Guests Harassed When Leaving Disney, Told to Give up Park Tickets

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When you visit any of the many Disney Parks and Resorts, Guests are encouraged to get lost in the atmosphere, theming, and overall magic that Disney offers. From delicious and unique foods to jaw-dropping rides and attractions, a trip to Disney truly can be a trip that has an impact on Guests’ entire lives.

Unfortunately, there are some experiences that may ruin your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney.

Credit: Disney

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In the past, we have seen fights break out as well as unruly Guests damaging the Disney Parks. These are unfortunate instances and do not represent the entirety of Disney Guests. However, when visiting, you may encounter issues such as these which could damage your experience at the Parks.

Recently, an issue was discussed online about being approached for free tickets outside of one of Disney’s most beautiful resorts.

See the tweet below from PixieDust (@Pixiedust_be):

3 people are harassing leaving guests to get their park tickets to enter the park for free for the rest of the day #disneylandparis

As you can see, apparently a few people outside the Disneyland Paris Resort were approaching Guests and trying to get their tickets by harassing them.

Unfortunately, the replies to this tweet only further proved this is not a rare occurrence. AirMagique (@air_magique) said:

Saw a large group of sketchy folks doing the same thing near Annette’s Diner on Saturday  Didn’t feel very safe.

Paellapockets (@rarelyused123) said:

I was offered 10 Euros for mine. Telling them I have an AP makes them go away.

Ryan Slade (@RyanSlade20) said:

They always do it but they wouldn’t be able to get in anyway since they’d need a reservation surely

While there hasn’t been an official statement from Disney regarding this issue, we hope something can be done about this issue.

At Disneyland Paris, a lot of celebrations are in full swing. We already covered one aspect of pride month 2022 with the introduction of gender-neutral bathrooms and now, another big change has come to the Park.

As stated on the official Disneyland Paris website, “Walt Disney Studios Park is THE place to celebrate diversity with family and friends! Magic fills the air, with live concerts, a colourful parade and attractions open ’til 2am. Get ready for the 2nd fabulous edition of Disneyland Paris Pride, brought to you in all the colours of the rainbow!”

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