Comments for Disney “Failed to Learn Lesson” With ‘Lightyear,’ Report Says

Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear

Credit: Pixar


  1. S1

    That is absolutely not the lesson Disney should learn. The lesson is that they should not produce crappy shlock and expect it to beat genuinely good films like Top Gun Maverick.

    1. Sherry

      Was looking forward to this movie, but I just could not bring myself to support this film for 2 reasons. I am very disappointed in Disney. Walt is probably rolling over in his grave.

      1. Js

        You thought top gun was great? Showing your own biases there

        1. Alex

          Not really an uncommon take, there.

        2. Renee

          Seriously… Top Gun – Maverick was excellent. Js is a doofus

        3. Karroll

          If you really think top gun isn’t great then in every statistical sense you are in the vast minority

        4. Tyler

          I mean Top Gun Maverick has a 99 percent approval on Rotten tomato for Audience, and 97 for Critics so if anything, you are showing your bias.

          1. Blackstar

            Well, I don’t care about what other people think about this movie, but I loved this movie.

        5. Deductive

          How the Mickey is liking an FICTIONAL, “showing bias)?

        6. Al T.

          I’m doing what the left has done for years, not using products from companies that I disagree with. No coke,Nike, and now Disney. Go woke go broke.

      2. CD

        Do not DATE a movie. By placing a Date on the movie [1990’s] and claiming it’s THE movie that inspired a 90’s child to want a toy you ruin it the moment you include content that would have never gotten passed 90’s sensors.
        Especially heavily debated topics in current society.

      3. Thatguy

        Go woke go broke..Disney is too big to go broke but they can still be hurt in the wallet. Eff disney

      4. JP

        Disney has been rolling in his grave since Jewish, Black, Asian, Hispanic, ect. People have been walking through his parks gate. You do know that he was a very prejudice person right?

        1. S

          No he wasn’t. That’s a lie and a disproven myth. People have been dragged to court for espousing that myth.

      5. Leo

        Maybe dont let your star/ lead actor attack the fans

      6. Ceecee

        Walt was a racist pig. He ain’t Rollin he is burning.

        1. S

          No he wasn’t a racist. Stop spreading lies.

      7. Eddie

        Ditto. Disney is leaving behind the families that brought it all of its success.

    2. Cheryl

      Agree, Disney should not push their agendas, inclusions, etc to an audience of young people who are in their formative years and expect parents to agree and approve. There’s never right in wrong.

      1. Leak Laka

        So you’re saying you want children to learn old racist, sexist and misogynistic ways of the past that definitely should be obsolete by now? I bet you’re a Republican.

        1. Peter

          I bet you’re a democrat! No moral values, never read the Bible, and probably ok with abortion after the child is born!!

          1. TEAM JOHNNY DEPP

            I agree PETER leak laka is probably a biden butt lover. DemoRATS have no moral values.

          2. JP

            Democrat here. Served my country for 6 years, read the bible (wonderful work of fiction but not appropriate for the times.) And how do you abort a child after birth? See a Democrat knows the real word for that and doesn’t use other misinformative nouns in place. But hey I’m not a shine sucking redneck who find gay marriage disgusting yet has 7 children with their cousin. Go Trump! Prison convictions 2024.

            1. Harvey

              100% agree. These right wing nuts only care about fetuses. After birth, kids getting killed by assault rifles is perfectly OK. Executing innocent people is OK too if it prevents extra court work.

            2. QuayLewd

              Yes, oh wise and enlightened one, tell us what’s “appropriate for the times”. Something, perhaps, that’s shared with children during Drag Queen Reading Hour? Is something like THAT a little more to your condescending liking?

          3. Dan F.

            There is no abortion after birth. That is MURDER !!!

        2. No. We’re saying it isn’t up to Disney or anyone else to persuade five year olds of anything. Especially things of an adult nature. Your immature and snarky comment about Republicans is stupid. This is a parental thing.

          1. Jordan

            They aren’t persuading anyone of anything, they are normalizing something. You don’t see people complaining about Snow White and Prince Charming kissing, why does this kiss bother you?

