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anna (left) and elsa (right) hugging in frozen 2

Credit: Disney


  1. RF

    Yea this worked so well with Lightyear

    1. Same

      The left always doubles down.

    2. Sally

      It wasn’t gay enough, needs more

    3. Pingleton

      Disney, just keep recruiting our children. Ruin the legacy of Disney. You people are fools.

    4. Question:

      Hey Einstein, wasn’t there gay people in that new Marvel movie that did a gazillion dollars?

  2. kurt

    Happy Pride everyone!

    1. N10

      Turning the frozen cast gay is a beautiful present to deal with this horrendous day.

      1. Mac

        Yes… we need a company like
        Disney to throughly get behind diversity- loud and proud. Gay kids need to see themselves in major films. I am proud of Disney for taking some steps in the right directions.

        1. Ellis

          I agree with most of the comments. Stay the heck of this subject. You don’t need to be their. Our kids will decide for themselves without shoveling it down their throats. Look what you done with Buzz! You are feeling it in your pocketbooks now. The gay and other population is only like 7% of the world. You act like it is at 80%. It not and you don’t have any business in our child’s life’s. Leave like it always been and make our life’s go about it the normal way.

          1. tt444

            I love this. You’re so right.

          2. Really???

            “Shovel it down our throats.”

            A short scene where two women kiss.
            A guy at a store buying tampons…

            ….. how about a million movies where straight people are kissing and dating? Etc.

        2. Crystal

          You need help. Ya’ll need therapy not inclusiveness

        3. Really???

          “What would Walt do?”

          Probably chain smoke cigarettes.
          Is that what we want our kids to do?

          Walt is dead. He was from a different era. This is the year 2022. Disney must act like it.

    2. Freddy


    3. AH

      Pride goeth before the fall.

      1. DLand

        Love it 🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉

        1. Shut up

          Go step in front of a moving bus, DLand.

    4. Jj

      I like Frozen but stop pushing the damn woke agendas down our throats!! I have nothing against gays but I don’t want my young grandkids to be seeing this. I don’t want it forced on them in school either. My grandkids will not watch this in our home nor will we go to the theater for it..

  3. Jay

    If they didn’t do it in the last two films then don’t bother.

    1. Sandy

      The gay people at Disney should leave Disney and form their own gay company. They can make all the gay movies they want!
      Leave decency alone.
      I’m sick of this being in what use to be wholesome Disney movies.
      If gays think their way of living is ok, they don’t need to rely on Disney, they should be able to think of storylines that pertains to their way of living.
      We are suppose to accept gays’ way of life, as they hide behind in Disney movies!
      Have your own gay company and quit forcing this crap on people especially children!

      1. DLand

        Very well said 🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉

      2. Teressa

        Sandy, I totally agree with you! I’m tired of them using Disney to push their propaganda!

        1. HEIDI

          WOW!!!!! Seriously people. Disney didnot make Elsa gay. I think people just need to stop trying to ruin the movies that are made for families with children by saying that characters are gay or whatever else they want to claim. Also….Disney DOESN’T recruit children for any reason at all. You all just want to ruin things for families by accusing a corporation of wrong doing when there is nothing going on. If people are going to spout crap about Disney and the parks or movies….back it up with ACTUAL PROOF. Otherwise SHUT UP. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELVES.

      3. Jim

        You don’t like gay content? Don’t watch. Problem solved.

      4. Jj

        Sandy, my brother is gay and even he disagrees with what Disney is doing.

  4. S1

    Elsa definitely gives off lesbian vibes, it would be nice to make it canon.

    1. Joe

      No, it would be disgraceful. It doesn’t belong and it would just be forced for an agenda. Create original characters to promote that if you want but don’t bait and switch at the expense of innocent children.

      1. Rill

        Totally agree. Gayness isn’t on everyone’s mind. Let children be children! No No No

        1. SK1

          Completely Agree! Why does this have to be in a children’s film!? This is not the place!

        2. Gina

          Totally agree with you! Enough is enough already!

          1. Zoe

            Why does she have to be lesbian? Honestly it’s been more heavily baited that she’s aroace than anything else

        3. Jay

          Elsa’s not a child?

