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George Lucas Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Walt

    Commence with the pandering!

    No but really, won’t be long now till somebody drops a comment about how wonderful Kenobi was and how everyone liked it…

    Apparently it sucked, even more so than Rise of Skywalker and that’s saying a lot!

    1. Dan

      It was a weird combination of the character assassination from TLJ and the nonsensical plot twists from RoS. Honestly, I loved Rogue One, but I’ve given up on SW at this point. I waited my entire adult life to finally see my childhood hero be the master Jedi, and what I got was the humiliation of watching him milk a space lizard like a cow and then down the green jizz with a spiteful stare into the camera like, “what? You want more? I can make you wish you never watched Star Wars.” so after that, I really am numb to this stuff.

    2. Barclaybass

      Um, no it did not suck at all.
      Maybe try watching something before commenting on it moron.

      1. Dilldo Daggins

        Yeah watched it, yeah it didn’t suck it blew, it was terrible, the acting, the writing, the so called story…the anti-women assault in all the episodes (you are just a brain washed stan if you think the only way to make women seem awesome is to make sure every male in the universe is an inept fool you are anti-women period). The massive plot holes it opened, the way it claims to resolve non plotholes that already had answer in the original media. Lets see ruined Leia, ruined Vader, ruined ObiWan – hid behind calling everybody racist even though Reva was the least of the shows problems. Lets see cheap special effects, making ObiWan seem like a creepy groomer…I could go on but I have a life….just know the show was beyond terrible and you are a clown for defending it.

    3. jp

      rots waa the best star wars movie ever made. so yeah ill take more of that please. your opinion is stupid.

    4. CraxyD

      Mir’osik neckbearded toxic fans that think they know Star Wars better. Hey all had a script in their heads that the show deviated from so now they’re all shebs’aalar

  2. Mechafx

    The show never got past that “made for SyFy Network” feel. It literally had that level of production quality to it. I don’t know if it bombed, but it certainly didn’t rise up to expectations. Disney is a multi billion dollar corporation so you’d think the show’s production level would reflect that. The contradictory storyline didn’t help either. Why can’t the writers stay within bounds of canon? This new age culture has to change everything around, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Past history means absolutely nothing to them.

  3. Myunsername

    FOUR comments on Twitter is hardly Star Wars exploding…another clown “article” by the laziest hacks on the internet. Bravo for being consistent!

    1. Not the same

      Most of us wrote Disney Wars off years ago.

  4. kurt

    I don’t have Disney+ but I would still like to watch it.
    Then I can make up my OWN mind!

  5. S1

    When Disney gets trust busted and broken up by Capitol Hill in the near future, Lucasfilm will be taken away from them and George is first in line to get it back. Nobody will miss Disney ownership of Lucasfilm or Star Wars in the parks.

    1. GARRETT


      1. Backcountry164

        It’s called sellers remorse. He obviously didn’t know they were going to destroy it when he sold it to them. He’s literally compared it to selling your children to white slavers…

      2. S1

        I stand by what I said. He will be first in line to get it back after it’s taken away from Disney. If he doesn’t want it, his kids are next in line. Disney’s days of owning Lucasfilm along with Marvel, ABC, ESPN, Pixar, the Muppets, and everything else Crooked Bob bought are numbered.

    2. GARRETT

      Also, in regards to a trust: “a large company that has or attempts to gain monopolistic control of a market”
      That is NOT Disney. Why? Because they now own marvel and star wars? Please. That’s gaining a hold on the market, not eliminating competition.

      1. S1

        That absolutely IS Disney. Disney is a monopoly and WILL be broken up. Disney needs to learn its place in the world and stay there. What is Disney’s place in the world? Nothing but an animation studio with some theme parks governed by four simple words: “What would Walt do?” The same words they were governed by after his death and after I seize Disney in a hostile takeover, will be again. I will keep Disney frozen in the 20th century where it belongs, even if it means keeping it stuck in 1966.

        1. Scott

          If they weren’t broken up after buying Fox they aren’t going to be. They aren’t even the largest film studio in Hollywood. Or at the very least JUST became so ahead of Warner. You don’t have to worry about Disney breaking up any time soon. Not happening, they don’t have a monopoly in anything

          1. S1

            They already ARE in the process of being broken up, boy. I have connections and know these things. Amy Klobuchar will take away Marvel, Lucasfilm, ABC, Pixar, and everything else they bought. I’ve also bet a large amount of money on Disney being broken up and will be rolling in the dough. ALL the media giants are getting broken up. Disney is a monopoly and I speak for Congress as a veteran. And when the media giants get broken up, order will be restored in Hollywood with the return of the old Studio System and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ruling the movies again as Louis B. Mayer’s dream factory that made The Wizard of Oz and other classics.