            1. RJ

              People don’t complain about prince charming because he’s written as an integral part of the story. If prince charming was originally princess charming, I bet you that most people wouldn’t care nearly as much as they do about this. Obviously there is always going to be the same disapproving crowd… but the number of critics that actually matter would be far smaller.

            2. Alex

              You’re admitting it now, at least. We don’t need degenerate alternative lifestyles practiced by a tiny minority of people “normalised.”

              1. Jordan

                I’m admitting what? They people are complaining about stupid things?

        3. Patrick

          You can really tell what’s in a person heart by what they type on social media and other news outlets.

          1. RJ

            no you can’t.

        4. Buzzed

          I know many Democrats like my mom that feels that way.

        5. RORMachine

          Don’t you get tired of being an NPC? Clown..

        6. Who,me?

          Yes , Republican Conservative and proud of it. The utopian world you want is not the norm in the least. I love strong women, and am not in the least threatened by them, my best friend in High school was gay and not an issue.
          What is an issue is for people like you to demand that I and my children not just tolerate, not just accept, but worship your viewpoint as the way it is with room for no others.
          At 65, I still remember when a man was a man and wedding cakes were topped with a man and women. I tolerate your Social Engineering commercials on TV where every family is Black, Gay or Mixed marriage. That’s probably my and others mistake….even giving in that much.

          1. Booker

            So you’d rather every Ad on television be Lilly white then huh? Shame. You had to tolerate anything else.
            Get out your leave it to beaver world. This ain’t Walt’s Disney anymore.

        7. Rich

          Replies that begin with “So you’re saying” are always followed with something the poster was not saying. Just saying.

        8. Alex

          No, we’re saying the past wasn’t racist, sexist, and misogynistic (a bit redundant) like your freshman sociology professor told you at Vasser.
          The world is a bit more complex than that, cupcake.

        9. Mark

          Yes, children should learn the old ways. The ways supported by SCIENCE, BIOLOGY, and tens of thousands of years of human and animal practice. Grooming children with a perverted sexual deviant show is creepy AF.

        10. Karroll

          Did you actually watch the movie or are you spouting party line drivel? Make sure you have some fuel in that noggin of yours lest you forgo another moment without an ounce of critical thought

        11. S

          What you call racist sexist and misogynistic isn’t real. It’s normal behavior. We should be systemically silencing Soviet sympathizers like you.

      2. Jordan

        And what is wrong about inclusiveness? I think you are a little confused on what is being done

        1. S

          Disney is not for everyone. Some aren’t worthy of enjoying the parks just like Slytherin said some weren’t worthy of learning magic, only pure-bloods were. Which is why after I seize control of Disney in a hostile takeover, Disney will cater only to the purists and traditionalists. The parks will be treated as private members-only clubs. You’ll do better to think of the parks like the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, home of The Masters or like the All England Lawn Tennis Club, home of Wimbledon.

        2. RJ

          Inclusiveness is a very big problem in practice, not in theory.

          It’s very nice to say that you want to make sure no one feels left out. But it is impossible to actually do so. And, not only is it impossible, it actually invents MORE exclusiveness. Not only that, but the exclusiveness is far more targeted and alienating than it would be otherwise.

          I don’t care how much you try to include people, there will always be more people you are ignorant of. Now, imagine how it must feel for a person to still remain excluded even after your “inclusivity” attempts. It probably hurts far more than it would have otherwise.

          1. Jordan

            And who is being excluded from a movie with a same sex kiss scene?

            1. Christopher Marx

              Honest question Jordan, are you a parent? Do you have kids of their own?

              1. Dawn

                I am and I find no issue with the kiss. I raised my child to not judge others and to be accepting of others. It’s not a bad thing, be respects everyone for who they are. You should try it.

              2. Jordan

                I don’t see why that matters

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          3. Eddie

            RJ gets it!

        3. Alex

          It depends on who is being included.

      3. Gerald

        Oh for Pete’s sake. There is no controversy here. It was nothing. Certainly not an “Agenda”. You snowflakes are exhausting.

        1. Alex

          Box office begs to differ.

      4. Eddie


      5. Anna

        How is 2 women kissing “an agenda” but a man and women kissing is normal? People like you groom children to be hateful. Not that I care, but Jesus is rolling in his cause he’s being followed by cretins like you. You bring shame to his name.

