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guy sprays cheez-whiz on big thunder mountain


  1. Literary Critic

    It’s symbolic of the whiz Chapek is taking on guests.

    1. Right now

      Nice try precious.

      1. Cheeze Whiz

        Hey look, I made the news!

  2. Why do some people have to be ass’s? They would have bought me new clothes!!

  3. Natasha

    Hope this idiot was given consequences for his very stupid actions. What if that cheese wiz flew into somebody’s eyes? I mean do these idiots think of stuff like that? My nephew is autistic and he has alopecia which means he has no eyelashes so if something like that got in his eyes or be nothing there to protect his eyes from getting anything in them because he has no eyelashes but idiots like this just don’t think of that they don’t think of anyone or they just don’t think. I hope he was banned from Disney for life for being stupid!

    1. god


    2. AFV

      Wait hold on…
      I’m searching…
      Who asked?

  4. Former Disney CM

    Lately, there has been a string of articles about guests doing these kinds of stunts, which only serves to encourage others to try to one-up the last one. If you all would STOP bringing attention to these incidents, perhaps they would disappear or at least slow down.

  5. I really would like these “guests behaving badly” articles to include what if anything, happened to the offending party. Without that information, many people will assume you won’t get caught and if you do you won’t be in trouble.

  6. Buzz


  7. Cjack

    Cheez Whiz is in a glass jar. It doesn’t spray at all

    1. Cheeze Whiz

      It was my friends easy cheese

  8. AFV

    That’s hilarious😂

  9. bill

    hahah that’s actually so funny! me and my son should try that next week haha. can’t image the look on those faces when they got hit with the wizz

    1. AFV


    2. Bob

      Hahahaha.. your face would be bashed-in so quickly, you wouldn’t even make it off the ride. But yeah, go ahead and try me!

      1. AFV

        Hahahaha… I wish you would

  10. Vince

    He was permanently banned and charged with vandalism. So, yeah, he DID get the attention he wanted. Good 😊

  11. AFV

    Check your source😊

  12. Bartman

    How does one “spray” Cheez Whiz? It comes in a jar

  13. Melissa

    Just when you think you’ve heard it all.

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