Comments for Disney “Does the Right Thing,” Rewards Guest Who Admitted to Having COVID

magic kingdom halloween face masks

Credit: Disney


  1. Mary Lignen

    Good on Disney, and good on that person for being honest. Too bad the employee is probably overworked and underpaid, so “magic” like this doesn’t happen as often as it used to.

  2. Special status

    It would be nice if they extended this to real diseases and other negative life circumstances. Only the politically-charged COVID seems to get you a refund.

    1. John P (Ph.D)

      Do you mean the same COVID that killed over 10 million people in two years? that COVID. The same COVID that was severely undercounted all over the world because countries didn’t want to look like they created irresponsible policies that led to the unnecessary deaths of millions of people?

      Ok, got it!

      1. No lies

        Typical, a “doctor” (if you have a doctorate, it isn’t in medicine) spreading debunked conspiracy theories.

        1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

          @no Lies
          Seems like you have no clue about the world around you. Millions die from it, a disease that could be stopped in its track except for people like you.

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