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Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disney


  1. John


  2. Jamie

    What in the actual f*** is Disney thinking. No way am I having grown ass men in the bathroom with my daughter!

  3. jimmy

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,
    You are born a male or a female and that is it. No matter how many hormones you take, how many operations you get, what kind of clothes you put on. No matter how much Disney (or our own government) panders to this group is not going to change that fact-vote accordingly in November. Instead of hiring more maintenance workers to actually keep the rides in operation or cast members to help improve the customer experience we go with the gender-neutral bathroom option (what a bonus!!!)?

  4. Cathy

    Your losing big. I hope you lose all the heterosexual base you have and they find clean, moral family friendly adventure parks to take their family to…. Safe and fun.

    1. Ami

      Oh Cathy, go worry about yourself

  5. Kurt

    You must let go of your hate….

  6. Closet gay

    Disney is aware that some guests use these gender neutral restrooms to perform gay sexual activities on one another throughout the day & night.
    These are widely know to be “hookup spots” for gay men.

  7. Annie

    This is bizarre! Having private unisex restrooms are one thing but this is totally another and highly inappropriate. Disney get off the woke train!

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