Comments for Cast Member Devours Guest’s Birthday Cupcake In Front of Entire Restaurant

cast member eats cupcake in front of guest


  1. Kevin Mulcahy

    I promise I don’t have a cupcake eating problem…

    1. Diane Seidel

      Too Funny!!

  2. Chuck S

    That is absolutely hysterical.

  3. Karen

    Guests beware of cast members and their “jokes”. I read yesterday when they tell you to have a “magical day”, they are saying “F**k you” to your face! They are laughing at you, not with you! Who can blame them? Disney and guests treat them badly!!!

    1. Vinnie

      You are correct but the phrase is not have a magical day it’s “have a Disney Day”

    2. Diane Seidel


  4. Peter

    They did the same thing to me, except it was all the wait staff singing to me. As they were singing, they were leaning in towards me. I was wondering what was going on. As soon as they hit the last note, they ALL dug into my dessert. I never laughed so hard. They waitress then brought me a dessert. Hey it’s a rowdy place and I love it. Just don’t ask for ketchup.

    1. Beverly

      What happens if you ask for ketchup? My kids love it.

      1. Nicole

        They will bring you ALL the ketchup in the restaurant… which you will then have to redistribute when you are finished. It is cute. It is a fun place. Molly from Allears.net on YouTube did this in her YouTube video review of this restaurant.

  5. Dave

    I’d love to go there just to watch the various Karen’s have a meltdown when the servers commit their shennanigans

    1. Puckles

      I’d love to go to watch the jackhole WHITE PRIVILEGED MALES.

    2. Bryan

      I belive I saw in another video that they ask you if you are fine with us doing crazy things, ir something like that.

  6. Diane Seidel

    This is all so funny!!

  7. Julian H

    So Funny – Now that was magical. He made the cupcake disappear.

    Lets hope he can do it to Chapek too.

  8. Terri

    We ate at Whispering Canyon when my daughter was younger. She was on her phone talking to her boyfriend back home. The waiter asked who she was talking to, and when he found out, he dragged my daughter’s chair across the restaurant (with her in it) and put her in the corner! It was hilarious!

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