        You’re knocking on the devils door with all your hate. Enjoy that.

    3. Keith manheck

      I think one of the big problems was basically not using Tim Allen. This is probably due to Tim Allen’s rather conservative politics which I’ve noticed has become a real issue with Disney now. I may be gay but I think even Disney’s gone way too far to the left with this woke politics crap that they’ve started.

      1. Jordan

        It has nothing to do with his political views, especially since they have a new mini series with him. Also, what “woke crap”?

        1. Sarah

          Kinda hard not to say. Considering that Disney has actually admitted not only having an agenda but also getting into politics and doing a lot of bad stuff.

          There is nothing wrong with inclusivity, the problem with Disney is how it’s going about it, if by some chance it’s genuine it’s hard to tell due to what they have done.
          Because as it stands with the way they do things it’s pretty safe to say their doing it for all the wrong reasons.

          1. Jordan

            Lol, no they haven’t. I’ve seen the video everyone is trying to reference as proof of their “agenda” and nowhere in it do they say that stuff.
            What’s bad about a small kiss? They are in tons of their movies. To include simple scenes such as the one everyone is freaking out about to show that loving someone, regardless of what their gender is as normal is not a wrong reason

      2. Dawn

        The role was more serious and there was a time conflict. Tim Allen is (at best) a Comedic actor and not someone that would be good for a serious role.

    4. KK

      Is that an animated film? Because if not I wouldn’t be interested in it anyway.

    5. Goheidigo

      Haha, Top Gun is good????

      1. Liz

        According to the huge amount of money it has made so far, rotten tomatoes and viewership ratings, it certainly is. 🤡

        1. Dawn

          It’s nostalgia driven, the movie isn’t terrible and a great fit to the original. But the reason it’s made so much is all of us that loved the original have been waiting for a sequel since the release of the original. It is a long time coming and was supposed to be out in 2021 for the 35th Anniversary but was pushed because of COVID closures.

          1. Kz

            Lightyear was supposed to profit from nostalgia too. If Buzz had stayed as bullish alpha male in Lightyear without being patronised by a female lesbian, think Lightyear could have made a billion.

      2. S

        Yes it is. You have a bad taste in movies and need to be subjected to re-education to learn what a good movie is. America needs to be a bunch of zombies with the same tastes in everything.

    6. John

      lol conservatives were bashing Top Gun (china flag) before it hit the theatres, now they love it because they know their boycotts are a joke….

  2. Victor Nazarian

    In past years, Pixar in particular had a fantastic reputation for great stories and exceptional care in production including audience screenings, rewrites and even significant ‘reshoots’ of material. Now even Pixar seems to be rushing production and ignoring pre-screening reactions by test audiences in favor of quick $$ and a social / political agenda.

    Disney must focus on quality over all other things in order to make profitable products and services that their audiences and consumers are willing to pay for. Disney should not cannibalize nor alienate reliable, traditional customers if it is to thrive.

    1. LockTrumpUp

      Inclusion isnt a political agenda. Those who seek to exclude definitely have a political agenda.

      1. Matthew

        Where do these idiots get a “gay agenda”? It was always about inclusion, love and repect for all. We are all no different. Bravo Disney for standing up for families and what is right. In this movie, it shows everything about a loving family and what many are missing cause if their selfishness.

  3. adjensen

    Didn’t see it, have no interest in seeing it, despite being a Pixar and Disney fan for most of my life. If I want to be preached to, I’ll start going to church.

    1. Marcus

      I saw it, what was the preaching you refer to?

      1. Brenda

        Disney is running from the family unit and hugging same aex so much so they took out Lady’s and Gentlemen Boys and Girls form an Eloquent Greating to a could care less Greeting Friends and Pushing the same sex Agenda on All

        1. Keith manheck

          Okay I do happen to be gay and I totally disagree with your outlook.

      2. Krusteaz

        The lesbian kiss. Stop trying to force the gay agenda down our throats.

        1. Jordan

          There is no gay agenda, it’s called including something that’s totally normal. If you can take Snow White and Prince Charming kissing, you can take this kiss just fine.