      2. Jay

        Well spoken Joe

    2. Wendy

      Absolutely not

  5. S1

    Oooh, lesbian and incest.

    Disney going all out with the taboos is a classic masterpiece.

  6. Jek

    Don’t forget to add incest since Elsa was so gay for her younger sister.

    1. Danks

      Nice so at least Elsa represents two part of the LGBTQIA spectrum.

      1. Representation

        Three. Gay, incest, and paedo.

  7. Disney Does It

    Perfect opportunity for lesbian paedoincest representation.

  8. Bob

    Why does it have to be LGB or T, what about “A”!?!

    1. Fardk

      That’s because Elsa acts like a lipstick lesbian. Might as well make it official.

    2. Feminina

      This is my exact thought. Why isn’t she asexual? Who’s to say she’s gay? Seriously? Or is that an insertion based on a desperate need and want for attention? By a certain group

  9. Haley

    Large shoe I 100% love the idea 🥰🥰🥰🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌈💗💜💙

    1. Misty

      We were going as a family to Disneyland (10 of us) but that is now out of the question. We no longer support anything Disney. Leave kids alone and let them be kids.

      1. Neil Kek

        My family spends over $100,000 doing Disney trips every year, this year we decided to stop it because we don’t like the homosexuals

      2. SK1

        If this is the path, just retheme and rename the entire park! See if the alphabet soup crowd can financially support you Disney! Enjoy that stock price! We’re done too~ This is not what we want for our children and neither would Walt.

      3. Michael

        That’s nice to know.
        Now I know there will be better quality of people in the attendees now.
        I hope more people like you choose not to go.

        Disney will still be full to it’s capacity but with a better clientele.

        And .. shouldn’t go to Dollywood because Dolly Parton also loves gay and supports Gays, Because she is such a wonderful person.
        I’d stay away if I were you.

        There’s always the Ark Experience.
        They hate gays and live in a world of 2000 years the past too.

        Have fun.

      4. LOL

        Just out of curiosity, what do you let your kids watch?

  10. Haley

    I 100% love the idea 🥰🥰🥰🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌈💗💜💙

  11. Common sense

    Lightyear is on track to break even, which is a colossal failure. If they want to make money stay away from gay! I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the Disney stock crashing. Wait until the 2Q numbers come out. It will be more doom and gloom! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. S1

      Disney is having a record year, looking forward to you eating your humble pie. Your apology won’t come fast enough right wing fascist. 🙂

      1. It is impressive

        Record year for sure. 45% stock collapse.

        1. Neks

          Perfect time to buy and become insanely rich, I already bought several million dollars myself.

          1. Real money

            Monopoly doesn’t count.

          2. GetReal

            Sure you did, Daddy Warbucks

      2. Kevin

        “Right wing fascist” LMAO. I see you are another one that just throws those words at people you don’t agree with based on no actual reality of that. You’re precious.

        1. Bernie Sauppee

          Amen, Kevin!!

      3. Maybe if you try harder and go more you can get a divorce and seek out your and

      4. AH

        Fascism is a left wing ideology.

        1. LOL

          Says the right wing whose conservative Court just decided for millions of women how to think and run their bodies.

      5. Michael


    2. SK1

      You are so correct Common Sense. The core target group is speaking with their money and their feet. They are going elsewhere. Not the place it once was… very sad.

  12. MG

    Why is not okay to be a strong woman, who is not married to be a man, be straight? Why does she have to be a lesbian? We are doing an injustice to women who choose to remain single.

    1. Nek

      All women have levels of lesbianism, just like all men are levels of homosexual. It goes from denial to flaming gay.

      1. Endor

        Thank you, everyone is gay, it’s just a matter of how gay are you. The biggest deniers are the biggest gays.

      2. Kevin

        And peer reviewed scientific and/or psychological studies to back up your claim are…?

      3. Oh just stop already

        Lol that literally is the stupidest most uneducated thing I’ve heard today! Mental illness is front with this one….

        1. DLand

          You got that right “Oh just stop” Can’t wait until the Lord cleans up this whole world mess 🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉👏🏼🥳🎉👏🏼

          1. stephen

            And THIS might be the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Thanks for the laugh and have fun spending time with your invisible sky buddy!

