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Two images of a Guest Relations Cast Member outside at Disney's Hollywood Studios. In the middle, the cast member smiles with text overtop that says "me realizing id have to leave my dream job because I couldn't afford to live"


  1. Jan

    I had a photographer bring a bottle of water to my grandson after we were next in line and the character left for a break. The people I was with wandered away with the stroller and the water.

  2. Double standards

    Disney feigns leftisms through cheap pandering and agenda pushing, but they treat their employees like expendable slaves.

  3. drew

    I guess plaids don’t get paid as much as I thought. For the prices that Disney charges for the VIP tours you think the CMs would be better compensated.

  4. Bob bob

    Isn’t this normal is most wealthy companies around the world? This isn’t new news, it’s a common story. Most companies around the world will continue to pay the least they can in order to increase the salaries of the senior management/owner. Normal story. Only laws can change this issue, not fun websites nor Tik-Tok.

  5. Zeke

    My wife literally made more as a Disney cast member than she did as a veterinary technician in Winter Park. They pay more than pretty bunch all local retail and fast food chain locations.

  6. Robert "Ironman" Downey

    I love Disney and seeing this was not a surprise. What was a surprise is last weeks story about Abigail Disney making a power play over Bob Paycheck’s 32M per YEAR salary. That is money that should go to the cast members that do real work for Disney and try to create memorable experiences for guests. So sad. I have an older gentleman that lives in our neighborhood. He works at Disney EPCOT and loves it. It is a retirement gig for him, but I can tell that he genuinely loves his job. That is so rare today and Disney seems to be ok with killing that dream….for now.

    1. Daryl

      Proves that Abigail is an idiot. Boy Chapeks salary has no effect on the compensation of cast members as its deducted after net profits from the resorts. The only thing decreasing his salary would give is more money for her share dividends. The simple solution people is if you want them to pay the Cast members more, PAY MORE FOR YOUR PARK TICKETS.

      1. Stormy

        The profit is what’s left after expenses, and castmember pay is a big expense. If they paid castmembers more, there would be less profit for both the CEO and the company. So it’s definitely possible for him to start expecting a smaller cut of the profit due to higher castmember pay. He can pay them more if he’s OK with less profit, which would put a dent in his salary. Raising ticket prices is not the only way.

      2. Juan

        We play plenty for our tickets you idiot.

  7. Mg

    Notice how this clown doesn’t mention how much she actually makes? I thought $15 was “liveable”? Isn’t that the whole argument? Guaranteed she makes much more than that. Why doesn’t this report go in to that and show how there’s many levels of pay in all the theme parks instead of just getting a couple butthurt employees quotes . .This is a joke…just like this “news” site that constantly does this stuff.

    1. Joel

      Maybe your the clown, BOZO.

  8. MikeG

    Average pay at Disney across the board is 18.22/US an hour with some jobs paying upwards of 25-30/hr…..


  9. Working since I was 15

    Sorry, but as someone with a degree and professional job I don’t see how handing me a churro qualifies you to earn the same.

  10. AH

    Cost of living has gone up everywhere. I am paying about 500 more per month than I did in 2020 for the same stuff. Have had to cut back. Disney does need to pay more and reduce executive pay. Hope Ms Disney is successful.

  11. DD

    If all “regular” jobs are paying the same, why does Disney get singled out over how much they pay? I have a friend that drives about 65 miles each way to work at DL, could have stayed in town and worked but CHOOSES to make the drive. There has to be a reason….. This is ridiculous, in California the min wage is $15 an hour, many places pay higher. Sadly, inflation rises faster than pay so there will always be a struggle.

  12. Vince

    We’ll, girl, “congratulations” on leaving your minimum wage type job because it didn’t pay you at the level of a surgery technician.. I’m sure the Hot Dog on a Stick you’re gonna go apply at will pay muuuch better. Welcome to planet Earth homegirl.

    1. KMAN

      Vince : it looks like you just want to be a smart ass ! But in reality the majority of Disney employees leave for much better jobs better pay, better benefits and more respect, with this majority they often word as 3rd party employees at Disney weather it’s in Disney Parks or Resorts.
      I would think you kinda feel less informed now .

      1. Kay

        KMAN, you missed the part where she had to go on social media to gather attention and make Disney look bad. You wanna do better than Disney wages? GREAT! most should! But there’s no need to take it to social media to give them the “middle finger” as you leave. They employed her and this is how bratty people behave.

  13. GDL

    Too bad, but hey, how else can Disney afford Bob Chapek’s $32M annual salary? Certainly not by Disney’s Q1 profits. They were only a mere $7.2 billion.

  14. KMAN

    Disney ! WOW the ultimate dream job or is it ?
    This is a heart breaking story as a parent, both my daughters dreamed of working at Disney, both did very well in School then went on to College and both went to Disney’s College Program, even though they felt exploited in the program but tolerated it knowing in the end they would have a much greater chance at there Dream Job . Both have completed the college program and waited the time period between program and direct hire they both took jobs with Disney one in corporate and one in parks , unfortunately both have had similar experiences high demands , excessive hours , inadequate pay to live in Florida without having to share an apt. But this is there first jobs and there dream jobs so they put on there Disney smile and endured being taken advantage of and exploited as they moved up in positions until they had enough they gave proper respectful notice to quit trained there replacement and left the DREAM .
    Disney thrives on these young adults, takes advantage of them with over demanding hours, longer then 8 hrs and 6 days a week , poor health benefits as Disney counts on younger employees and don’t see the need for better coverage the old employee need , this is generally there first job and they just don’t know any better until they realize there being taken advantage of .



  16. Jag

    A more accurate title to this article would be “Disney World Cast Member Elects To Quit Due To Poor Pay” She could no longer live on the wage the Mouse was giving her, so she made the tough choice to work somewhere else.

  17. Frank

    Quit, go work somewhere else. No company owes you a living wage. What’s the story here??? Even if Disney raised their wages a few dollars, would that be the height of your ambitious. To earn a barely livable wage?

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