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  1. Walt

    Disney is 100% Greed… and the board has spoken! Anybody who lines up defending Chapek is a real piece of trash, don’t ever forget that.

    1. Dennis

      I defend him because 95% of the stuff people bash him for are not anything he did. Bob iger is responsible for being the one to kill disney magic and charge for everything and not to mention constantly raise prices.

      1. Chuck Standish

        The Disney stock value has dropped 41% in the last year. Chapek needs to be fired immediately. He is supposed to be working for the shareholders and has failed miserably.

        1. S

          Disney shouldn’t even have shareholders. It should have a single owner who is basically a dictator who answers to no one but the ghost of Walt Disney himself. Sports teams have owners and nobody questions that.

          1. Bob

            Nah just give it to the Brazilian government in partnership with the lawyers who ask for explicit written consent to rebroadcast baseball

        2. Dr. Manny

          This is exactly the problem. The shareholder equity above customers, and employees. As long as Disney and other companies follow this mantra there will be zero magic. As a business owner I am the last one to get paid not the first.

      2. EricJ

        I’m not even looking at the stocks–It’s too confusing.

        What I hate is the way Chapek THINKS:
        He’s dazzled by the champagne wishes and caviar dreams of DVC memberships, “Special VIP events”, and everything else guests can find on the DCL Cruises, and he’d kick the family station-wagon guests out the door if he could.
        He’s gentrifying the park into the ground, the few middle-class guests who can continue to go to the park are resentfully losing the urge to, and those that do are seeing fewer and fewer of the bonuses.

        …But hey, how about those Moonlight Magic nights for the DVC members?
        Maybe they’ll build Reflections after all! It’d go nicely with the Riviera and the new Polynesian building!

      3. Julian H

        Dennis what Greedy Penny Pinching Chapek and this disgraceful Greedy Lacklustre Board has done to Disney is indefensible.

        Disney has taken you for a ride and its not on space mountain. Wake up and see do not be blinkered by the Disney Dust.

      4. Scott Lickwood

        Maybe he could allow value and moderate guests to enjoy the extended hours like they use to then he could gain back the fans who don’t have the cash deluxe guest have

    2. Linda

      Chapel only cares about money. He destroyed our pro Bono lawyer who selflessly worked for years to get Disney to accommodate people with autism. His endless team of lawyers had our lawyer constantly show up at court for silly reasons. Because of this our lawyer could not maintain paying clients and his practice was destroyed. Furthermore Disney had the judge Anne Conway in their pocket and she ruled against us. I have been going to Disney since it opened. We will never go again. I’m praying virtual experience venues open up and put them out of business.

  2. S1

    Once I become the prime minister of the United States of America, I will take over Disney and fire the board. Then I will make Disney great again.

    1. Get A Life

      Says some miserable loser who can’t do anything great.

    2. nyc chris

      I would LOVE to see you become the Prime Minister of the United States

  3. M

    As a lesbian, Chapek is the worst CEO ever. He didn’t push back against Florida hard enough, and Disney world is still here and he is still moving good California jobs to Florida.

    Fire that anti-queer CEO.

    1. Dennis

      If he has the guys and lesbians speaking out against him then that all I need to know to support him and know he is doing the right things.

      1. Julian H

        Denis you are severely delusional. You need to go to the Quacks and I do not mean Donald Duck.

    2. CalledIt

      Those jobs will come back when he does get fired in a few years. It’s just a matter of time.

    3. EricJ

      When did Chapek come out as a lesbian?
      Did he start wearing plaid, going vegan, and getting piercings?

      (Obviously he didn’t crop-dye his hair…)

    4. Zeir


  4. James. Sweeneyney

    My nephew and his wife worked for Disney about 6 years. They were let go with others a few years ago….Why?
    They were good employees ……

    I know Disney Loves Money and it will be their downfall ……

  5. Lizz

    Disneys new way needs to hit the Highway. Why turn entertainment into politics. We get enough of that everyday. I’ve been to Disneyland 16 times and Orlando twice. I will never go again.

    1. CalledIt

      You mean when politics doesn’t fit your view. When it does, conservatives cannot get enough of it. Funny how that works.

      1. Nick

        Seems like that goes both ways. Hilarious thing about people like you and the one you’re replying to.

        You are both cut out of the same ignorant clothe

      2. Walt

        Says the cry babies that if they don’t get every liberal agenda item of their political excrement implimented they riot, cry, protest etc etc. Disney wold not exist if it was not for “breeders”. It was built for THIER offspring. Not a group of people who until recently could find their diagnosis in the DSM IV and DSM V. See… we can be course and uncaring in our responses too.

    2. Mike

      Chapek should be fired immediately for his stupidity. The Governor of Florida is doing a great job handling this “Woke” company. Disney needs Florida more than Florida needs Disney.

      1. You're Pathetic

        Anyone using the word “woke” shows themselves to be low-IQ.

        1. Noel

          Article ends Disney has it’s work cut out for them I have three so simple they seem sarcastic solutions. 1) Fire Chipek and if possible bring back the guy you just let go. 2) handle the board and keep them in check. 3) listen to your employees and fans

      2. Vicky

        Politics aside, much of the magic is gone, the CMs are overworked, it’s dirty, the guests are rude, no easy transport from airport, On and on. All the things that made me justify spending that amount of money on a vacation are being nickled and dimed away. Will spend my money elsewhere.

