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A 24 year old Guest purchases and wears a Belle dress at Disneyland Paris.


  1. Jane

    I know it’s harsh, but I think part of the reason why they don’t allow adults to wear costumes is so some predator, posing as a character, can’t walk off with your kid when you’re not looking.

    1. EricJ

      Um,how about just “No competition, especially from guests NOT trained in the Disney performer tradition of how to play character for guests?”
      Which is why adults are allowed to wear costumes at the after-hours Halloween party, but not excessively accurate costumes.

      If I went in the parks in a bad off-the-rack party-mascot Mickey costume and tried to sign autographs, it’d probably traumatize a few first-trip kids who’d come to see the real one, long before I’d be busted for trying to leech business off the park for free.

    2. Bob

      Yeah. Only the staff is allowed to do that.
      PS According to the Paris rules, she didn’t do anything wrong. They didn’t feel that she impeded park operations.

    3. Pat Mannies

      Good one! Makes sense!

    4. Judy C

      I totally agree. They do allow adults to dress in the “feel” of a charcter, so similar type of dress or a tiara with the shirt that says “I’m the princess”. But dressing like the charcter can cause a child or even a parent to have a false sense of security. This adult can always host a Halloween party at home and proudly wear the dress.

      1. LOKI

        So many people seem worried about their children, but watching your children would solve most of those concerns. If people dress in costumes that are tasteful, and are not causing an issue what is the issue? This just seems like a way to draw attention away from some of Disney’s more severe problems.

        1. Joe

          My parents watched me like a hawk but disney parks can be so crowded that in a split second a large rude group of people can walk in between your family and ur kid get seperated in a second. We arent letting our kids run the park unsupervised but its a packed park and easy to get seperated even for adults

    5. Chris walker

      Agreed…. They don’t want “adult guests” and “cast members” to get confused by children so I heard they had a rule.

      It’s for the safety of the kids.

      1. LOKI

        Disney is supposed to be the most magical place on earth. This should extend to the people paying for the tickets. If they have to alter or add policies to insure safety I think that should be done.

    6. Marie

      There is som trurh to that, but I herad it is not allowed in case kuds follow an adult dressed as Elsa for example and get lost

    7. LOKI

      Well if you’re not watching your children that is the bigger issue.

      1. Fishies

        Tell me you don’t have kids without telling me you don’t have kids.

        You could have secret service level vigilance in watching your child… it only takes a second to get lost in a crowd. So no, this isn’t about trying to blame parents and your comment comes off as very judgey and inexperienced when it comes to children

    8. Ben Martin

      Okay.. clearly this is a Disney Princess IRL. It’s always been MY childhood dream to marry one. Let’s make this happen Internet!

    9. Ironic

      Yeah the only predators they want in their parks are the ones that work for them.

    10. m

      Really? Disney is already groomers, trying to turn everyone guy.
      Only people they want in costume is a woman in a dress

      1. Maya

        Oh boy, turn people guy? That’s gonna suck for guys who are already guys. Idiot.

    11. Jamie Patterson

      That’s EXACTLY the reason.

    12. Cindy Skrocki

      Yes, thank you! If every child that came saw hundreds of Prince and princesses, what would be the point of Disney.

  2. Marie H

    Except there were dozens and dozens of Jedi and other Star Wars outfits walking around Hollywood Studios in April with no issues.

    1. Katie

      This was my thought too!!! There was one guy in a really cool costume taking pictures with people and he was not a cast member. We were just there in June.

      1. Joe

        Out of curiosity, what did you mean by costume? The Star Wars rules on what constitutes as “costumes” are really odd.

        From Disney’s Website:

        While costumes may not be worn by guests 14 years of age or older, appropriate bounding—dressing in outfits inspired by Star Wars—is permitted. The following guidelines will help you arrive to Batuu in style.

        Permitted attire includes:
        * Bounding: piecing together traditional clothing items that when worn together, serve as a recognizable tribute to Star Wars characters
        * Batuuan attire: wearing outfits inspired by the villagers of Batuu—muted tones, vests, layers, etc.

        Not permitted attire includes:
        * All robes or military-style attire
        * Masks, face paint, elaborate headwear, blasters or holsters (lightsabers are allowed) or hard items such as body armor, helmets or kneepads
        * Full character suits

        By the currently permitted attire you can essentially dress as a Jedi as long as it is sans robe since the rest of the common attire is just layered muted tone clothing. Just a thought as to why you’re seeing so many in “costume” that are not being stopped, which is also why I’m curious as to what the costume was.

        1. Bob Cheapskate

          Star Wars style ok. Looking like a specific character not ok.

  3. Tim

    Interesting thing here. She is 24 years old however she fits a children’s costume and it is not too small and looks really no different than the child the costume is designed for. Further if you can not tell a difference between the actual Character and the person wearing the dress that they purchased in the park you are a special breed. This is also Paris and is not actually fully owned by Disney Corporation so there are some differences in how the park is ran and further there are some cultural differences as well.
    With the addition of the interactive factor of Star Wars, Disney has blurred the lines now and I believe that as they price more and more people out of the parks you are going to start seeing more and more of the Cosplay element coming to the Disney Parks. Just a thought.