          1. KK

            100% correct

          2. Tha Jay

            If it is something normal, why does it need to be normalized?

      3. William west

        The constant inclusion of push button topics, same sex couples, trans, race etc etc. They cant just create good movie and skip the ham fisted inclusion into known titles.
        Encanto was fresh and it was an all hispanic cast and it was great with good writing and characters and story and ZERO political or social agenda points.

        1. Morgan

          That you thought there were no political or social messages in Encanto just shows that you don’t know very much…
          But you aren’t from that part of the world, so it’s not surprising that you wouldn’t spot it or care to educate yourself pre or post viewing.

        2. KLG

          Encanto was a movie about a grandmother lying to her family and making one member feel like a failure -not a great story!

        3. Dawn

          Encanto sucked…. the music was cringe-worthy. The Family structure was awful and toxic. And you have no clue if you think there were no motives behind it.

      4. I’m sorry Disney didn’t use Tim Allen. I also disagree showing lesbian acts to our children. I was concerned when my children started not wanting to associate with Disney but now I get it. We will stick with the old classics.

        1. Dawn

          Never go to Europe, the common greeting is for people to kiss each other, no matter the sex.

    2. Rebecca

      Exactly why children should not be subject to it! And if u want to see a gay film, find one and don’t make the majority of the world have to suffer through that! We don’t push our values! So the same respect should be given back!

      1. Hahah

        Hahahahahah what? We certainly 100% push our values, stop trying to tell that lie 😂😂 you see it all over just these comments alone, even your comment is pushing our values😂😂

      2. LockTrumpUp

        It’s not a gay film. Don’t be stupid.

      3. Pedro V

        Did any parent thought, that maybe their son should know there’s nothing wrong with same gender affection? Unless you believe that homosexuality can be learned (there’s no evidence on that, neither the opposite, this is a great opportunity to see some tolerance examples and maybe tell someone that’s ok to be atar they are. The opposite is quite true, Gay children are ahah being told everywhere they have no place, unless they fall in love with the opposite sex.

        1. Christopher Marx

          Oh Pedro, there is overwhelming psychological evidence that this can be a “learned”. Plus I’d suggest to look up what is being tought in public schools regarding homosexuality. Your thoughts that “gay children” are being told the opposite is quite dated and not true.

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    3. Peter

      Maybe you should.

    4. KK

      There are churches for being gay now? Lmao are you retarded? Your comment is nonsensical.

  4. Albert W. Beauchamp

    I wouldn’t waste May money on that crap what was Disney thinking putting to lesbians having a kiss in a kids movie. Have they lost their mind. I hope this movie bombs big time. Will not be taking my grand son to see this trash.

    1. Dave

      According to a Pew Research in 2014, 76.5% of Americans are religious. 76.3% are white (including those from Spain). Stop catering to the marginal minority. We do not want to see children’s movies with homosexuality and transvestites.

      1. Marcus

        You will be embarrassed when you realize you let Tucker the Cuck tell you what to do and you freaked out over a 1 second peck on the lips and about 12 seconds of a happy, loving family.

        1. Bad advice

          You do know this scene wasn’t going to be in the movie until the weirdos screeched and forced it to be put in?

          That one decision limited global distribution and caused many parents to refuse to take their families to it.

          1. Jordan

            That’s not true, but I don’t expect facts from people who get offended by a kiss. They were considering removing it until they realized that it’s not that big of a deal and decided to go through with it regardless of how many people get offended

        2. Mark

          Disney used to be a safe place to take your children. Movies that were clean of any social agenda. Today, Disney dumps garbage movies promoting every social agenda. They have lost me and my money until they figure out that the majority of America want them to make movies and not make points! Bring back the fun!

          1. Morgan

            Clean of any social agenda? Give me break. More like got your agenda of christian conformity. Wake up to your own BS please.

        3. Peter

          Marcus, why put a 1 second peck in the movie?

        4. Harley

          You freaks are in the minority get over it no one gives a hoot about your gay movement and freak parades where you all wear banana hammocks. Soon people will be elected that will uphold laws and arrest you all for indecent exposure

          1. Jordan

            Your homophobia is showing

      2. FckU

        Your mom’s a transvestite

        1. Rebecca

          I am sooo disgusted and disappointed with Disney and Pixar for putting in this gay crap! That should NEVER be forced to be seen by children or anyone! If you want to see gay crap in a movie then make a gay movie, but leave the rest of us alone who don’t care/ want to see or be subject to any of that crap! Especially innocent CHILDREN!

