Comments for How the Internet Turned on “Disney Adults”

disney adults with cinderella castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Janey Dou

    It’s not even a competition for Disneyland versus Disney World. The world is bigger, therefore better.

    Joking aside, there is only one Disney park on the entire planet that Walt touched and lovingly designed and lived in. Many people believe that is the best park ever.

    There is also one Disney park Walt dreamed about when he was disappointed that he didn’t buy as much land around Disneyland when he had the chance. Many people believe that is the best park ever.

  2. Thomas

    I am a ‘Disney Adult’, I am proud to be a Disney fan, and always will be. I don’t have the finances to visit Disneyland but have visited WDW and loved being immersed in the world I grew up with. I do take umbridge with this article though, and almost tries to justify bullying adult childless Disney fans. I’m getting seriously sick of this site and the encouragement of bullying and small minded behaviour.

  3. Steve

    Dapper day gangs and the groups that are adults need to have their teeth caved in. Some of their behavior is going to get their asses kicked.

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