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joe rohde

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  1. Joe

    Yes Animal Kingdom needs to revamp Dinoland or just create a new section with at least 2 more family rides in that area- the Jungle book would be a great theme – Animal Kingdom is great however it’s about where Hollywood Studios was 8 years ago

  2. Marley

    Animal Kingdom lacks seating for resting or waiting, especially shade seating. Everything is so spaced out that you can’t just duck into a restaurant like at MK and even that seating (for small kiosks) is in the bright sun in the middle of summer. It would not surprise me if this was on purpose by Disney but in the increasing rising temps, this seems cruel.

    1. Kat

      You are correct that almost no quick service restaurants in AK have indoor seating – only Satu’uli cones to mind. And the shade is plentiful in some areas but feels like a humid jungle due to the plant choices in most of those areas. I get that the Africa section is more of the savannahs but it is very hot. And Asia has almost nowhere to sit except the amphitheater, which is in direct sunlight basically all day.

      1. Indoor

        Pizzafari and Restaurantosaurus both are indoor.

    2. Kim

      I think all outside waits for long ride lines should have shade.

  3. Kat

    AK needs to revamp the Dinoland area and update the kids’ rides. Na’vi River shouldn’t have a height requirement. It was meant to have a drop in it like Pirates, but since it doesn’t, it should be rated all ages like Small World.

  4. Concerned Fan

    Ak while the newest park it lacks what other parks have. Needs more rides for both adults and kids. More rest areas. Safari is all planned out and is not that impressive. You can go to Animal kingdom lodge area and always see more animals then you see on the safari.also has some of Walt’s ideas but not fully delivered.

  5. AK is the new EPCOT

    I like that it is a more adult park. It is closer to how EPCOT used to be than how EPCOT is now, with cheap IPs plastered over everything.

  6. Danny

    Busch Gardens Tampa does animals much better than AK.

  7. Kim

    I like that Bug’s Life is included in Animal Kingdom, and Lion King. Another commenter mentioned they could incorporate Junglebook, but there’s also Tarzan and Zootoopia. My daughter loves Zootopia. Both my daughters like Vivo a lot as well. I also like George of the Jungle. Those are some fun ideas they could incorporate, but when I look at Animal Kingdom I want to go there least out of all the parks. It would be cool to have Tinker Bell flying all around the Animal Kingdom too. My daughters are scared of the Avatar stuff, and the dinosaur ride looks too scary for them. We Can’t even go there because there’s only like 2 things we can all can do there. Whereas; at Epcot we all could do almost everything there, and even better there was something that sparked everyone’s interest: Test Track (cars), Frozen (princesses), aquarium, boat rides, Guardians of the Galaxy, Winnie The Pooh. I loved that we could all do mostly everything there.


      Animal Kingdom already had JungleBook and Tarzan live shows, both were great, better than Nemo, but they weren’t enclosed.

  8. Holly

    The safari is great for young kids, there is the train to the young kid area, 2 animal walks with cast members along the way to talk to folks, my 4 and 6 year old loved river ride.
    I will say Its tough to be a bug is the ONLY 3D movies my kids didn’t and still don’t like.
    Yea Animal Kingdom needs another area with more than one ride, hope fully NOT another coasts (tron & guardians & mine train) but for everyone like FOP

  9. dse

    Animal Kingdom is the the worst part in Walk Disney World. Even the water parks are much more fun and provide a more fulfilling experience.

  10. Al

    AK is a zoo. The last thing it needs are thrill rides. Once you start down that path, you wreck the place, like EPCOT.

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