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  1. JS

    My job includes infection control and while I do encourage others to wash and sanitize your hands periodically also after the bathroom and before and after eating, people are going to touch their faces and lick their fingers and that’s okay. COVID spreads more by droplets and less by touch so people probably have more of a risk of getting other infections that have been around forever. Besides, you can still get it even when being super careful which means it’s here to stay. How do these guest even know that the other guest didn’t just sanitize or wash their hands? Are they following them around? Yes, please wash your hands and wear a mask if you don’t feel comfortable, but we’ve reached the point of the pandemic where we just need to stop obsessing over what others are doing. At the beginning of the pandemic I told people who didn’t like the masking to then just stay home, and now I say if you don’t like what others are doing, then stay home. The protocols were never meant to last forever. That’s why we have a vaccine.

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