          2. LOL

            Why are you on the internet DLand?

            What about “turn the other cheek?”
            God might be hitting you with a bolt of lightning first if you don’t actually follow your precious bible.

      4. Sindee

        I don’t think this is what Walt Disney ever intended for his movies or parks. I am an annual passholder, DVC Member, D23 Gold Member and visit Disney parks a few times a year. Have already canceled my D23 and annual pass. Will keep vacation club just to have a place to stay when I’m down visiting Sea World, Bush Gardens, Universal Studios and other attractions. This gay pride business has gotten completely out of hand and Disney is the worst. Liked the comment about the gay community starting their own company to film these type of children films. Then we all can decide what we want to watch.

    2. Beth Any Feminina

      Thank you. So she hast to be gay? She can’t just be a strong woman who’s not married? That’s just an impossible scenario that a woman would be single by choice. She must be a closeted gay. Inclusion at its most insulting and excluding.

    3. SK1

      No one is saying that being who you are is ok. Why does it have to be in a kids’s movie? I don’t care who you do the dirty with! And, I really don’t care to watch it and PAY for it!

    4. DLand

      I like this comment. Remember Honey, MEN CANT HANDLE “STRONG MINED OR STRONG WILLED WOMEN” no matter what!!!! But oh well. TO BAD, SO SAD because WE ARE OUT THERE 💥 BAM 💥 and we’re NOT GOING AWAY ANYTIME SOON 💥

  13. Marta

    No. Disney is officially banned in our home. They can shove their agenda.

    1. Fallik

      Why do you hate acceptance and love? Time to throw out hate and join the modern world.

      1. Used to be better

        The “modern world” isn’t going to last long.

        1. Liberal F

          It won’t, the Supreme Court is already pushing us back 100 years. Can’t wait to see rulings to set us back more, disable the unions? Time to make orientals noncitizens?


          1. Kevin

            Roe v wade was a case from the 70s. That’s hardly “100 years” ago. And no one is talking about doing anything else you mentioned. Enough with all your melodrama already.

          2. Wise Guy

            Ok, 50 years. Big deal. We are still going backwards as a country.

      2. Donna

        Stop riding on the coat tails of hit movies to screw them up…
        Have your “creative artist”
        make new movies with new characters for your agenda then we can really see how well your movies will be accepted…

      3. CRT

        You do realize that many religions and cultures believe this LGBTQRST crap is evil. Sexual orientation has no place in a business that caters to young children.

      4. Gay

        LOL, the modern world 😂

    2. SK1

      Totally agree!

  14. Misty

    No! Let Buzzlightyear be a lesson on woke! These are kids dang it !! I mean stick this crap somewhere else and leave kids alone! My 3 year old doesn’t give two darns wanna keep losing money keep going this way ! For real be you but not in everyone’s face !

    1. Liberal F

      As a very liberal person, they need to show more and incorporate more of the LGBTQIA+ community. There is not enough representation for what is a substantial portion of the population. People need to see themselves on screen.

      1. Double standards

        If I was to hypothetically say I couldn’t enjoy Mulan because there were no white men in it, what would you say to that?

        1. Joe Ledred

          I would say you are a bigot, racist, and a sexist. You are clearly threatened by an Asian, a person of color, and a strong woman.

          1. Double standards

            And there it is, the double standard.

          2. SK1

            Yep – See, that’s the way it works! If one doesn’t agree with the agenda, one is labeled.

      2. Kevin

        Go see that movie “Bros” that’s coming out if you want that. Judging by the trailer I was forced to watch before The Black Phone last night it looks like it’s right up your alley (pun intended)

  15. Elvis

    It’s not a good idea I feel disney is pushing being gay onto kids. Lightyear is a epic failure because of that.

    1. S1

      No, it was a failure because it wasn’t gay enough. 1 second of lesbian kissing is just shoehorning and pandering. There needs to be main characters and story arcs, not just pandering crap.

      1. Down on D

        I’m so glad I have a short on Disney. The people running it literally think what you’re saying.