    3. Laurel

      I could not agree more! I don’t like Ron DeSantis, but it isn’t Disney’s job to engage in that. Their first duty is to shareholders and the stock is tanking because they have forgotten how to stay neutral and how to give more than you take, which was always Walt’s vision.

  6. Sneb

    I notice Chapek doesn’t do land acknowledgements whenever he does a public speech. That should speak volumes about him.

  7. Brian

    Family values are gone, not safe for children!

    1. Trump sucks

      With all those right wing wackos, it also isn’t safe for blacks, Asians, Mexicans, and middle easterners.

      1. Nick

        Well, they can always have Baltimore, South Chicago and Detroit.

      2. Walt

        absolutely right! – thats why the most killings of Black americans is by whites …… oh wait no – its by people of their own melanin content.
        Your comment is ridiculous and non factual.

    2. The Patriot

      When the second amendment is repealed and Gun confiscation happens, children will be much safer.

  8. EricJ

    We saw it happen with Eisner:
    The first vote looked like it was going to toss him out, and then “But no, look at the profits!”

    (Meaning, Eisner still had irons in the fire that they wanted to see to completion, like WDFA and Circle 7 competing with Pixar, and held on to some hope they’d still be able to do it.
    And then, after Chicken Little, that was answer was apparently “no”…So, bye-bye Mike.)

    Here, despite the “corporate strategy difficulties” of disagreeing with him, they’re obviously pitching a last-minute loyalty-show rally hoping that Genie+ saves the company, that Disney+ series go back to rescuing the studio, and that the Galactic Starcruiser starts booking solid by ’23.
    And when the answers to any of THOSE become “No”…

  9. Bridget Langley-Broadwell

    I think he should be given a chance and Bob Igner wasn’t helping. BUT, he needs to realize that Walt Disney was not a politician and therefore Disney needs to get out of politics and focus on the Magic that was once there. Now it’s just another theme park.

    1. So right, Disney was for families to enjoy. From the original cartoons, to the parks, then to family entertainment on network TV. This is what I grew up with from Disney.
      Stay with family values, clothing, toys movies, do not cater to the NEW, lets support all the issues in society. Just make more movies, programs, and leave social issues and politics out of the parks, TV internet, Disney sites. There are enough other companies and people to address the social issues that have faced society since creation of mankind.. Disney is for the children at heart, Young and Old. Keep the MAGIC

  10. David UK

    David UK in the 2 times I was at Disney 2018/19 I saw a very Disney. From awesome 2018 to a packed / mobile app never working to book rides to a unfriendly place ??? Not with this new Genie + your basically being double charged how can that be right ???? But to hear you have to get on Genie first thing on morning of your Disney trip you have to get up around 5.30am to book rides this has gone to ridiculous . Where has the magic Disney gone ????😢😢



  12. Nick

    Always enjoy the ignorance on both sides of the isle anytime Bobby is brought up.

    They complain it’s too busy. Then they complain that prices go up, which may help lessen the crowds. They complain there isn’t new attractions then complain about construction, updating and remodels. Yall are never happy.

    Disney has lost a lot of what made it special. But I’d argue fifty percent is due to entitled customers going there. 99% of the people commenting here. It’d a park for kids yet you adults want to ruin everything because your parents failed. You’re not a beautiful special snowflake. You’re a moron who jumps on Facebook to argue politics . Grow up

    1. Vicky

      Nick, Disney used to offer a premium product. It’s simple, when product quality suffers, customer dissatisfaction rises. It has nothing to do with entitlement.

    2. S

      Disney isn’t for kids. Never was and never will be. Unless you were a kid who went during Walt’s lifetime or a descendant of those guests who went during Walt’s lifetime.

  13. Disney sucks

    Until Chapek is gone and Disney prices are affordable again, woke political agendas are out, and the magic is back, we’re done with Disney. Our vacation to Orlando in March was a nightmare, and cost more than a trip to Europe. #donewithdisney

  14. Tom

    My hopes are that the Board will wake up and realize that Chapek is ruining Disney. According to the article I read the Board agreed with his firing of Rice but a lot in Disney insiders are not happy with his decision. I am a DVC member at Disney World and the changes Chapek has made has totally ruined the Disney experience and is gouging the pockets that have waited 2 years to visit again. All the nice perks that visitors received when they paid the extra price to stay on Disney property are gone and from the reviews I read of different Blog sites many people will not return. I hope down the line the changes he has made will blow up in his face and I hope the Board of Directors realizes that he is horrible for the company.

  15. Steven

    Whats a soruce?

  16. Laurel

    My husband and I are DVC members and Disney shareholders. Chapek is ruining the company we use to love. All of the perks of staying at Disney have been ripped away and the park experience is miserable now. I have a flash, no one wants to get up super early on vacation and no one wants to have to be on their cell phone making arrangements constantly like they do for work. Maybe it’s time to shuck it all and go back to weeks at the beach? When enough of us show our displeasure with our pocket book, maybe Disney will wake up. Oh, and STOP making political statements with your content! Disney use to be really good at appealing to everyone and they have lost that!

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