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Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) and Carol Danvers (Bie Larson) in 'Captain Marvel'

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Don

    On it wouldnt rather stop watching these marvel movies at this point.

    1. Truthboy

      Yeah captain marvel is trash anyway so it doesn’t matter. Her special power is basically getting second winds for some reason

      1. Dakken

        Wow, this article is such trash. All it did was give unnecessary spoilers / rehash of the movies for the first few paragraphs. The marvel movies are so overrated, especially captain marvel, who isn’t a noteworthy superhero.

        1. Fred Taylor

          Got me at “I don’t believe in capitalism”. Just go away, please.

          1. Chuck


          2. John

            I know right ! When she said all of that smug, arrogant trash, I immediately thought, yeah, you keep on not repeating performances, see how long that acting career of yours lasts with that mentality and attitude. In just sick of the entitled attitude that people have, just don’t with all of it.

          3. BOB RUPPERT

            That and the inability to complete a sentence

        2. Kyle

          “i don’t play second rolls because I don’t support capitalism.”, What?? Isn’t it capitalism that allows you to be a paid actor and play different rolls?

    2. FourWidgetStands

      What does she mean she doesn’t believe in capitalism? What does playing a two different characters with similar skills have to do with capitalism?

      1. Wayne

        It made no sense. I read it several times to find the context.

        1. Julian

          Can’t be that hard.

          She doesn’t play repeat roles because she wants to experience new things and not just repeat the same old stuff just for money.

          1. Chris

            That doesn’t make sense. If she would have gotten the role for Captain Marvel she would have been playing that roles at least 2 times. Maybe more. That is repeating a role. It might not be a different film but she would be repeating a role to make money. Also she wouldn’t have turned down the MCU and Jurassic Park. To huge franchises that will make billions and you say no. She is full of it. She is in the wrong field if she isn’t working for capitalism.

          2. Mmmhmmm

            😂 yeah but she uses the wrong context words…… She sure has reaped the benefits of capitalism

          3. Chuck

            That doesn’t seem to be what she meant … At All

        2. Exactly, get to the point and reduce the word salad already!! I lost interest and stopped reading after the first paragraph. I hate it when a writer tries to stretch a one paragraph article into a gone with the wind novel. Ugh🥱

      2. jj

        Exactly. It’s a ridiculous quote. One that probably shouldn’t have even been used by the author of the article because it lends nothing.

      3. David

        “Actress playing cookie-cutter roles in billion dollar franchises doesn’t believe in capitalism”.

        Does she think she’s an artist or something? I can hardly think of anything more capitalist than DISNEY.

      4. Kelly Connerton

        I wondered the same thing.

      5. Joe Blow

        She sounds like an idiot. What does repeat performances have to do with capitalism? And if you don’t believe in it why are you enjoying all the benefits of a capitalistic country? You don’t ask for the same salary as the janitor on the movie set. You expect to be paid higher than them. You probably have a nice house, nice car, nicer things than people being paid less then you. Therefore you support capitalism. She obviously believes in hypocrisy since she is doing opposite of what she said. Stop claiming to believe in things you don’t really believe in just to sound edgy and cool. Never liked her character anyways so good riddance.

      6. bdog

        I think u all make good points but i really liked her work in the parts she played and shes hot hot. Looking forward to seeing her future work .bdog!

  2. David

    Could you be clear. Which actress in which movie. You jump all over the page I’m not sure who or what your talking about

    1. Nick

      Gosh I wish they re-cast brie Larson, she is goddamn awful

      1. Cee Betterchoice

        Disagree. She was great. Can’t wait to see her character arc.

        1. Luke

          Character arc? She has no character other than “muh, me strong, me better, you weak, you puny, you undeserving” shes not even acting, just playing herself.

        2. Heywood Jablome

          Lol she’s a Mary Sue, she’s perfect from the start, so it’s more like a character line.

      2. American

        The black captain marvel is the daughter. Different actress required.
        Should replace brie and all the communists anyway.
        Don’t believe in capitalism? Get out of America then.

      3. Kyle Graves

        Did she say she doesn’t believe in capitalism?!?!? She sure is making a living off of it!🤔 I just do not understand some people! Of course most were brainwashed in high school and college!