          1. Morgan

            Are your children seeing mommy and daddy kiss? Then they’re old enough. Hypocrite.

            1. Dawn

              I wish there was a “like” button on comments here. 100% accurate, if the kids can see a kiss between a man and woman and not question anything, the same is true for a same sex kiss. Heck, just show kids a European movie, everyone says hi by kissing.

      3. William

        According to anyone below the age of 50 most of us dont care that they are in animated films, we care that its hamfisted into existing big name titles and not standalone.
        And dont believe that pew crap they wouldnt tell you the truth about their numbers if god was in front of them.

      4. LockTrumpUp

        Religious hypocrites and people who wish to exclude based on their agendas are the problem with this world. Stop hating. It’s not all about YOU.

    2. Joe

      Well we know who the homophobe is of the group

      1. Rebecca

        I’m not homophobic, but I don’t push my views on anyone else so I would like the same respect!!!!!

      2. Rebecca

        Guess we know who the straight haiter is!!! Ever hear of 2 nuts or 2 bolts fitting together? No! It’s a nut and a bolt!!!!!

        1. Suzanne

          I dunno. I’m seeing an awful lot of nuts fitting together here. Jus’ sayin’… Disney has featured gay characters in their programming since at least the 90s. It’s not like this is something new all of a sudden. And let’s not forget all the crossdressing comments they had in Mulan. *shrug*

          1. Same old

            Just days ago we were being told how it was a small minority that had a problem with this agenda being pushed in movies for kids. Now the movie flops and we have comments like this one intentionally missing the point.

      3. Peter

        ARE YOU A HOMO, JOE?

  5. Cathy

    We will wait, as usual, for it to come to the second run theater. This one anyway. Some we wait for Disney+ or whichever they will be streaming on. Need better quality movies out there to get my attention.

  6. Bob

    Disney STILL doesn’t get it. This has ZERO to do with location to watch the film, and everything to do with woke executives and the like! Stop pushing the gay agenda and liberal evils!

    1. LittilAvindar

      Actually false. If it were true, what happened to all the other gay films out there? What people are actually tired of is folks deciding that because they don’t like something, nobody else should be allowed to enjoy it. What they hate worse than that is people trying to use their magical sky fairy to justify it. It gets really annoying having to repeat ourselves, but your religion doesn’t dictate my life. The movie is a flop because of a multitude of reasons. look at all the use and professional reviews from people who actually saw it (and aren’t avoid it or pretending to be the sole decider for everyone in your family, declaring that nobody is allowed to go see it). The movie had virtually no decent plot, the familiar characters got little to no screen time, including the villain, and it didn’t live up to the OG Toy Story characters.

      1. Failure

        Most “gay films out there” aren’t intended to be mainstream movies that parents take their children to.

        1. Rebecca

          Exactly why children should not be subject to it! And if u want to see a gay film, find one and don’t make the majority of the world have to suffer through that! We don’t push our values! So the same respect should be given back!

  7. Amanda

    Really… like anyone watches the gay stuff on Disney.. you went and bent over backwards for a group that likely doesn’t have kids or wants them

  8. We don't want it

    The mockingbird media always has an excuse for why their agenda-driven drivel failed.

  9. K

    Thanks to this new movie I have cancelled our Disney+ membership and will no longer take my children to these “children” movies with a woke agenda. We are done with Disney.

    1. BigotsNeedToGo

      Perfect! Now stop subscribing to ITM and other DIsney groups, since you don’t want to support them!

  10. Nicole

    I thought this movie was incredible entertaining and my 4 yr old loved it!! Nothing was out of place and Disney did great!!

  11. Terry

    Nonetheless, results from the film’s first weekend in theaters came out and they were very UNDERWHELMING

  12. Peter

    Pirates of the Caribbean will flop too. Without Johnny Depp, and a gay lead, just a repeat of Lightyear.

