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Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios


  1. Terri

    The price of tickets for the matinee shipped us. 2 adult tickets were almost $30!! Adding 4 kids, plus the “convenience fee” for ordering thru the app would bring the total up to $85! Just to get INTO the movie!!!

  2. LM

    Will be skipping this movie as I did a couple of other Disney movies. Walt would hate to see what his dream has become. But when the CEO wants to destroy the company and the Board of Directors will not stand up to him. What would you expect? Poor Walt and the Disney family. Maybe it’s time we all except that fact that Disney isn’t a family magical place and it doesn’t want to stand with families. Families have other things to watch and do. I love to watch the old Walt Disney movies and info about Walt but todays CEO is a far cry from Walt. It’s all about money and wokeness. Well he can have it! If you want to be political watch the November elections and see how woke it is. Biden has us going into recession so don’t worry the parks want have many Americans visiting. We are just trying to pay bills to survive this crazy Biden economy.

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