        1. Michael Dargusch

          In the article she is quoted as saying she doesn’t believe in Capitalism. I wonder how many free movies she has made?

      4. Moe

        Actually it sucks that Brie won’t return, her expression are priceless, bring her back.

        1. James

          What movie are you watching?

        2. Bob Denver

          Doesn’t believe in capitalism? Lol 😂😂🤣😂 What a tool.

      5. James

        You are so right. DUMP LARSON!

      6. Grant

        She doesnt believe in Capitalism….Geez, I hope she stands up for her beliefs when any of these companies sell a movie she’s in…Every bit of the process (from a financial standpoint) is based on or around capitalism… Its becoming very tiresome to see nothing but virtue signaling, ESPECIALLY when they have NO IDEA what they are talking about and their beliefs are only held when its convenient for them…

      7. Grant

        Yeah, shes pretty terrible… the only time she shows real emotion is when Marvel writes a scene for all the female characters to fight at the same time for a couple of minutes while the male characters are seemingly taking a break or just stopped to watch the females…….#staywoke

    2. Agitated

      Exactly how I felt after swiping up on a completely ad-filled article. We see a thumbnail of Larson expecting her “take” on the situation, but in stead we get bounced to anywhere BUT her “speaking out”. Shame on me for clicking on this amateur writing.

      1. Terrible

        Agree on Larsen, she is not a good fit. Also, who says they don’t believe in capitalism?

        1. Nick

          Does’t agree with capitalism but takes advantage of it to secure high paid acting jons

        2. Heywood Jablome

          Capitalism certainly believes in her.

          1. Summer

            I wish I could speak instead of having to write. It’s a lot to write.

        3. JusMe

          Spoiler alert:
          I cheered in the theatre when Capt Marvel faced The Scarlett Witch.

      2. John

        “i don’t believe in capitalism”

        sad to see this woke full making millions from capitalist deals.
        hypocrisy at its finest right here!

        1. John


      3. Turney GregGreg Turney

        I just will skip watching Captain Marvel until Brie Larson returns. Thanks.

        1. belreal

          Should’ve skip every MCU movies altogether. You’re welcome

        2. Chuck

          Buh Bye!

          She really isn’t that good!

    3. Pau

      I really glad I’m not the only one. I couldn’t figure out wtf was happening. So by assuming, Wise was offered the role but got pushed out? She never actually played the role? Or was she the little girl that they kind of threw the picture up there in reference? Either way Idc any more.

    4. Ill Will

      Why do white men hate Brie Larson so much?

      1. BB

        Because she is annoying as all hell.

      2. Ben

        Strong beautiful and plays a hero how could it worse for them?

        1. Yah..Nah

          You simps are hilarious. Brie is none of those things.

      3. Heywood Jablome


        Plenty of black people and women hate her too.

      4. James

        She has no talent and is not worth looking at.

      5. Chris

        It’s bc she’s an Actress with an Overinflated Ego & HUGE Sense of Entirlement, that clearly HAS Issues with White Males, especially Straight ones.
        I DON’T believe in SJW, Pu55y Bois verbiage but if TOXICITY was real it’d have Brie Larson’s name next to it in the Dictionary.

    5. Dani Grenier

      I second that. Fantastic chemistry with the original cast of Lashana Lynch, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and the adorable, young lady, who played Monica Rambeau, Ms. Akira Akbar. To everyone else on the comment board, STOP HATING. APPRECIATE. If you don’t like the franchise, don’t watch it.

    6. Rob

      In real life the actress claims she’s not a capitalist… Ok, yet your an actor and you complained about loosing the gig? As most have stated, I personally don’t care about this character & the way they are sexualizing all the movies in order to earn Woke points from the bigoted Intolerant psychopaths on the left… Like Netflix, Disney & all the other corporation trying to bend the knee to this demented ideology, it will fade away. Damn Shane to…Should have just stuck to Iron Man & called it a day.

    7. Toy

      Thought it was just me, I’m soo confused right now

    8. EEJ

      where’s the like button because i was thoroughly confused as well…

    9. Andy

      Right? This is a very poorly written article. I have no idea who or what he was talking about

  3. Yeah, it was rather vague the article I mean. I’m of the attitude if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Not a die-hard fan, but like to see people treated properly!