  13. Julian H

    This CEO Bob Chapek and Disney won’t learn any lessons is because they are Pig Headed and think they know best.

    They need to stop pushing LGBT or straight for that matter on our kids, they can learn about this when they are older, they don’t need to know it at this time in their lives. Let the kids be kids and enjoy Children Films without the need to bring Sex into it, what on earth is Disney on, they have gone so far down hill, I’m not sure they could even pull this back.

    They need a new board and remove Bob Chapek this is happening on his watch and with everything else Disney has messed up on and the greed, its beyond Crazy and makes no business sense.


      I agree Julian H
      Obviously, he’s a fudge packer himself.

  14. Mr White

    The lesson they should learn is that people of colour don’t like spending the money and the queer o sexuals are a tiny slice of the market and forcing their politics down the throats of your audience isn’t working.

  15. Cheryl

    My decision is also based on the same sex relationship
    No thank you !

  16. Sandy

    It’s pretty sad when you can’t trust a Disney movie to be a decent family movie with morals!
    Disney needs to hire people who have good morals, before they completely ruin Walt’s dream!
    They are so disgusting.

  17. Brad

    It’s truly incredible how backwards and barbaric the United States is. The disregard for compassion, education, growth and a noble way of life is what is leading to the crumbling of what could have been a great, modern republic.

    For those who haven’t noticed, the Disney company has always had political biases and agendas in their films since even Walt’s day. Todays films are extremely tame by the standards of the early years.

  18. Richard

    Jesus Christ man, when are Americans going wake up to the new world? Stop being old fashioned, sexist & raciest. You know there is life outside of the USA, you should all come join us over here in 2022 and educate yourselves.

    1. LOL Karen

      I’ll pass thanks, Europe has always been whiners. Look at WWII yeah you’re welcome

      1. Rich

        Europe has always been whiners? Coming from the country whining about one little kiss in a kids film. Yous all need to give your a head shake and wake up to the real world.

        1. Jay

          Enjoy your new Russian puppet masters. Europe, what a joke.

        2. Alex

          Hey, speaking of gay stuff, aren’t you guys getting your back blown out by Russia right now?
          Maybe that’s why you want sodomy in kids movies so badly.

    2. Dawn

      There are some of us that are trying to get others to leave the bigotry behind, but the struggle is real. So many are clinging to the past so badly that it keeps popping back up.

      1. Alex

        Hey, speaking of gay stuff, aren’t you guys getting your back blown out by Russia right now?
        Maybe that’s why you want sodomy in kids movies so badly.

    3. Alex

      Yeah, there’s Africa, Asia, and South America, all of which will likely also reject this movie. There’s a world outside Euroćúćks too.

  19. DisneyAddict

    This movie was to show how Buzz Lightyear the hero like Davy Crockett, captain America came to be an action figure that Andy wanted in 1995! This movie has nothing to do with that premise instead it pushes 2020 politics and agenda! Hard pass

    1. Chris


  20. Walt

    These pandering idiots are in for a very rude awakening… and it’s coming soon.


    Disney used to be great, you never had to wonder if there would be anything queer in the movie.
    Now it’s pathetic. This is not Walt’s Vision. They need to close Disney to preserve what little of Walt’s dream is left.
    Open their own QUEER PARKS. They can call it Fudge Packers!

  22. LOL Karen

    Bwah hahahaha
    Society is all about the participation trophy. Too funny. I saw this coaching in the 90s, Jimmy needs to be told he’s a winner even though he can’t hit, catch or run. We’ll Helicopter parents welcome to the BS you created. This story was written by a news agency called the Karen reports. Go ahead bash me, it’s my opinion so screw off..

  23. Barry

    Disney is free to be as woke as they want to. But families are free to vote on that direction with their $’s. This had nothing to do with the “quality” of the production or the presence of Disney+ in people’s homes. They’re alienating their core constituency.

  24. Art

    Who EVER thought we wouldn’t be able to rely on Disney of all companies to provide us with a haven for family wholesomeness. It was a beautiful dream but it’s over. Thanks for ruining one more thing that brought people real happiness.

  25. Steve

    I’m a big Disney fan and have been for years. However, it is time for all of us to send a message to Disney to keep their gay message out of the movies and other media. As of today I am cancelling my Disney+ account until Disney gets the message.