  6. Mickey

    The writers literally admitted to not having seen the movies & animated series.
    Obi Wan saw the footage of Anakin slaughtering younglings AND BOWING BEFORE DARTH SIDIOUS at the end of Ep. III. This entire show’s conception goes directly against basic cannon. Idk how Disney could possibly do worse, but they never cease to surprise 🙂

  7. Obi-Wan Won

    C’mon Grow up and quit the petty whinging!

    It was a great show and, even for an original fan who saw the first film in the drive through in 1978 and has watched everything they’ve done, I would say the season finale is some of the best Star Wars ever, period. Some of the best live-action lightsaber battling ever. Peak Vader. Amazing little Leia. So much good stuff, and so little patience for the haters.

    Some people just want to complain no matter what, and it is why Star Wars fans have such a bad rep for being whiny nerds obsessing about unimportant details while missing out on the opportunity to enjoy the ride. It is Star Wars, not Shakespeare… just enjoy it, or move along already.

    1. GARRETT

      Plain and simple, Star Wars fans ruined Star Wars.

      1. Travis

        So true. Biggest group of babies ever!! They think whining will somehow reverse a 4bil$ transaction. Why can’t they just be glad their beloved franchise is still going strong (or, in their opinion, weak)? I’m a huge Godzilla fan and am not loving the newest films, but I was born in ’97 and never got to see a Godzilla film in theaters until 2019’s KOTM. I’m grateful my favorite franchise won’t die any time soon, and that should be good enough for bratty star wars fans.

        1. GARRETT

          You speak truth Travis. 👍

        2. Scott

          You can say that with virtually every Godzilla film being trash after gojira. It never had towering heights achieved and you are a zoomer that hasn’t experienced much. Some day you will find yourself on the bratty star wars fan’s side of the fence about something. It is inevitable. Unless you are the type that doesn’t have standards and likes everything. Then you deserve all the crap you will receive from it.

      2. Backcountry164

        If someone else’s opinion ruins something for you, then you are obviously a far bigger baby than that person. Why would you ever come onto the internet if you’re so easily butt hurt??

      3. Dilldo Daggins

        Yes, its been the fans putting out bad media for the last decade, all those terrible fan films crapping on cannon and a beloved franchise and its heros have ruined Star Wars, it clearly hasnt been agenda driven drivel being pumped out by the giant hypocrites over at Disney that only care to make edits to your taste if you are a member of the CCP, being in bed with one of the most racist regimes in the world while calling their fan base racist for pointing out they made a crap product.

    2. Dan

      Unimportant? lul

      Basic continuity isn’t unimportant.

    3. Dilldo Daggins

      One you claim to be an older fan but then call it a drive through and not a drive in theater it pretty quickly exposes you as a gen Z schill, nice try though.

  8. Mr White

    Hiring SJWs instead of writers who have even done the basics of watching the PT and OT films. Utterly bizarre, but as long they can push Kathleen Kenndy’s agenda to ruin every male hero in Star Wars its fine.

    These hacks didn’t even have continuity within the series let alone the rest of the cannon.

    “Somehow” every dark side user no longer dies.

    1. Travis


      1. Backcountry164

        Why don’t you just stop after “waaaaah” since that’s all you’ve actually had to say on this entire comment section??

      2. Dilldo Daggins

        Star Wars has always had women and non-white actors your ignorant nitwit. The difference was there was a time they were well written and engaging, that time passed about the time they gave KK the helm.

      3. Scott

        Yeah, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams and Samuel Jackson are three of the most popular actors associated with the franchise. It has nothing to do with that. Lmao

  9. Bill Ho

    None of this ever happened Star wars ended with the prequels. I reject disney star wars. I reject disney to. I cancelled my membership.

    1. Ken Obie

      bye felicia

  10. Dan

    No. I hated this series. The writing was incongruous with the OT and the Prequels, which made it feel like the character assassination done to Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. The timing of events in this series is just ludicrous. In 10 years, Obi-wan forgets how to be a Jedi and then poof! He’s OP and owning Vader like his personal ragdoll? How is Reva chasing Luke on Tattooine at the same time Obi-wan is on the refugee ship? Are there no tie fighters on Vader’s star destroyer? This is TLJ idiotic chase contrivance all over again. The choreography was the worst part of this series. Just awful. Acting was fine. I would rather have seen a Reva solo series and left Obi-wan and the kids out of it. The final confrontation between Vader and Kenobi WAS cool, but ot just makes no sense being only 9 years before ANH. I continue to be baffled that Disney spends so much $$$ on these shows yet they are so painfully uneven. I understand a show being “for kids,” but there are hundreds of examples of Disney shows made for kids that aren’t so braindead, for example Aladdin (1992), Tangled (2010), Rogue One (2016), Phineas and Ferb, etc. There’s at least one scene in each episode of Obi-Wan that is objectively horrible, like an embarrassing low point in cinema (e. g., knocking out a stormtrooper with a face slap, or child Leia outrunning groan men actively trying not to catch her).