  4. Paul

    “I don’t believe in capitalism”. So she works for free?

    1. Kevin Feige

      Nailed it

    2. Al

      She sells herself for millions of dollars to play in a movie, but doesn’t believe in capitalism. Can we say “virtue signaling” boys and girls.

      1. Darth Gator

        That’s exactly what I thought. She doesn’t believe in capitalism, but her entire career literally exists as a direct result of free-market capitalism. And I’m not clear how playing a pilot in two different film franchises is in any way related to capitalism. What the heck does that even mean? And if she doesn’t repeat performances, how was she planning to play the same character repeatedly in the MCU? Typical virtue signaler; claim a belief or standard until you actually have to put it into practice.

        1. Ron

          Yeah, very bizarre. If she said “I don’t believe in typecasting” then it would have made sense. While it can make for job security on one hand, some actors don’t want to be defined by the same kind of character over and over again.

      2. G

        Exactly!!! What a pathetic, ridiculous statement….I don’t even understand why she would make this statement (virtue signaling aside)…. the statement just makes her look foolish and makes me NOT want to see anything she participates in.

    3. Exactly what I was thinking thinking .she lost major points with that comment

    4. Bull Buchanan

      You think that capitalism is there only economic model in which people earn money for labor?

      1. David Von Raesfeld

        It’s the only economic model that keeps the actress employed, and making movies. Otherwise she would not get paid for making movies. If she has other means of income, then good for her. But when it comes to acting, taking money for her acting, and her movies being sold to be viewed by the public, then she is using a capitalistic economic system to earn her living.

    5. Christ was a Bernie Bro

      Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the vast majority of artists and creative people have always been leftists. kinda goes hand in hand and nobody ever said leftists have to be poor.

  5. Daniel Lawrence

    I don’t even know why this is being talked about and I don’t know why people are questioning why she didn’t take the role. It appears that the Spike Lee role and the Marvel movie were happening at the same time. She was already contracted to star in the Spike Lee TV show so she had to turn down the Marvel gig. This happens to actors and actresses all the time. You can’t be in two places at once so you have to pick a project.

    1. Cee Betterchoice

      Agreed, actors do it all the time. Does the author even know about the acting profession?

  6. BOB

    Movie actor replacements for part 2,3 and possibly 4 is why I stopped watching Batman/Spiderman/Superman. Every year, it’s a different friggin actor!! When you cast an actor, you sign a contract for possible sequals or there’s no contract!

    1. CD

      So they shouldn’t work at all just in case of sequels? Or they can’t choose to be done with the character? This is a woman essentially no on me has heard of, who was contracted to play a different part in a tv show, that interferes with her playing the character. And she is so arrogant that she thinks there are endless possibilities for her, so she doesn’t play the same kind of character twice. This doesn’t seem like a great loss to me.

      1. Cee Betterchoice

        It’s a scheduling conflict
        Happens all the time.

  7. Joe

    You don’t get it. Its all about how hot Brie Larson is. Period…..

  8. Bobo





    … Shattered

    Future Shattered

  9. Mary

    She should come back asap

  10. Kita

    She’s against capitalism??? O-k, lol

    Note to self… do not watch her movies as she doesn’t want to make money… I think???

    1. Cee Betterchoice

      Overreacting to a throwaway line. Famous actors have said far sillier things.

      1. Nick

        I am personally sick of people complaining abour capitalism while getting rich from it. Damn virtue signalling

        1. Cee Betterchoice

          As I said before. You’re overreacting. Calm down.

  11. Max Sierra

    Perhaps she should be Captain Marvel. I’m not sure any of the Avengers could make the jump from being a pilot to hating capitalism. That’s some impressive gymnastics right there.

  12. Doesn’t believe in capitalism..what a naive dimwit..what’s the old saying…youth is wasted on the young

  13. Will

    Actor. Female actors are called actors. As in “that actor has a flat ass.” Actor.

    And its attendant, not stewardess…in case u missed that too.