    1. Joe

      I mean we have to tell kids not to eat tide pods now so dont act like aociety is intelligent

  4. Me

    I am sorry but rules Re rules if you can not abtde by them then stay away. A person’s style is there own but some people only dress for attention. I do not need to see a person’s ass or boots falling out. dress appropriate. If you feel you must dress so people will notice you put it on tic toc

    1. m

      So it’s okay to have men in dresses enticing kids but not for women to dress as princesses?

  5. Don Zlaty

    The problem is an entitlement issue. People seem to think it ok to do whatever they want, wherever they want no matter the rules or company policy that is in place. The fact that social media is involved is proof that some folks will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame.

    1. Gus

      Sort of like when rioters feel entitled to loot and destroy everything they see during peaceful protesting right?

    2. Dee

      Absolutely right!

    3. m

      Disney are groomers

  6. Liam

    I think people are been a bit unfair to the lady it’s not hurting anyone other theme parks I know let you at least wear costumes on Halloween so I don’t get why you cannot at Disney

    1. She’s not an employee, no background check. Would not want my child running hugging a poser, no one knows anything about.

    2. Kate

      Disney does allow costumes on Halloween. This wasn’t Halloween as far as I can tell.

      1. Shelly

        The Entitlement of this particular age group is sad. They don’t understand rules because they weren’t given any .

  7. Audrey PETERS

    Definitely do not allow adults to wear costumes! Children come to see the “real princesses’. A child may go to a “dressed up ” character who could have bad intentions. Safety first! If you want to dress up like your dream princesses have your own princess party. Do not take away from kids imagination.

  8. KMAN

    In today’s world there are large groups of people that ponder everything and look for reasons to be offended, even Disney it self is guilty there politics , there equality, there Biases and favoritism is very offensive to a lot of people but that’s not an issue to them as it’s what there agendas a line with . Only the immature are offended and the adults are not .
    As far as these Princess replica fashion if they sell it it Then it’s proper attire to wear by there own standards if they want to limit it and Discriminate on who can wear
    it ban it for everyone including children this is called Equality and diversity , Princess are not just children but Adults this is
    Discrimination .
    Now Disney sells and makes a huge profit of these replicas Princess dresses , they base the DISCRIMINATION on they don’t want to confuse guest ,
    And I can see there point if the majority was Impersonating a cast member, but there not . Yes you may have an bad actor now and then but like all the other bad actors Disneys security takes care of it . As for child abductions a costume is very easy to identify and does not blend in the crowd, but more importantly parents should always be aware of the whereabouts and who’s supervising there children.

    1. MW

      If they sell it that makes it proper attire by their standards?? Victoria’s Secret sells lingerie, but I would never go shopping in a pretty lace bra and matching undies. What a ridiculous attempt to explain a concept you don’t seem to understand – discrimination.

    2. The truth

      Say this is “discrimination” based on age when it involves children is something a pedo would say. It makes me really wonder about you buddy.

      1. Krod Mandoon

        The fact that you jump right to pedo makes me think you have some unfulfilled fantasy…

  9. Temperance

    My take on it is don’t like what I’m wearing then don’t look at me….people need to learn how to myodb..

    A guy once asked me what branch of the military was I in because of my camo jacket.. I told him I wasn’t…he proceeded to jump my *** for me wearing camo…

    I calmly explained I wore it to honor my recently deceased father… He told me I had no right to wear camo..I lost my temper informed him that the army borrowed camo from hunters who first wore camo…so the fact I am from a long line of hunters gave me more of a right to wear camo then his entitled ***….

    Several people jumped in and helped put him in his place…as I said before…don’t like what I am wearing look the other way…and myodb!!

    1. Gestapo Gestapo Disney

      Line her up front of a fire squad!! Give her the needle at least life behind bars without parole
      give me a dam break if it not showing what shouldn’t be showing have rude vulgur picture or words on it or it’s gang related chill the hell out
      Welcome to Gestapo disney

    2. Straydog

      When you say camo jacket, are you talking about hunting camos or actual army fatigues? If the latter then I kind of agree with guy, no offense

  10. It’s a shame that since the web came along people think that they know better what someone else should do. I get the rules Disney has about dress code. I am not saying she did anything wrong because I don’t know the whole story, but look at her face the excitement and happiness. That is what Disney was intended for. If we could be kind to one another perhaps we could actually make this country great again! A truly special wonderful place to live.

  11. kimberleia

    If they carry it in a size that fits her that’s on Disney, not her.

    1. The truth

      You realize she’s probably short as hell like 4’11” and not 6 foot right? It’s pretty easy for her to fit in a kits dress.

  12. Andrew

    Can be honest here and admit how weird it is that people get mad at others breaking administration rules? Like, I don’t care if there are these rules and they’re enforced… but why is DisneyLover326 making a sink about it? Why be emotional about it?

    Disney doesn’t care if you love there administration rules. They just want you to follow them.