    1. Kelly


    2. Jordan

      Your homophobia is showing

      1. J.D.


      2. Goheidigo


      3. Jay

        Your sexual perversion is showing.

        1. Jordan

          You’re clueless and it just shows that you’re being homophobic.

      4. S

        You need to be spanked.

    3. Goheidigo

      Should we make sure to keep women pregnant & barefooted too? How about barring people of color from riding public transportation? Grow up, it’s 2022.

      1. S

        No actually it’s not 2022.

        1. John

          oh yeah, you guys are stuck in 1955

          1. S

            It is 1955 and we count backwards now. I look forward to the return of 1939 and the return of the old Hollywood Studio System, when stars were stars, with MGM returning to its former glory with “more stars than there are in the heavens” as the dream factory that gave the world classics such as The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis, the Andy Hardy series, Gone with the Wind, Stagecoach, and Goodbye Mr. Chips.

      2. Alex

        No, just don’t force gay stuff into children’s movies. That’s actually our argument, not that strawman you’re inventing to fool yourself into thinking you’re fighting some righteous battle against oppression.

    4. Alex

      Way ahead of ya, buddy! But they’ll never learn.

  26. Chris

    Who writes this crap? “Nevertheless results…overwhelming “ then in the next sentence “ranks as one of the lower starts.” I’ve started scanning these articles and skipping to the comments section. They are more informative and entertaining than the 8th graders they pay to write these articles

  27. J.D.

    I was underwhelmed by Lightyear. It was a weak story with some huge holes and a couple of fan-angering elements.

    I thought Chris Evans did a fine job as Buzz, and enjoyed his relationships with Hawthorne and Sox (a character I expected to hate).

    Overall, I found the film to be lackluster. They missed the mark with this one.

  28. Denise

    In my opinion, the author is trying to read more into this than there really is.

    It’s very simple. It’s not doing well because of Disney’s wokeness and in-your-face promoting of LGBTQABCDEFU+ agenda.

    We washed our hands of Disney ten years ago even though we still have unused passes.

  29. J

    Hey site moderators can you delete the comments thread please? It’s a garbage heap.

    1. J

      Ha ha, Moderators? You realize they are raking in the clicks (and therefore the dollars), for any comment. They don’t care what it is. Why do you think they intentionally write so many articles about real or invented controversies? For example, remember when pretty much every other story on this site was about masks last year?

      1. Alex

        Low-IQ, over-emotional clowns

  30. Night

    because it is a pushed political move that should not be… you want something accepted in society? dont weaponize it and let it occur naturally as people become friends

  31. Bea

    Nothing against Chris Evans but Tim Allen IS the voice of Buzz Lightyear. The movie wasn’t light enough for me. Not at all what I expected. I loved the Toy Story series.

    1. Dawn

      The movie being more serious is why they opted to not use Tim Allen as Buzz. He’s not a serious actor, he’s comedic.

  32. Deborah Pendleton

    Such an easy decision not to watch it once I heard it was part of the gay agenda

    1. Dawn

      So you have never kissed a same sex friend or family member on the cheek? Or hugged a same sex person? Hmmmm……

      1. Alex

        That’s not what happened in the movie. Nice try.

    2. John

      remember to be afraid of your shadow also!

  33. Stephanie Foster

    Disney has went downhill all together. They have lost what started the company “Family Values”. I hope they realize that the American family still has morals and values. And just because “Disney” makes a movie doesn’t mean we are going to except the trash they put out to our children.

    1. John

      You mean white christian “values” of exclusion, bigotry and misogyny? no wonder you’re called the new taliban

  34. T

    STOP shoveling WOKE garbage down our throats.
    I believe in each one’s right to choose.
    Disney and Madison Ave. are creating adversity NOT, inclusiveness by their propaganda.