    2. S1

      No, society is finally accepting the homosexuality that is inherently in all of us. Every single person here is gay. The ones who deny the most have the biggest skeletons.

      1. EricJ

        “You’re probably gay because you’re denying it!”
        So, in other words, the Brian of Nazareth fallacy:

        “Only a true messiah would renounce his claim!”
        “Okay, okay, I AM the messiah!”
        “…He is, he is!”

  16. Bei Lei

    I always had a feeling that lots of Disney characters were in the closet because it wasn’t “cool” to be gay. Now things are different and we can start representing their true story.

  17. Dee

    If Disney decided to make a movie about salvation, I have a feeling that a lot of those on the left would storm the halls, but Christians also make up a large portion of the population….🤷🏼‍♀️. However no one is cheering for a Christian Elsa. Many would say that is not appropriate and just a personal preference, same can be said for pushing the gay agenda. What you teach at home is up to you but Disney needs to stay in their place and not use child programming to try and teach what should be up to the parent.

    1. Yes

      Excellent point! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  18. Grandma

    Absolutely NO!!!!! I would not take my grandchildren.

  19. Woody

    Loved the first 2, but I would intentionally not see it. Hopefully forever – definitely won’t support the new ones. Disney movies are about the magic of dreams and songs. Hyper focusing on sexuality is a forced issue. They are self destructing and Disney was one of my favorite companies.

  20. EricJ

    Yeah, except for one thing: SHE’S NOT @#$%IN’ GAY!!

    She’s hurt. She’s cynical. She’s self-pitying and bitter.
    She can’t see the upside to love, because she’s the pessimist to Anna’s optimist, and in the climax, Anna gets to teach her how wrong she is.
    I can tell you from personal experience that those are reasons that can keep you single, for a lot of reasons that don’t have to do with wishful fangirl fantasies or greedy attention-parasite appropriation of other people’s hit properties.
    And I don’t even have female persecution/martyr fantasies to fall back on.

    Oh, and because she sang a song about being in psychological denial over running away and hiding, and a lot of people thought it was about something else, because they WANTED to.
    Uh, excuse me, but who’s the songwriter, you or Kristen?

  21. Eric Micael

    For those who follow “Frozen” for years, you know Marisol, Maren, Anna insinuating that Elsa may be bisexual, in fact Elsa’s love life has always been more explored in the “Frozenverse” than Anna’s own love life.
    Theories that she might be a lesbian started with “Let it Go” and LGBT people seeing each other in her drama, but the big highlight was Marisol’s book “A Warm Welcome”. Elsa’s meeting with the Summer Queen Marisol would be treated as clearly romantic by everyone if Marisol were a man. So a person who saw in Elsa and Marisol a romance created #GiveElsaAGirlfriend.

    I’m giving this explanation because to this day there are people who don’t know the franchise and invented that the theory of Elsa being a lesbian started because she is a single woman.

    Currently Frozen is the Disney franchise that addresses officially LGBT characters in its universe for almost 3 years. In 2019, the book “Forest of Shadows” was released, which features a married lesbian couple named Ada and Tuva Diaz, in addition to insinuating that a great hero of Arendelle (which gave the city its name) may be gay and in the latest book released “Dangerous Secrets” apparently has another gay couple. What I want is that this universe already addresses this topic, so canonically there is nothing against Elsa being a lesbian.

    One still interesting thing about “Dangerous Secrets” is that the way Anna and Elsa’s parents fall in love is by repeating things that happened in the famous “campfire scene between Elsa and Honeymaren in F2”, I always found this detail interesting. The book also makes it clear that it’s impossible for Elsa and Honeymaren to have a blood connection (and Jennifer Lee’s tweet about Honeymaren’s age is fake).

    1. EricJ

      “I’m giving this explanation because to this day there are people who don’t know the franchise and invented that the theory of Elsa being a lesbian started because she is a single woman.”

      Yeah: A few fans with issues took the idea that “Anna didn’t marry the prince, and Elsa didn’t marry anybody!…It’s a bold new step!”‘
      And then wished for that really neat and progressive theory about why poor gloomy-downer Elsa didn’t marry anybody.

