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  1. Gamora

    Until the neighborhoods surrounding the parks sue. Its one thing to have one show at night, but having one at 9:20 & 11 pm every single night is a noise annoyance. Disney thinks it can just roll over FL… wait till all their neighbors do a class action and win. Own a home closer to the park the more $ you get due to the fact that you didn’t purchase the home with a nightly dual fireworks display in your backyard.

    1. Cathy

      These people that bought the houses knew about the fireworks before they moved in so no sympathy from me. And this is not an expansion of fireworks it’s an extra showing.

    2. LockTrumpUp

      Oh get over it.

  2. Erica M

    Agreed Cathy! And they used to always have 2 showings!! I loved watching the 2nd show alone. 😉
    I haven’t seen this show. Honestly, I dislike that you have to be in the front and center to ‘see’ it. I still miss Wishes! ❤️

    1. JJ

      I like the show but hate how crowded it is in the front of the castle and Main Street to be able to see it. Hopefully two shows will seperate the crowds and make it more enjoyable to actually watch without feeling so cramped. It should be like this all summer long not just July

  3. Leeann Jacket

    I didn’t think WDW had neighbors like Disneyland. It didn’t when I was there. What happened? Did they start building around WDW. I thought that’s why Walt bought so much land, so what happened at Disneyland would happen at Walt Disney World. I’ve been to both & I say if you choose to live by Disney; you can’t complain about the fireworks. I know Anaheim has a city ordinance but DL should be grandfathered in. WDW is its own world & shouldn’t have neighbors. What happened?

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