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  1. Terri

    I have been going to Disneyland since 1967 when I was 9 years old.
    Everyone was kind, courteous and friendly.
    The new management along with the this
    “I am better than you attitude” of today’s society is so wrong on so many levels. Its rude and disgusting.
    I am sure the cast members are trying to due their very best under very difficult circumstances.
    I stopped being a season ticket holder
    as I could no longer afford it. I loved going there to photograph the park, watch the parade and fireworks and ride my favorite rides.
    I would always bring home a bucket of popcorn 🍿 😋.
    It is very sad to see the decline, of common curtosey and common sense in people.
    And I hate to see such
    a happy, fun, place being disrespectful of its original intent as Uncle Walt, first intended.
    It is a sad time we are living in. And for me, I will continue to respect others, say please and thank you, excuse me,
    And spread an act of kindness every day.

    Disneyland was created because it would become a place where families could go to forget their troubles for a few days, and just enjoy having fun with their children. It was a magical place, where we all could forget our troubles for a while as we allow that inner child to come out of inside us.
    It was fun finding the picture spots in the Park, riding the burro rides, hopping aboard the painted desert train, going past the spinning rocks, partaking in tribal dance and banging the drum being made an honorary member of the native Indian tribe, watching the fireworks, meeting your favorite characters and taking photos with them. But, most of all it was a safe place where families from all over the world would visit and forget about their troubles and just become a kid at heart all over again.
    I hope those in control of the Disneyland and the Disney empire and its legacy realize that
    greed will come back to bite them in the rear eventually. I hope the rules established will
    continued to be enforced, and that people need to be held responsible for their actions.
    Finally, I hope they will continue to recognize that their employees due a tremendous job under very difficult circumstances.

  2. Bev

    The best way to control crowds are always a high sturdy divider that cannot be moved. It helps keep people from associating with others in line and keeps comments to others down. Make lines color coded with rules painted on the very beginning of the line. This takes money but leaves customers with a feel of safety and no interactions in line. To much contact for some since Pandemic is not allways happy contact it seems.
    This is just my opinion

  3. Your mom

    So now can we agree to shut down Disney like the natives want? Not transplants. Not tourists. Natives. Tear it down. When you clean it up take the trashy transplants with you.

  4. Sharon

    Disney parks are just not worth it anymore or are other theme parks. People are insane, Mr Paycheck only cares about how much money he makes. There is no crowd control anymore. Plus Disney has become evil and satanic

  5. AC Ellott

    Because of alcohol sales … didn’t they know this would happen? Walt knew better.

  6. Rachel

    Software engineer comment is ridiculous put down your phone and just go with the flow no need to overplay your day

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