      Until some smartypants pointed out that in 50+ Disney classics, only SEVEN ever ended with an onscreen happily-ever-after wedding. And four of those were commoners.
      (“But wait, didn’t Aurora?…No, they were just dancing. Okay, but Snow White?…No, they just sort of rode off.”)

      There were a lot of personal issues being pasted onto this movie as a grownup “excuse” to like it, while the box office was hot.
      Silly–Real Disney fans don’t need pretentious grownup excuses to like the movies.

  22. Julie

    NO, stop putting agenda’s in movies. It is disgusting. Children need stories not sex. You wonder why Buzz didn’t make as much money as predicted… we don’t want our kids exposed to unnecessary sexuality

  23. Jose

    Why do that? Again, maybe leave sexuality out of your movies?

    Stop listening to employees with social agendas at the risk of upsetting your customers. Business 101.

  24. Kevin

    Or they can not retcon them and just leave the characters the way they originally were created and as the song says “let it go”

  25. DB

    Seems Disney believes everyone has their current views on relationships.
    Children should be introduced to this subject matter in their own homes, as parents/care givers see fit, not the entertainment industry.

  26. Tina Saunders

    I watched Frozen and Frozen 2 numerous times and never thought ‘gay’. Leave Elsa and Anna alone. They are not pushing any gender themed idea. God forbid, it’s just a movie. Get a life.

    1. Jujubee


  27. Jujubee

    All I can say is no.

  28. Mickeymouse3

    I’m surprised Disney hasn’t announced it already.

  29. Disneedmom

    Let children be children. Self love, compassion and acceptance is the message that this world needs!
    We need to stop labeling and defining people into categories. Everyone has their own journey and it is the labeling and categorizing that makes people feel excluded as we are not one thing and that is the beauty of being human. Being a good person and having the freedom to be you and know that you are loved no matter who you love or are on any given day without being stereotyped or defined is all inclusive .

  30. Lynne


  31. Joan

    This is all getting to be so ridiculous. What has happened to morality. You talk about making life even weirder than it already is. Why all of the sudden does this have to be that way. You want to be gay, fine, but it doesn’t have to shoved down everyone’s throat. We don’t go around telling everyone we are straight. And we don’t go around using tons of eye makeup, well some of us don’t, thinking that is the way women should look like. Why you don’t want to look like a regular person, why having to draw attention to yourself? IT all seems like a ploy for attention. We don’t need it in movies either.

  32. Yeah that’s a great idea 🙄🙄🙄

    Yes because that worked out so well for lightyear! Several other countries banned it!!! People are saying Lightyear bombed because they werent gay enough obviously don’t want to admit the truth! We as in the majority don’t want to see it! Pretty sure the more Disney continues this treacherous road they will eventually go bankrupt! The more they and others continue to push this agenda the more people will stand up and fight it! We are seeing the hypocrisy of inclusion! We don’t want to watch this crap nor have our children watch it! It completely goes against our bodies and science! Not homophonic just sick and tired of it being pushed down our throats! You want to be gay or whatever pan sexual a sexual etc go for just don’t force me to watch it or root for it! If Disney has to push this then maybe they should create their own channel of this so that those who want to watch it can but it’s not being shoved in our faces constantly!

    1. Joe

      I absolutely loved the idea of the Buzz Lightyear origin story. I opted not to go see it, 100% because of the same sex kiss. It didn’t need to be in there, it did not contribute to the story. It was placed in it for a specific reason, and I made the personal choice to not support that reason.

  33. Sarah

    You want to know why they did not make Elsa gay? Because people who make Elsa gay always paired her up with her own sister. (I wish I was joking, but I am not, the pairing is called Elsanna and there are more people supporting the Elsanna pairing than people who support the pairing of Kristoff and Anna)

    Also I am pretty sure they will not do a frozen 3.


    Animation costs a lot of money compared to live action and at this rate Disney is too broke to even consider a 3 movie. (Plus they might not risk it due to how much of disaster out the sequel was. Ya it made a lot of money in the box office but people hated the plotline and it pretty much single handed destroyed the entire franchise and characters…. Along with that Disney got sued because everything frozen 2 was not selling among other things)

  34. Alan

    Want to wreck the Frozen franchise? It’ll die, families will boycott! Stupid move , please a minority and lose the majority! Keep that stuff OUT of family movies! Stop indoctrinating children!! Don’t you learn? Countries will ban it too!

