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Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World Resort as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration

Credit: Disney


  1. maggie

    I don’t really care about theme parks of any kind. But Disney is the most expensive, the most crowded, the most annoying I’ve ever been to. Once was quite enough. Plus, Florida. Need I say more?

    1. DK

      What does this have to do with the subject at hand?

  2. Katy

    Please don’t move to that baby killing state. Disney should just pay better wages and quit expecting so many tax breaks and they wouldn’t have to flee the Golden State.

    1. Jay

      Golden ???? Ha – you are delusional ! Newsom, Gascon and Leftist California in general is a laughing stock of the country. You represent everything NOT to do. LA, San Fran, etc.. have all been ruined.

      1. Disney loves socialism

        Well said! We had to flee Cali over 30 years ago because the leftist ruined our beautiful state. Gavin Gruesome in a commie!

    2. Jim

      Who cares if Disney stays or expands in Florida ? They have already overstepped thier bounds.
      Florida is a state for Floridians not a State for Disney World.
      You do not like Florida, go back where you came from.

      1. Vicki

        WithoutDisney/Universal/SeaWorld /Busch Gardens, Florida is nothing but swamp land, Trumpublicans, and old People! It’s too bad the beaches are wasted on it! But that’s okay….in 59 years or so it’s all going to be underwater except for a strip that runs from Georgia to Orlando! Couldn’t happen to a better state …although Texas is in the running!

        1. Sue

          Vicki we don’t want you in Florida as a matter of face go back in the hole you came from and take you liberal thinking with you

        2. Ed

          Vicki, your mother should have swallowed.

        3. Steve

          Typical hateful, dismissive leftist garbage. Florida doesn’t want you.

    3. TruthSeeker

      California is nothing to brag about. Every large city there is complete garbage

  3. Dennis

    So why the change in the time line. How about the whole story

  4. Jay

    To those upset that they have to move to Florida – PLEASE stay in your plastic, phony, leftist, woke mess you created called Californication. You deserve it.

    1. Steve

      Florida doesn’t want them. We’re full. Our leftist quota is maxed out.

  5. KMAN

    This is a good/Great example of Corporate America not staying in there own lane , Disney is an Entertainment business that did hold unbelievable perks it’s a scratch or backs and will scratch your type deal , now Disney has taken the Political track , they jumped out of there lanes and are currently suffering for it as there Stocks have and are still tanking , the Executives only see them selfs as Giants in the industry and they don’t feel the consequences of their actions as it affects the livelihood in and around there communities as there cast members and public suffer the repercussions of there poor decisions.

    1. Warren

      Since when are human rights political?

  6. Bobbie Jo Justice

    Kick out deathsantis.
    Elect a Democrat instead of a bigoted, fascist republican.

    1. Steve

      He’s your next president. The Supreme Court is going to block the cheating you pulled last time.

  7. What does your comment have to do with article?

  8. What does your comment have to do with article written?

  9. Thomas

    Spoken like a true racist ! If you had any intellect you would know the millions that the Disney company has paid for community support and charities. They are and have been a very positive company in Florida fir the past 50 years. Maybe YOU should go back to the state your from !!!!

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