Comments for Former Cast Member Bashes Disney Parks For Adding More ‘Lightyear’ Than ‘Encanto’

Left: Mirabel in Disney's 'Encanto.' Right: Buzz Lightyear in Pixar's 'Lightyear.'


  1. Ranking people

    This is what we call the victim totem pole. It’s the same reason they want to re-theme Splash Mountain to Tiana, who has no place in that area of the park or on a mountain-themed attraction, instead of Pocahontas, who would at least make sense. Gays aren’t at the top, but they’re higher than Hispanics, and blacks are higher than native Americans.

  2. Rox

    I assume it’s about potential toy sales. They may expect to sell more toys of a character in a cool space suit ( non culturally specific) than a character in an ethnic costume.

  3. We don't talk about facts

    Except a) Encanto is NOT as popular as Frozen, nor is its merchandise and b) aside from the Mirabel Meet & Greet, there’s the nightly Bruno song & light projection show at DL and Encanto was added to the Main Street Electrical Parade. Lightyear has gotten one character meet. Think Encanto is winning in that comparison.

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