  35. Elise

    No need. This will wreck the Disney franchise. Leave sexuallity out of kids movies. No need to push homosexuality on kids.

  36. Joe

    This decision needs to be made by Disney, based on how much success and money they want to make from it. Yes, there are supporters of the LGBTQ+ community that would love to see this, however, there is a large percentage of people that would be turned off by this decision and would opt not to see or support it. (There are some Dallas Cowboys fans in Philadelphia, so does that mean they should open a store selling Dallas Cowboys stuff there? Probably wouldn’t be very successful). Disney is pushing LGBTQ+ acceptance pretty hard these days. They are doing it to claim support for their LGBTQ+ cast members. There will be negative financial consequences from this decision. How much is yet to be seen. Based on the opinions of the majority of the commenters, it could be substantial. Big risk they are taking.

  37. Mac

    Yes! Let Elsa be gay, loud and proud!

  38. Kat

    If Disney continues down this path of showing perversion to innocent children then I fear for them. Jesus clearly warns against leading children into perversion and we will see the destruction of the company. I pray that Disney either stops it or is destroyed quickly. Woe to those who lead a little child astray.

  39. Angela

    This worked out real well for Lightyear. I hope the stocks keep plummeting.

  40. Anabelle

    Sick and twisted. Walt Disney is turning in his grave.

  41. Jamie Coughlin

    As if the stock price has not plunged enough… If they want a gay character (or ten) they need to make a new movie or show and start out with a gay character(s). There’s no indication Elsa is gay or bi or heck, anything at all.

  42. someone with a brain

    Disney needs to let kids be kids a characters sexuality literally doesn’t matter. Disney will lose support from all of the conservatives that support them and that will be a major detriment to them and they just refuse to acknowledge it. Price hikes, “secret queer agendas” in kids shows, less amenities, a major company going political thinking they can sway the government in their states decision. This is insanity. I wanted my kids to grow up and be Disney kids but that will more than likely never happen.
    Walt is rolling in his grave.
    This is retarded.

  43. Annie

    The only person I want to be gay is Kristoff. That way he can dump Anna’s ass and go find somebody better. The poor guy deserves better and Anna clearly does not care about the poor guy.

  44. Ginger

    Disney has gone totally crazy. Indoctrination of kids to the LBGQRST or whatever at a young age is sick. Kids want to be kids not choosing what sex life they want to have. I have gay friends. They don’t talk to me about their sex life or with whom they have sex. I consider it no one business and evidently they do too. I do not like it when it is forced on me or my grandchildren. Walt will be turning in his grave. Why make Elsa gay!!!!!? Disney has gone insane. There are many more straight people than there are LGBT….. people. Why doesn’t Disney want to make people want to go to see Disney movies with their kids? I used to love Disney. They have gotten quite a bit of my hard earned money over the years but no way will I ever return to Disney again. I wish that people would stop backing them. Don’t buy their products, don’t go to their crazy movies and above all do not go to any of their parks and resorts. I wish that the head of Disney would read all the comments written here, but he’s too busy counting his money. I hope the heads of Disney are proud of themselves for destroying the happiest place on earth.

  45. Noreen

    Why can’t she just be a strong independent woman? Why must we make it sexual?

  46. David Bird

    Enough!!!! They are animated characters…stop trying to pull the pride agenda. We get enough of that outside of Disney. Stop destroying what Walt started! Great storytelling…and good taste.

  47. Susan

    Now, let’s see……do I want to see a cartoon character come out as gay to children that could care less, they just want to be children and see a movie??? Think about how ridiculous it sounds before asking a stupid question!

  48. wtfden

    OMG.. seriously Disney.. just stop already 🤦🏻‍♂️

  49. Deb

    Please leave sexuality out of our children’s tv and movies. If someone wants to be gay, fine let them. But the rest of us don’t want to see it.
    If Disney continues this trend, our family will stop seeing ALL Disney movies. Let it hurt them in the pocketbook if they think the rest of us will support their agenda.
    We can live w/o movies, but they can’t live w/o us buying tickets to pay their wages.