    1. Ted

      “Lady actor” or “actress” are both acceptable (and recognized by the Academy and SAG).

      1. Chris is here

        Soooo, chick is out?

  14. Glen

    Again Captain Marvel – is supposed to be a MAN !
    Enough with the break it to fix it bad crud…..
    Heroes are supposed to be GOOD role models

    1. Brie Larson
      Niki Minaj

    2. Chris is here

      Wrong comic. Marvell was the guy. Marvel was the woman.

  15. Not feeling the agreement about our captain marbles being replaced Mr. No let me go She’s Captain Marvel whats happening ! nooo cry emogi

  16. Sudo

    DeWanda Wise said all those quotes not Brie Larson

  17. She

    Yes, she extremely talented and beautiful! She would be a great choice.

  18. C. A. Day

    Can’t say since I was happy with the finished product so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  19. Joseph White

    An actress saying she’s against capitalism while taking thousands if not millions of dollars for a role is hypocritical to her ideals in itself, but can please someone explain to me how being against capitalism means that she refuses to take the same role more than once? What does playing a pilot twice have to do with capitalism?

  20. Rudy

    Doesn’t anyone remember Ms Marvel from the 80’s comic books? Not that ridiculous stretchy girl from the cartoons. I’m also not really familiar with Bree Larson’s Capt Marvel. Oh well. Guess I’ll just continue to be disappointed by these live-action movies.

    1. Chris is here

      Carol Denver was captain marvel until she lost her powers to Rogue many years ago.

  21. It should have stayed with the original character….
    Marvel’s change’s history and throw’s of the original fan base….. so the legacy’s of marvel’s wondrous history is too tainted to hold the attention of future generations……
    Stick to the script…….

    1. Chris is here

      Denver first appeared in the 60s. She has been around for a while. Marvell was the guy.

  22. Ill Will

    Why do white guys hate Brie Larson so much?

  23. A. Rodriguez

    I would prefer to see Brie Larson. Let’s stop the musical chairs nonsense. I am beginning to get worn out about the Marvel and DC superhero universe. It is becoming to muddled and with the deaths of several keys characters it is less interesting now.

  24. BoDuke

    How to tell everyone you’re a fool without saying it.
    “I’m sorry, I don’t believe in capitalism”
    While working in a union job and receiving a high above average wage. If you wasn’t doing it for the money then you’d donate everything above national average and live off that exclusively. I’d bet my next paycheck she’s not living a $15 an hour lifestyle. Just another Hollywood hypocrite.

  25. She is the1st Captain Marvel and she did great in that role ! It is just stupid to put a new actress to replace her , which it will not be the same at all ! Marvel MCU screwed up again on another franchise to satisfy a very small minority who did like her politics or blog remarks!!!🤣🇺🇲

  26. Heywood Jablome

    Did she just say she doesn’t believe in *capitalism*? How tf does she get paid??

    Is this real life?

  27. Lucille

    This stinks, I love the Captain Marvel movie, and there’s nothing wrong with either the lead or supporting actresses. This is ridiculous, the male fans talk about the length of Captain Marvel’s hair, whether it’s long or short, really? Idiots.

    Both actresses need Scarlett Johansson’s attorney.

  28. Dolly

    Shame on the Brie Larson haters. White men don’t like her because she’s a strong, outspoken feminist. Love her in the role and loved the first Captain Marvel movie!!! I’m all for strong female characters. If you don’t like her don’t go to the movies she’s in . Simple! I agree this article was confusing,

  29. Mar (They/Them)


  30. Laura Peterson

    I love her as Capt. Marvel! I am not sure that I would be excited about seeing the next movie if I found out that she was replaced.

  31. J.R.

    There’s a reason why greed is one of the dead,y sins! How wonder exactly how much do these people need!! Movie tickets are ridiculous, if you include popcorn and soda, you near need totake out abank loan! Theve jacked the price on comic books ! When I first started collecting they were $.50 now thier like $5/$8 a pop!. I used to collect 15 titles. I now collect nothing!. Im quite sure replacing the young lady as to do with money! They get these people who know nothing about comics and even less about the character! Marvel has had a big shake up too ( new managment…go figuer) I think when they hire people they look at the price tag and not the product! Didnt Scarllet Johanson have problems with them too! Sometime being a good leader is knowing when to leave things alone! Marvel/Disney/Time Warrner/ talibahan or who evers in charge owns the company feels like Ive got to do SOMETHING orr they’ll ask why did we hier you? The answer should always be because I know whar Im doing! Like I said Scarlet Johansen had problemms with them Terrence Howard had problems with them…are you begining to see a trend??.

