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crowds at magic kingdom

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  1. Andy

    I think you meant to say that the current Disney management just wants to bilk people, not build, (ie, out of as much money as possible).

    You don’t have a friend in Disney!

    1. AH

      Probably autocorrect. Cannot tell you how many times my posts have been changed that way.

  2. Eric L Erickson

    I could have sworn that the ENTIRE reason for the Park Reservation System was for “crowd control” in the parks — based upon what I’m seeing here, it is NOT WORKING AT ALL!!!

  3. Jen

    We went the week before Memorial Day and it was much busier than Spring Break 2019. We tried all the tricks, 7:00 a.m. lightning lane, rope drop 45 minutes early at Magic Kingdom, extended evening hours for staying at Beach Club, early morning dining reservations. The best luck we had was Animal Kingdom where we got early LL for Na’vi and early ILL for FOP, then were able to stack LL for most of the other rides except Kilimanjaro. Also enjoyed park hopping to Epcot for dinner. The rest of it was just stressful and exhausting, stayed glued to my phone most of the time thanks to LL. Won’t be back anytime soon. Also, if you’re from a cold climate like we are in Alaska, don’t go in May, it was on the brink of hell.

  4. JT

    The first night they offered the open all night event in 2013 it was a MADHOUSE!! I was so afraid I was going to lose track of my family because it was just should to shoulder PEOPLE. They really should limit the access to each park for saftey esp with Covid cases still running high….

    1. Linda Marie Gonzalez

      How awful! Disney is supposed to be fun not dangerous. I’m so glad nobody got hurt!

  5. anna

    it is possible to walk to the parking lot by taking the walkway over to the big white hotel on the water (Grand Floridian) and then continue to walk from there to the parking lot. it is a very long walk but just know it is possible. The walk over to the Grand Floridian was made possible only recently and a nice wide walkway, very safe well lit.

  6. Gerry Catanzano

    Christine McCarthy, if you are listening, YOUR SYSTEM is not working!!! Go back to the old system. Controlling Park Attendance is proving to be a disaster!

  7. Kathy

    I won’t go back to any Disney park while this insanity is going on. Chapek’s contract is up in a year and a half. Hope he gets the boot.

  8. Linda Marie Gonzalez

    Disney’s greed is causing people to never want to visit again. As someone who has been in a losing legal battle with Disney over their despicable treatment of people with autism I can tell you Disney only cares about money. I pray everyday for a rival park to open or for Virtual reality parks to open and put greedy Disney out of business. Their new park ticketing policies are making it unaffordable for poor or lower middle class people to afford. It has become a park for the rich. Very sad as I remember going to Disney in the 70s when it wasn’t overcrowded and fun.

  9. Larry

    Was there in March same insanity!! Wont go back until they make it a fun place to visit again. Not worth the aggravation don’t waste your money!!!!!

  10. Teresa

    Been to WDW 12 times. Never saw it this bad. And the park reservation system is in place to mitigate crowds? Ha ha ha! WDW needs to immediately implement lower capacity limits at each park. These vids present an extremely unsafe environment. I feel for folks with kids trying to navigate this horror. Disney is all about profit now, and they could care less about the guest experience. We first saw a major change for the worse in Spring 2019 with huge crowds, deteriorating bus service and the inability to get on rides. And this was BEFORE they implemented the horrible system they now have for reserving ride times! Our last visit was still with the Fast Pass system and it was bad!
    I’m just thankful my earlier WDW visits were magical because I doubt that feeling will ever return. WDW used to be great and I was able to enjoy it then. Now it’s sheer madness at an astronomical price!

  11. Mike

    It’s almost like these people are new to Disney. Ill never get why people rush to leave the park like this righg when the fireworks end. Anyone even remotely experienced with WDW knows you hang back, and find somewhere to sit for about half an hour and then slowly head to the gates. We usually find a spot on the river in Frontieland and wait for the exiting crowds to thin out.

    1. Annie

      Read the replies. Everyone there that night is saying that the cast members formed a physical line to prohibit further entry into the park, and forced everyone out at the same time. Apparently there was another event about to start, so everyone had to leave directly after fireworks from what I’m reading.

  12. Ray

    I was there almost 20 years ago with my kids. Never again.

  13. CS

    We did Christmas day 2017 at The Magic Kingdom. As we sat up in Cinderella’s having lunch the park hit it’s pre-covid capacity of 100,000 guests…this was at 1pm. Needless to say we stayed put and had another dessert and coffee.

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