    1. Wise Guy

      Every time two people kiss, sexuality is referenced, silly.

      I think you just want all sexuality to be about straight people.

  50. kurt

    You seem nice…

  51. Tony from Virginia

    Why would this surprise anybody, Do you remember the Night of Joy for 35 years Disney had a Christian Music Festival in September and they canceled it for good in 2018. They will do anything to rub their gay agenda in our faces. The left hates us and they don’t care what they have to destroy to get rid of us. When I read they want to ban anybody from the parks if you vote for a republican I believe that’s the truth. and I almost willing to bet that Disney management feels the same way

  52. These are kid shows. No one cares what orientation she is. It has nothing to do with the story line. A female can be strong and not be Gay.

  53. Jamie

    No this is a terrible idea to brain wash people’s children with this garbage.

  54. Alex

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to make Elsa gay, but I love the idea of another frozen 3. I want to see that.

  55. Marsha

    Straight people don’t celebrate or rub it in everyone’s lives. Why do gay people feel they have to make a big deal of it day after day. Don’t ruin another show. Leave kids shows for kids innocent and just fun. No undertones.

  56. Wayne

    I wake up everyday and realize people are more stupid today than they was yesterday,

  57. Sindee

    Hasn’t Disney learned from the failure of the Buzz Lightyear movie that this is not what families want to watch!!! If they decide to go in this direction I will certainly get rid of my annual pass and D23 membership. I’ll keep my DVC membership just to use as a place to stay and start visiting Universal Studios, Sea World and other Florida attractions.

  58. Ron

    Do you honestly think its ok to influence young girls who may idolize these characters? I think it wrong and goes beyond acceptance.

  59. Dustin

    I mean seriously. Give it a rest. I understand the gay community wants to be heard, but do it elsewhere and leave the Disney movies our kids cherish alone. My daughter watches Frozen all the time, and you can bet that if this happens, she will not know there is a 3rd movie. As I’m sure the majority of people will do the same.

  60. Cardin

    This is gay? Look like incest depiction instead.

  61. Patrick

    This is insulting, pandering garbage that only the most desperate would accept. Treat people as intelligent, let them have their fan theory and carry on.

  62. What it do

    Just have two versions. One that is for the gays. And one for the straight people. I’m with the people who don’t want there kids to see it. They should make there own choice when there old enough.

  63. Smh

    No, why can’t Disney not make this all about sexuality. Everything doesn’t have to contain sex, just be friends having fun without all the hanky panky!!!!!

  64. Smh

    AND…if you do, I pray millions of people dump DISNEY like I will and anything Disney is associated with!!!! You people are sick!!!

  65. NM

    Disney needs to stop adding sexual content to kids movies. It’s gross. Freaking groomers

  66. Amber

    I agree with some of the other comments. Frozen is an amazing movie for little girls. My oldest was 1 when it first came out and would watch it over and over all day, it was on repeat. I WOULD NOT like to see Elsa be played as a “gay” women. I think it puts stuff in young minds that are to young to comprehend what’s going on. Disney is definitely going down hill with trying to push it on kids that this is the new “normal” it’s not. For in the Bible it even says it is WRONG and is a SIN. If that’s how you want to live your life, then you do it. You are the one thats going to have to answer to him when you get to them pearly gates, but don’t try and force it and make it sound that it’s ok on young minds.!!

  67. A.K.D

    I agree with those that are against the focus on character sexually. Sexually is a private issue. Parents are the people that should be teaching kids about the subject.
    Diversity is fine however I am frankly tired of having LGBTQ poured down my throat. I don’t go around expressing my sexually preference and it is my opinion others should either. Be who you are, but don’t have a party about it.

  68. Crystal

    The thought of this is absolutely disgusting. Elsa is not gay. There is nothing between her and honey maron they are just good friends. Honey maron likes the guy that was helping christoph propose to Anna. If they do this trash they might as well close their doors. People don’t want this for their children. Disney is rolling over in his grave at this crap. Pathetic

  69. Why is it so important? What difference does it make. She is who she is, well supposed to be. Can’t we just accept her and not make a fuss

  70. Edward D Porter

    Why should we care about an animated characters sexuality? Why does it even matter? Can we just have tv or movies without worrying about who is sleeping with who?

