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  1. Victor Nazarian

    The Dow is down about 20% in one year while Disney is down over 50%. Senior Disney Management has foolishly gotten involved with social politics which has angered customers on both sides of the political spectrum. This has also antagonized our democratically elected government officials and resulted in massive detriment for the company with the loss of control of Reedy Creek estimated at over $300,000,000.00 in value to the Disney organization.

    Disney, and all other mega corporations should stay out of social politics and focus on providing excellent products and services for their customers and value for their owners/stockholders.

    Please Disney management, stay out of politics and tell the governor that Disney will stay out of politics if Florida will give Disney back control of Reedy Creek.

    1. TotalDramaDisney

      The stock is only down because of the pandemic, which has caused ALL stocks to fall. They only angered the homophobic right. Desantis is a narcistic bully, and Disney shouldn’t have to apologize to him! If Chik-Fil-A can be politically conservative and evil, Disney can be politically liberal and good!

      1. Keil

        Chick fil a isn’t evil, you’re insane. Disney stock was going up post pandemic. Its time to stop blaming everything on covid.

        1. J

          Again if chick fil a can spread their politics so can Disney.

      2. Dani

        There is no confidence in the current management. That’s what makes a stock fall. If no one believes in it, no invests in it. Nothing homophobic about buisness

  2. TotalDramaDisney

    ALL companies’ stocks have reached lows because of the pandemic. Disney will be fine.

    1. S1

      No they will not be fine. They won’t be until the swamp has been drained and a new management that asks “What would Walt do?” takes over. They also are going to be trust busted and broken up by Capitol Hill in the not too distant future and lose all those IPs they spent billions on so that means bye bye Marvel, Lucasfilm Pixar, ABC, ESPN, Muppets, etc.

      1. Drew, the other one

        Don’t be disingenuous. It’s down from $185.91 less than a year ago. The stock is dropping like a rock and is dropping faster than the stock market as a whole. The pandemic has nothing to do with Disney’s executives making poor, poor choices.

      2. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

        S1 now you are living in a fantasy of conspiracies. Under US law, monopolies are not illegal. We have lots of monoplies or duopolies in the county. It is what they do with that monopoly power that is important.
        Do they undercut prices using the power of their monopoly? Obviously not with the complaints of them charging too much, not too little.
        Do they destroy other companies using their monopoly power? I guess not because Universal, Paramount, Sony and Six Flags are all still here.
        Trustbusting is when industries act in collussion together, not when they compete against each other. Disney has no trust partners so no trust to bust.
        The First Amendment gives companies freedom of speech, they are free to say anything they want about Floridas regressive and biggoted laws, that is not illegal either.
        It is clear you like to use big words that you do not know the definitions of, and that you have no clue about US law.

        1. S1

          Monopolies actually ARE illegal. It’s you who has no clue about US law and your beliefs are what’s illegal. Corporations are not people either. They are animals that belong in cages in zoos. Disney IS getting broken up and so are the other media giants. All the other major movie studios will be independent again and Hollywood will go back to the 1930s and 40s with the return of the old Studio System. The studios will go back to the families of those great studio bosses like Darryl F. Zanuck, Jack Warner, and Harry Cohn. Movie stars will be under contract to one studio again and MGM, back in the hands of the descendants of the great Louis B. Mayer, will return to its former glory with “more stars than there are in the heavens.” MGM will once again have talent like they once had gods and goddesses like Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Spencer Tracy, Joan Crawford, and the greatest of them all: Judy Garland.

          1. Goo Mann

            Disney won’t be broken up. It’s not like they control a vital resource of the country. Breaking up Disney is like breaking up Smuckers because they corner the market on peanut butter and jelly.

            1. S1

              Oh yes they will. I have political connections and Disney is a massive target in the antitrust crosshairs on Capitol Hill. And when they do get broken up, it’ll mean the end of Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar in the Disney parks so that will mean bye bye Galaxy’s Edge and any Marvel based attraction. California will be getting their Tower of Terror back. Oh and regarding Smuckers, they will be broken up too.

      3. J

        Literally just came from the parks and they are still really busy!

        If chick fil a can spread their politics so to can Disney. Sorry, not sorry.

