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A modern Brightline train with a yellow and black design parked outside a maintenance workshop under a clear blue sky near the Disney Brightline Station.

Credit: Brightline


  1. Ray Lesplatte

    I will not use Brightline until their safety record gets better. It’s the deadliest train in the USA.

    1. Michael

      How is a train supposed to not run over idiots that stand in front of it? I have sympathy for those who died but for 100% of all the deaths the fault is in the people not the train. The train isn’t jumping off the tracks to chase and run down people and the bright flashing lights and horns should be enough to warn that a train is coming.

    2. Anil

      It’s not Brightline, it’s peoples bad choices in south FL. They are not patient so they try to beat the train. They commit suicide ect. The train does not go off the tracks and chase people.

      1. Heidi Clair

        Then why does Brightline have so many more fatalities per mile than other trains?

        Maybe sending high speed trains whizzing through downtown of densely populated areas isn’t a good idea.

        1. Michael

          Again, the trains are not killing people, people are killing themselves through their own choices. The trains go through densely populated areas because that’s the point of a train to go go through where there are lots of people. We can argue that there should be more safety improvements but it’s not the trains fault.

        2. Hector Blanco

          Funny you say that. Motorcycles and cars whizz by on the streets everyday. Yet people have LEARNED to obey common sense traffic rules to avoid death. It should not be any different with traffic rules on obeying train traffic.

    3. Bill

      Why not just make sure drivers are observing railroad crossing gates the railroad’s not killing people people are killing themselves when they drive around the gates

    4. Stephen

      It’s funny how you don’t say anything about Sunrail in Orlando? They have had fatalities also!

  2. O Resident

    More importantly, Brightline will have a proper connection to the entire region via a connection with Sun Rail at the Meadow Woods station, connecting the region to the rest of Florida, thereby combating climate change and improving mobility in the region. Who cares about theme parks.

    1. JH

      This is why Disney is making a mistake. It’s not the tourists that matter but the workers. A Brightline/SunRail station at Disney would have provided their workers with an alternative to driving to work.

  3. TF

    Is this another battle in DeSantis war with Disney?
    Why did the route change?

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