  71. Mary Ruth Harril

    Why must the LGBTQIA be pushed on everything? Disney at one time was known to be innocent and guaranteed to be geared towards small children. Now you have to screen the movie before allowing your children to see it. Sad…

  72. Abbie J

    Yea i agree

  73. Abbie J

    Yea i agree with elsa being represent as a gay icon

    1. Sonny Crockett

      Elsa is a gay icon because you WANT her to be. Heck, the horse in “Tangled” might be as well. You can see that too, yes?

  74. Drew

    Being gay does not mean flaunting yourself 24/7 in public (unless that’s your thing). It just means liking people of the same gender as you.

    That’s all.

    They can be wholesome as any other hetero individual. They also can’t change who they like, only discover it. It’s all part of their brain from birth.
    You think you can make a heterosexual person gay? No amount of propaganda or shock therapy’s going to change them. Not even a bunch of Disney films.
    Kid’s media about LGBT isn’t ‘indoctrination’, it’s presenting kids an option on what people they can be; even if it’s just pointing out gay people exist.

    Is it because people keep thinking of the word ‘sexuality’ when hearing about gays? Is that like a trigger word, and it immediately gets people thinking of R rated movie scenes? Like somehow making a kids character ‘homosexual’ will immediately turn the movie into ‘Showgirls’? Plenty of heterosexual kids movies out there, and they don’t seem like R-rated smut.

    Fine. Call it ‘homo-oriented’ and ‘hetero-oriented’ if you’re that prudish. Happy?

    1. Drew

      If your problem is that it’s ‘Disney pushing a message’, I can SLIGHTLY see where you’re coming from. There’s a lot of media that focus heavily on a message, but forget to be good TV shows or movies.
      We can demand better stories, but good writing doesn’t mean throwing anything social justicey out the window. Those things actually important to people, AND it can allow for some new stories that haven’t been tried before.
      You can be ‘woke’ and not go broke, as long as you remember to make a good product. And we’ve got a lot of that from Disney.

      But if your problem is being reminded gay people exist? Sorry, but that’s your own problem.

      Gay people have been trying to prove they exist for hundreds of years. They’ve been jailed, beaten and killed for just being who they are; something they can’t even change. ‘Christian America’ called it a mental illness, a sin and a crime. And all it led to is children being kicked from families and homes, and innocent people suffering.
      Even after it’s been legalised barely recently, there’s still people trying to push homo-oriented people back into the shadows. Banning books about gay people, or blocking teachers from talking about the subject? It’s like there’s a side of America desperate to make gay people invisible.

      Not happening. The gays are coming out, and they’re going to make sure you know they’re here. Scared? Annoyed? Then you should move to some remote island in the Pacific, or some country that still thinks it’s the 1800s, like Iran or Russia. OR you can accept that it’s just people being themselves, even while others are still trying to put them down. Live and let live.

      And yes. Kids can know if they’re gay or not. They don’t ‘become’ gay by learning it, they’ll discover that part of themselves. The same way a kid discovers they like people of the other gender. It’s as innocent as finding they’ve got a crush, nothing more than that.

      Keeping kids from learning about gays doesn’t keep them from becoming gay. It just leaves them alone and unseen, with no idea how to deal with their identities.
      That’s why LGBT media for kids exists. That’s why people want more gay characters in Disney, and not just a nameless gay couple hand-holding in the background. They want kids to have heroes they can see themselves as; stuff people could only wish for decades ago.

  75. Sonny Crockett

    Love is love, but having this rammed down the throats of the vast majority of filmgoers incessantly……wel, let’s just say, look how well “Lightyear” turned out. Disney, I dare you. Go spend 200 plus million on Frozen 3, plus an additional 175 million to promote it….and let’s see what the 💰take is.
    Go woke, go broke is a real thing ya’all….

  76. John S.

    No way! We don’t need young kids be exposed to that. Leave Elsa’s sexuality alone.

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