  32. MDz

    Nothing to do with race. What’s the point?

  33. Mark

    “I don’t believe in capitalism”…says the person making millions in a capitalist system. What the hell does capitalism have to do with repeating a role anyway? What a weird and stupid comment.

  34. Carla

    The original actress should be playing the rule

  35. Give us Brie Larson for Cpt Marvel or not going to see someone nor anyone else in her role!!!
    What a major screw up by someone!!!!!

    1. Justin

      Read the article, it wasn’t about Brie Larson leaving, it was about the lady playing her friend.

  36. John

    Ok, I’m a bit confused (as are several others on here apparently) but if I’m not mistaken, when wandavision and the other MCU tv series started popping up, the powers that be said don’t expect the tv series to tie into the movies as they’re two different mediums. The Movies have their timeline, and likewise the tv series would have their own timeline and never the two trains shall meet.

    I prefer Brie Larson as Captain Marvel IMO

  37. Sadhur

    Replace the communist making money off capitalism.

  38. Moe

    Bring Brie Larson back as Captin Marvel , at the least give her one more chance
    Again her expressions are the bomb 💣

    1. Justin

      Read the article, it wasn’t about Brie Larson leaving, it was about the lady playing her friend.

  39. Donnie Bob

    I like it just the way it was / IS … Saw Captain Marvel 3X & loved it all 3X … Rambeau’s character was great – the actress especially – disappointed she is out … Definitely a foe of “over Intellectualization”

  40. Donnie Bob

    PS – If they replace Brie Larson – I’m OUT 🙃

  41. Peeps

    Awwww. Too bad so sad for you crazy lady.

    1. Peeps

      Oops. Sorry, I thought this was about Amber Heard. Nevermind.

  42. Babs

    Brie is excellent, stop the political bs. She earned her role!

  43. Mark

    Hey she played the variant captain marvel in multiverse of madness so at least she played in another marvel movie. The person playing her daughter will be in the marvels so she should be happy for that.

  44. Ben

    This article couldn’t have made less sense, even if it was written by an inanimate object. The writer is l completely inept.

    1. Bobo

      Hey, I respect you for confessing that you were the inept writer, though

  45. Marco

    Wow you guys realize your talking about two different characters, the article was about Monica Rambo (sorry I know I spelled it wrong) not Captian Marvel or Bri Larson.

  46. JustTerri

    First: The way this article was written is atrocious. Second: People in the comments don’t even know wtf they’re talking about and look incredibly stupid. Average marvel fans.

    1. Justin

      Agreed, and sorry to the actress and the role, but Monica Rambeau being recast doesn’t “shatter” the MCU >.<

      1. Justin

        Sorry, Lambeau

  47. Sarah

    This is such a poorly written piece. Has potential but the thought process does not flow!

  48. Red

    She’s nude in the spike movie and MCU said nope

  49. All I know is Brie Larson should be a regular.

  50. Amanda P.

    All the capitalism talk 🙄 Ummmm so no one has noticed these are two different actresses the article is referencing in the wrong roles all together?!. Dewanda Wise stars in She’s gotta have it and Jurassic World. Lashanda Lynch is Ms. Marvel/Maria Rambeau. So I’m guessing it was suppose to be written up as Wise turned the role completely i.e Lynch played her. It seemd to imply that she took it but had to leave the role due to her show contract. 😕 or was that only my understanding? Which was obviously not the case. So where are these quotes coming from? Before we decide to jump or judge someone based of a non referenced article try your own reserch sometimes. Weird poorly written referenced articles starting such nasty convos smh.