    1. Milton Miller

      Says the new taliban

  35. Bing Bong

    Coming from a Pixar fan, my opinion may have some bias. I went yesterday with my 5 year old son. He loved it and so did I! Not sure what the big deal was about in this movie, well I guess I do know. People don’t like to see what the real world looks like. They showed a compassionate, loyal friend, who was a hard working female of color, who was in a same sex relationship (what), who had a child and stayed together in a relationship for over 40 years…How dare you show that Disney.
    For Toy Story fans the writers developed Buzz in a way you have never seen. I walked away respecting him a lot more as a character. This movie made me laugh, cry and will be on the list of Pixar’s great underrated movies.
    I’m glad we went to see it!
    For all the people on this thread trashing Disney for trying to represent the world as it is…what’s wrong with that? Oh, I know what the problem is, you are racist, sexists and bigots.
    To infinity and Beyond!

    1. Phil C.

      Most people agree totally! But hey, there will be always those who think we should discriminate, separate, don’t show and don’t say… fortunately, times moves forward, not backwards

      1. S

        No. Time does not move forwards anymore. The human race is done. We move backwards and you will be made to move backwards, too.

  36. Shame on Disney film makers for making Buzz Lightyear unfit for families. “Marriage is between a man and a woman.” Stop trying to pollute young, innocent minds. I am so thankful for friends commenting on the latest Buzz lightyear (inappropriate behaviors). Keep Disney safe, clean, and family friendly or you’ll loose business from regular families. We will not watch, buy, or support this show, Disney T.V. or anything that is polluted.

    1. Milton Miller

      Conservatives are totally backwards

    2. Bing Bong

      Bonnie aka Karen,
      I’m pretty sure it was PG. Be a parent and teach your Christian children to hate others just like God wanted.

  37. Jan

    Disney and every other company that serves the public should not push their woke ideas and political views on its customers! Go woke go broke!
    I refuse to watch anything that is aimed at grooming young children. This stuff does not belong in cartoons-animation!

    1. Bing Bong

      Jan aka Karen,
      I’m pretty sure it was PG. Be a parent and teach your Christian children to hate others just like God wanted.

  38. Bree

    This should not be on in the theaters and especially not for children to watch it’s unacceptable it’s also unexpectable to God

    1. Barry

      Pretty sure God doesn’t give a damn. After all he did commit genocide and endorsed incest

  39. Barry

    The backlash wasn’t about the same sex kiss. Learn to be a proper journalist you twit.
    The backlash was about Chris Evans defending that scene and yet Disney censored that scene in certain countries. And Evans said nothing. Just goes to show the double standards that celebrities have and how detached from the real world they are.

  40. Bing Bong

    Bree aka Karen,
    I’m pretty sure it was PG. Be a parent and teach your Christian children to hate others just like God wanted.

  41. Disney once again has dropped the ball .. first we don’t need same sex OR ANY SEXUAL CONTENT IN A KIDS MOVIE… there are 3yr olds in this movie DISNEY KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS TO YOUR SELF MAKE BETTER MOVIES AND OH YA BEG JOHNNY DEPP TO COME BACK .. GO BUY SOME LUMAS

    1. Richard Robson

      The funny thing is, Disney is operating in 2022 and Americans are still living in the wild west days. Disney is trying to educate you lot saying same sex kisses is perfectly fine and normal. Kids dont see it as a problem its all you hill billys who wont accept it.

      America the greatest nation in the world? You don’t even come close to Mexico and Vietnam. The rest of the world all agree your countries a joke and this proves it.

  42. No. Would not go if it was free.

  43. Terri

    The price of tickets for the matinee shipped us. 2 adult tickets were almost $30!! Adding 4 kids, plus the “convenience fee” for ordering thru the app would bring the total up to $85! Just to get INTO the movie!!!

  44. LM

    Will be skipping this movie as I did a couple of other Disney movies. Walt would hate to see what his dream has become. But when the CEO wants to destroy the company and the Board of Directors will not stand up to him. What would you expect? Poor Walt and the Disney family. Maybe it’s time we all except that fact that Disney isn’t a family magical place and it doesn’t want to stand with families. Families have other things to watch and do. I love to watch the old Walt Disney movies and info about Walt but todays CEO is a far cry from Walt. It’s all about money and wokeness. Well he can have it! If you want to be political watch the November elections and see how woke it is. Biden has us going into recession so don’t worry the parks want have many Americans visiting. We are just trying to pay bills to survive this crazy Biden economy.

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