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  1. We had a similar experience in rise of the resistance. Broke down 3 times while we were in line. Not cool

    1. Puckles

      Shut up, kaRen.

  2. Sadly disappointed in DW

    We recently visited DW and it seemed everyday a ride or two was down or malfunctioning. Post COVID Disney is not the same fun, happy place it used to be. In the past you never heard employees complaining and this trip at least once a day I overheard employees complaining. They have made it complicated and nickel and diming their customers to death. Which is really $50 and $100ing with their prices. Our last bill was paying for parking at the property for $15 a day which we were never told until we were emailed the bill. Why wasn’t this included in the price of staying on the hotel which had increased by $1000 from we had originally booked in 2020 that we had to change to a lower value property. We have visited Disney 8 times in 10 years preCOVID. We now are not sure we will ever go back.

    1. AH

      Parking at the parks is now 25 per day or 175 for a week. All prices at wdw are way to much. 10yrs ago we stayed at Saratiga Springs and there was a $95 resort fee. I would hate to see what it is now.

      1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

        except, for the fact that you did not pay a resort fee for Saratoga Springs. There are no resort fees at any Disney resort.
        Parking at Walt Disney World is 25. and 40. for premium. Compare that to Universal 27/50 and Sea World 30/45
        So parking is cheaper at Disney.

      2. Chuck


    2. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      Disney makes clear the parking fee for resorts. They have had a resort parking fee since 2019. That is over 3 years. Nothing new here!

    3. Captain Obvious

      If you’ve been to Disney that often, you should know parking is extra. And it’s not included because some people fly in and use Disney transportation and don’t need to park a car.

  3. Two weeks ago, my family and I waited in line for 2½ hours to ride the “flight” ride. It’s definitely an awesome experience, but 2½ hours is way too long. We also had heard the announcement about the ride operating at a reduced capacity which was causing a longer wait. I was in a wheelchair so we couldn’t go back down the entrance. Love the ride, but won’t ever again take their word for how long the wait is.

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      2.5 hours is low. We have been going every few months since the attraction opened 5 years ago. I have waited over 5 hours for the ride at times. Consider yourself lucky.

      1. Julie

        I don’t consider it lucky to wait 2 1/2 hours. At spring break the posted wait times were way underestimated. We got to ride 3 rides in an entire day. That’s absurd!! Not worth going.

      2. Dan

        Who waits 5 hours for a ride. Go on bigger rides during fireworks. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to not queue longer than 30 minutes.

  4. CJ

    😅 what Ride, or Attraction, at WDW (and Disneyland, and DCA) doesn’t have a queue line that comes to a screeching hault no matter if you payed for Genie+ / Fast Pass? (come on, Bob Chapek doesn’t care as long as everyone keeps spending 💵’s – so stop going and visit somewhere else!)

  5. Rteker

    You’d think people would stop buying the worthless Lightning lane passes by now but nope as they prove the old adage; A fool and his money are soon parted.

  6. John De

    Just more problems created by Biden!

  7. Big Al

    I love all the entitlement just because you paid money you can complain and expect everything the way you want it, especially the person who shows up at Spring Break expecting to ride and not wait.

    Here is a suggestion, don’t go, stay home and watch all the magic on someone’s YouTube.

    There are plenty of us who still enjoy the Magic, don’t care about the wait, the cost, but there is one complaint from us, we would prefer you not there ruining our day.

  8. Carrol Gibbs

    I’m going next week for first time (I’m 68). I’ve been reading these comments and a little nervous now! I’m very excited to experience Disney and hope I’m not disappointed!!! I always wanted to take my children and grandkids!! My Grandaughter is taking me now!!!

    1. MMC

      Carrol! I know you are going to have a wonderful vacation with your granddaughter! Don’t worry about these comments. There is plenty to do and see at WDW. It is crowded but just relax and enjoy!

  9. Sue

    All you people that are complaining simply answer don’t go. Disney could care less about you let alone the cast members. There are far more better place to go . Disney is all about the $$$$$ but as long as people go and spend there hard earned money and wait in lines for some 3 min. for over 2 hrs. In the heat sone here then you are just plain crazy. But we like that you come down here and spend your money

  10. Max

    Disney World, they are abusing their customers, it is not possible that the lines are so long, slow, that in addition to paying extra at the tickets to enable Disney Genie, you have to make additional payments to be able to get on newer attractions and also at the time that they say. It’s abuse after abuse for visitors, they have to put a stop to it.

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