    1. Amanda

      Correcting myself I just went back and reread it again. The layout is a Lil tricky for the eyes but I do see the mention on Dewanda Wise now. Still think it’s weird the wording of the article with no references or personal interview confirmed for quotes. Again not going to judge based off a poorly written internet article. Obviously she participates in capitalism. That’s what the movie industry is ….Greed is good.. 😆

  51. Joshua

    As pointless and stupid as this article is, the line from that absolute moron “I don’t believe in capitalism” takes the cake. I can’t imagine how broken her brain is that she thinks taking to pilot character acting gigs back to back is “capitalism” but not the general part where she’s in Hollywood making money.

  52. Denae

    “I don’t believe in capitalism” lol.

  53. I do not thank she need to be replaced from Diane

  54. Moose

    It makes me sick when these movie companies make moves like this without thinking about US the people that pay for the tickets,the streaming of these movies and series. We begin to luv these characters and anticipate their return BAM they are replaced. I’m done with all of them I’m not spending my money on these arrogant companies who give not one crap about the people that put the big bucks in their pockets! Yes you too DISNEY done with you also!!!!!

  55. Jae

    I do think Wise would have been a better fit in the film overall. No shade the woman playing Monica seemed out of place, like it was a last minute casting. Parris was also a good choice for the show but for some reason I can’t see her in a film as that character.

  56. Keys

    What an incoherent mess. Absolutely pointless.

  57. Scott Brand

    Brie, is the one of my favorite actresses for that part I would stop watching it if she is taken out.

  58. Shar

    Confusing article. It’s not cohesive & we never know who the author is referring to.

    It sounds like the original Lambeau was salty that she couldn’t play the role due to another contractural agreement, then played it off that she’s actually glad she didn’t get the role because she “doesn’t believe in capitalism or repeating roles”. Then why are you an actor? Makes zero sense.

    1. ben

      She didn’t know the word to use, by the way, she said it she meant capitalizing not capitalism. You know. Do a big role and use that to springboard to other things. But of course, we have 100+ triggered, under-educated folks, making comments. heh

  59. S1

    Once I become the prime minister of the United States, i will take over Disney and make it great again. B

  60. ben

    This actress and most of the folks making comments should learn the diff between capitalism and capitalizing … SMH. And the MAGA folks in here with the “woke this or woke that” comments and the comments about leaving America.

    Maybe some of y’all need that college education to actually understand the diff … this actress needs a few lessons as well on what words to use.

  61. Jose Smit

    These movies are crap. Any opinion on them is a waste of thought and energy. Any time spent making or watching one is a wate of resources. I did not read this article. Didn’t need to. Its crap.

  62. Why replace Brie she is perfect for the role. If she gets replaced. I’ll stop watching any more captain marvel movies.

  63. ty

    I have no idea what I just read.

  64. Mason

    If she doesn’t believe in capitalism she should move to a communist country like China, North Korea, Vietnam , or Cuba.

    1. Cb

      Or Russia 😂

  65. Meh

    “…I don’t believe in capitalism.” Well done, actor I’m not familiar with. Capitalism is real, whether you believe in it or not. Also, the earth is round, the climate changes, platypus do exist and man did land on the moon.

  66. CJ Jones

    Of course she belongs in Marvel!!!

  67. Ava

    This article is so poorly written it barely makes sense. Embarrassing.

  68. Suz

    Ms Lynch did a wonderful job as Maria Rambeau . While I enjoyed Ms. Wise’s other performances nothing positive can be gained from these speculations. After all Tom Sellect was nova able to get released by Magnum PI to do Indiana Jones. But Harrison Ford is iconic.

  69. Jokes

    Why does everyone keep saying she was replaced, when she recently said she is hear fir the long-haul. For me, happy to hear it!!!


    Actors that can’t speak intelligently without a script should avoid interviews. It damages their non capitalistic brand

  71. Clarissa

    This article is GARBAGE!!! It’s all over the place and I had to stop reading it.. smh

  72. Tal S.

    This article is confusing and really doesn’t reveal anything meaningful. Is Brie Larson being replaced as Captain Marvel? Is she being removed/eliminated entirely? Is Lynch being replaced as Rambeau? No? Then what is this article even about?

  73. scott

    after being a fan of the original marvel comic- disney marvel destroyed all my favorite superheroes, its all trash now.

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