  13. Sunday

    It’s time Disney just closed. Had a good run but time to throw in the towel. It’s been nothing but a big rip off for years.

  14. Amy Tee memphis

    If she is an adult , that can fit in children’s clothing, by all means where the dress!!! why stop anyone from fulfilling a lifelong dream and feeling like a princess for a day. Who did this harm?

    1. Raven

      Nobody’s stopping her from buying the dress and wearing it anywhere else. The rule at Disneyland Paris for Cast Members is if they see an adult trying to wear the costumes on the park, they have to have them take it off, because it is forbidden. If she wants to buy the dress, they are not going to ask her if it is for herself or not, they just don’t want her to wear it right there. It’s a matter of both safety and good show for the theme park!

      1. Tina

        My biggest issue is give them the fact that she is 24 years old seriously grow up. You do not have to dress like a Disney princess. Just because I have red hair and can dress up as Merida from brave doesn’t mean I’m going to. Problem with these young people is they want to sit there and still play princess instead of getting a real job.

        1. Jacqueline

          Bit harsh someone sounds pretty bitter and assuming she doesn’t have a job is kind of low when I’m sure she saved up to take this vacation and relax and unwind and feel extra pretty that day. Not everyone is you and not everyone thinks or feels like you do regardless of age or gender.

    2. Tow Anda

      How about the person who actually applied and got hired to be the Disney princess she was portraying.

  15. Jim

    It’s the case of a few apples spoiling the entire bunch. A young child dressed up as a princess shouldn’t be cause for concern. I highly doubt a 7 year old girl could possibly victimize guests. Adults or even young adults are more than capable of luring children and their parents into a false sense of security. Making the experience fun, magical, and most importantly safe for everyone is what keeps visitors coming back.

  16. Bob bob

    ‘Attacked’?! Only a snowflake would call this an ‘attack’. The rest of us call it a ‘complaint’ or a ‘warning’.

  17. Straydog

    Are you serious? By your logic I shouldn’t wear my Baker Mayfield jersey at a browns game. You sound bitter and petulant

  18. Antonio


  19. James

    A Tuck Frump shirt is perfectly acceptable but don’t u dare wear a Let’s go Brandon shirt. Immediate ban. Lol 😂

  20. Bodhisattva

    Disney, what nonsense.

  21. I agree Disney is going off the rails nowadays

  22. Rika

    I don’t think the disneyland paris part is accurate. This is from the theme park rules on their website: “Costumes and masks may not be worn by any visitors ages 12 or older (unless required for medical purposes).”

  23. Rebecca

    I bet if ys were a transgender man they wouldn’t of said a thing. And if they did ACLU would sue Disney

  24. Gmann

    All the stupid rules and laws we are expected to follow. This one that actually makes since. Now wish we could do something about all the bad Santa’s we see each year. As in the way they dress and act.
    Yo ho Yo ho it’s to confusing life for me.

  25. Steve

    The infantilization of adults continues. Grow up, lady.

  26. Kayla Melançon

    I was allowed to walk around the park on my 18th birthday dressed up as Belle of course it wasn’t very realistic costume you could tell I wasn’t one of the cast but this just sounds so ridiculous to me.. and I did this in 2020 right before covid hit big time

  27. Brent Jones

    This makes no sense what so ever. Disney sold her the clothing. Its not like she wore it into the park. If they dont want adults to wear character dresses, then dont sell them in adult sizes! If the concern is that it prevents someone taking a child because they are dressed like a character makes no sense either. Someone trying to grab a kid at a theme park is going to make themselves as inconspicuous as possible. They arent going to draw attention to themselves in a bright yellow dress with a kid in tow as it is quite easy to spot on security cameras. Disney World is selling a place you can enjoy being a kid no matter how old you are. Making a big deal out of this just ruins someone’s very expensive vacation over something trivial. This is why I go to Universal park!

  28. Cola

    Just let people wear Disney themed costumes in Disneyland, it’s not that big of a deal in my opinion.
    And when a customer is better dressed than the paid actor, then that’s Disney’s problem.
    We should just all be allowed to live in the Disney dream and be a Disney prince/ss ourselves 🙂

  29. EKB

    She didn’t do anything wrong. She didn’t break the rules and she lived her childhood dream! Good for her! If I lived around Disneyland paris, I’d pay for a ticket and dress up with her. For god sakes this is what happens when you forget about Walt and what Disney is supposed to be. The man who built Parks so he could play in them, being the biggest kid there as his best friend said, came early to play on all the different things including driving a little truck around… And for people saying this would lead to adult snatching kids.. hell no. You can entice a kid to come along with you by offering him ice cream for god sakes. You don’t dress in a bright yellow gown or any other character costume to snatch children. They want to blend in to make it harder for cast members to spot them and change your kids clothing into something else so your description doesn’t hold. What’s next we can’t get Mickey gloves? Can’t get a hat that has bright colors to it? I’m not allowed to carry my Mickey and Oswald plushies around because I might use them to entice children? Tell you what: go anywhere else but Disney so you can live a place where people can’t have magic. if you don’t want to do what Walt said: be a place for children of all ages.

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