the Wilderness lodge I was told the guard was wrong but people who have timeshare there have been complaining there are not enough parking spots. I felt that is not my problem. Disney problem.

    1. c

      Exactly, we had the same problem a few months ago, it’s a Disney problem, and it has taken the magic away big time and added unnecessary stress since you don’t know if you’ll be able to eat where you want until you get to the gate and hope they let you through. We ordered through the app at the quick service locations and was turned away and not able to eat and no refund either, great job disney.

    2. Rooftop Voter

      Have always said that launching the space shuttle is less complicated that navigating the myriad of rules, regulations and the always present ”because I said so” from someone in authority at Disney.
      Before they went paranoid security, I would enter the main parking area and then drive to one of the hotel lots and park there all day. Getting on the transportation was easier also. Now you cannot do that, even after a full body cavity search and giving up your youngest child. No fun anymore.

  3. Go to Universal much less complicated and very enjoyable., I have always been Addicted to Disney. Not the same at all. Universal is more like Disney was a couple of years ago

  4. Michael

    Having worked Security gates at resorts around Magic Kingdom, it was a daily challenge with “guests” who felt it was ok to state they were going into the resort only to see them moments later walking towards the MK, Specifically at the Contemporary. Many times the lots were full with guests staying at the resort. They are paying big money to stay there. they should have a place to park. The comical visitors would state they were having lunch at Chef Mickeys, which didn’t offer lunch.
    The resorts caught on and would charge no shows. There’s plenty of transportation after parking at Disney Springs or any park.

    1. c

      Nobody wants to spend hours driving around and parking just to sit through tons of bus stops just to eat. We personally ran into this problem a few months ago after not being able to visit the parks for the last 2 years. We always go to the hotels and visit the quick service locations so we can eat different foods and don’t have to worry about the hard to get reservations. Many times we would order through the app, pay for it then head to the resorts this year and then we turned away at the gate, and not able to eat, such BS, and I complained to all of the guards that turned us away at many different locations. There were a few cool ones who said it was fine since we ordered through the app. It has ruined the magic of being able to come and go to visit and shop at the hotels and eat there. Forcing someone to get a reservation to a restaurant that you don’t want to go to just to be able to visit the hotel is BS, and they need to fix this. A simple solution would be to charge guests a parking fee when visiting. I complained to the staff in the hotels and was told it was due to parking limitations and that even they weren’t allowed to go to other hotels to eat unless the guard was cool about it.

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