  11. Hillary Trump

    Who cares what the cancel culture thinks. These tweets are silly. It’s a perfect series. It sucks bring back George. It felt rushed. This should have been a movie and it would have made a billion dollars. All we have learned from the pandemic is that everyone in America thinks they have a voice that needs to be heard. In real life, nobody cares what Steve from Any State USA has to say.

  12. Lynne

    From beginning to end……..there were good and bad parts, as in any movie/series.
    No matter what any franchise produce there will always be the Nick pickers, the “I hated it” brigades. On the plus side there’s always the “ I loved it” brigade.
    As for myself I enjoyed it, not exactly what I expected, but none the less it was enjoyable. I loved the ending, when Qui-Gon appeared, but then I’m a bit biased as I love Qui-Gon.
    The one thing I feel was miss placed was the iconic “Hello there”. I know some people won’t agree with me, maybe some will. It felt bland, with no meaning or comedic intones.
    Just feel there could have been a better situation created for Obi-Wan to say his iconic line.
    Something in the same vain as, the scene in the clone wars where Obi-Wan drops from a high spot in front of Grievous and says “ Hello there”!
    Maybe I’m asking for too much, perhaps I am……just my thoughts, I don’t mind comments, but please be respectful….thank you.

  13. Backcountry164

    Star wars is just content for Disney plus now. They will vomit out as much as they can as quickly as possible. If they’re lucky they’ll have a surprise hit here or there but if not, no one at Disney is going to care. All they want is lots of stuff for thier subscribers to scroll through. So expect more lazy slop from people who literally could not care less about Star Wars.

  14. We need to stop looking at each show as an isolated thing. Disney is releasing 1 “show” at a time. They have different names and focus on different characters or time periods, but they’re all in the same universe.

    So I just look at each new series as another chunk of a bigger show called “Star Wars”

    Just cause they only committed to 6 episodes of kenobi and left some threads loose, doesn’t mean they won’t pick up a few threads in Andor or Ahsoka or some other show.

    I viewed the book of Boba Fett as just another season of the Mandalorian.

    George Lucas needs to stay away from Star Wars. I dont really care what he thinks of any of the new material. He screwed up with the prequels and if he wanted to complete his vision he should have done it 20 years ago, but he futzed around with specual editions and other crap. A big franchise like that can’t be just one man’s vision. He lost control of the property when he decised to take his merry ole time…

    Plus! he sold it. He got his money and He’s got no more rights to an opinion than any other fan anymore.

    How would you feel if you bought a house and the people that used to live there show up every few months to tell you they don’t like your choice if blinds and they never intended for there to be Shrubs on the east side of the lawn?

    1. S1

      Excuse me but the prequels are masterpieces and if you’re not loyal to Lucas, you’re not a real Star Wars fan. This is why gatekeeping is necessary. It’s time for Star Wars to end completely as a franchise. And it’s Krazy Kathleen who needs to stay away from Hollywood and that commie should be on a revived Hollywood Blacklist.

      1. jeff

        “the prequels are masterpieces and if you’re not loyal to Lucas, you’re not a real Star Wars fan” …

        Wrong. I was 6 when the OT came out. Saw each of them in the theater. The prequels were terrible in just about ever conceivable way. Those movies are what happens when you have too many ‘yes men’ in the room.

        1. S1

          I’m sorry but no you’re not a real fan. The prequels are masterpieces and I’m ordering you to admit it as a military man. Congress says the prequels are masterpieces and I look forward to the day prequel haters are arrested and subjected to Room 101 style torture.

  15. Jan

    Lots of cry babies in the comments. The show wasn’t great but still was entertaining and overall good. The last episode had some outstanding moments.

  16. The Baconator

    Come on mate. Stop spouting crap. The series was phenomenonal and the only people who don’t agree are a small minority who have already decided that they hate Disney Star Wars

  17. John

    I’m no Disney fan but I have enjoyed the Mandalorian, Book of Boba Fett and ObiWan Kenobi. So many whiners among Star Wars fans. Always whining. I loved the last ObiWan episode! Great job! I’m 61 years old and Iwas there for the start. Now it all feels complete!

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