  3. Terry

    Bob paychecks money bin is on fire and no reedy creek to put out the fire. How many more public blunders will the board stand for. Fire the bum and watch the stock make a roaring comeback 115k signatures and counting fire bob chapek change.org

  4. S1

    Excellent, will be easier for me to carry out a hostile takeover and seize that magical 51% of the stock, making myself the outright owner.

    1. TotalDramaDisney

      Keep telling yourself that.

      1. S1

        I will. And after I seize Disney I will cater to the only guests who matter, the purists. You are an undesirable and not welcome. Some are not welcome at Disney parks. The parks will essentially be private clubs: members only. I will destroy everything the two Crooked Bobs worked for under policies of De-Igerfication and De-Chapefication. “What would Walt do?” will be the law of the land again. The answer? “Make Disney Great Again.”

  5. $117 – $95 = $22
    Some one tell how $95 is less the half of $117..

    1. ThisIsMyDisplayName

      The same way that $95 is a “record low” for a stock that traded around $85 in March 2020.

    2. Keil

      117 wasn’t the peak

    3. Jo

      Because the full statement references the price last year, which was about $185. $185-$95 = $90. So yeah, the stock is sitting at “about half” what it was last year.

  6. S1

    Once I become the emperor of the United States, I can take over Disney and make America great again.

    1. Ryan

      In my opinion, just have the defense industry buy Disney out. They have trillions of dollars. Mickey mouse wouldn’t be soft anymore! The attractions would change too.

  7. Disney management is unhinged and off the charts. They are completely out of touch with what Guests want. Firing executives and increasing prices…they are crazier than Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and if not careful, will end up like Mr. Toad. A re-education to Walt’s ideals is in order.

  8. 71cuda

    Disney is getting what they deserve. The company has hidden their true agendas. Stayed out of politics and now showing what they are wanting to represent, should be shut down. They have lost their moral grounding. Given any rights back, they will Hide who they really are again. They are nothing I want my children looking up to!

    1. J

      So when does chick fil at get what they deserve for spreading their hate politics?

      1. Jo

        Chic fil a already did their time. You must really hate them because you keep bringing them up.

  9. Keil

    The journalist who wrote this is obviously heavily politically biased. There is no such thing as a “don’t say gay bill”. Please stop spreading that deliberate disinformation. In Florida there is a common sense “Parental Rights in Education” Bill. This bill allows parents to ask about their child’s school curriculum, and allows students to tell their parents about what happens in school. It also disallows teachers from discussing sex or relationships with students third grade or below.

    The only people against this bill are groomers, and people who have been lied to buy groomers. Get woke, go broke. Its sad Disney had to get burned just to learn corporations should stay out of politics.

    1. Keil

      *lied to by

      1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

        You do realize a few facts.
        1. Disney is not going broke, nor does that amount of money they have revolve around share prices. Shareholders are the one’s who fortunes rise and fall with the stock price, not the corporation.
        2. There is most certainly a “Don’t Say Gay” bill, it is now the law in Florida. And it prohibits saying Gay to 3rd grade and under because that would be discussing relationships. Even you quote the don’t say gay part of the bill.
        3. The only people against the bill are not so called “groomers”. That is just another nonsensical talking point from your political demi-gods. Millions of Americans, gay, straight, black, white and brown are against this theocratic attempt to push religious beliefs on other Americans.

        1. Keil

          Disney is going broke. Their stock is trading at 90 down from 180.

          There’s is no “don’t say gay bill.” The bill disallows teachers talking to students under third grade about sex or relationships. It doesn’t have some clause that makes an exception for straight relationships. They’re all banned, as they should be. It’s common sense not to talk to 7 year olds about your sex life or spouse. Teach the math, language, and history. That’s a teachers job. Its not a teachers job to groom children.

          I don’t care what those millions of Americans look like or who they are. They’ve been lied to be media shills, and they don’t live in Florida, so they have absolutely no business trying to influence Florida law. You’re quite rude and incorrect for calling it bigoted, btw. Its not bigoted to protect children from groomers.

          And yes, companies do have freedom of speech. But they don’t have the freedom to interfere with state legislation. When a California company says their goal is to CHANGE Florida law, Florida is justified in revoking that company’s special previleges.

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