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Disney's Animal Kingdom Entrance

Credit: Disney


  1. Cindy

    Tarzan was so much better. Looked forward to it. could watch it year after year. Nemo show is just people caring stick’s with stuff fish on them. All my brain sees is the man. Once in a life time was enough for me

    1. Laura

      I agree!

    2. Figment

      Your brain is small. Use imagination, friend.

    3. Melinda

      Yes I was one and done too

    4. Daniel

      Most of those types of attractions are for children with an imagination. So, if you aren’t a child..maybe you will see the truth. For them, it’s magical. Oh, and it’s spelled STUFFED.

    5. Brian Michaud

      I’m surprised this even re opened.The one and last time I went,I fell asleep. Horrible show.

  2. Nick

    During the pandemic, there was plenty of time to create a new show, not just rework a mediocre one.

    1. Jamie craze

      I think the new show would be good for animal kingdom. I feel that disney needs to be more concerned with fixing with that have like working on dinoland. They also need to bring back rivers of life. My wife and I really enjoyed that nighttime show. It was a good close to being at animal kingdom

      1. Amy

        We loved Rivers of Light! Fav show in all of Disney!

    2. Marina

      When díd you go ? I love river boat . Eleaphente . Tres up side down

  3. Ann

    Nemo show at Animal Kingdom is an okay show, but not great.
    Kids like all the bubbles.
    The show is too long in my opinion.
    If they could cut the time down a bit it would be better.

    1. Jeff

      The new show has been cut down by about 10 minutes, so that’s a step in the right direction.

  4. Lora

    Viewed this thru a LIVE tiktok believe it or not! I have to say the Dinsey workers holding and voicing the fish look like they are trying their best to put on a show. But honestly, it’s so distracting seeing ppl carry the fish. The songs weren’t that catchy. And I was bored halfway thru. My nephew is a Nemo fan, had enough after 10minutes! Can’t imagine how I would have felt about that if we were actually at the park. I don’t understand why this is what Disney went with!

  5. Jeremy

    AK has the best show (Festival of the lion king) and the worst (Nemo)

    1. Melinda

      Yes I agree

  6. Hclabrock

    The reason for all the cuts at WDW is cost. Performers cost more today. WDW is cutting costs and most guests don’t realize it, but Passholders see it. AT AK it’s Finding Nemo, Lion King, Village Acrobats, etc. All have cut back due to the cost of performers.

  7. Sue

    Nobody wants to work there bc they treat there cast members like crap. That’s why everything is breaking down or show are not the same like there where. Disney is going down fast and they don’t think about case members or visitors anymore only bout the almighty dollars

    1. James

      But the CEO gets a 30million bonus

  8. Mr. SMITH

    My family enjoyed all of the shows and rides! Especially the Avatar ride and Seven Dwarfs roller coaster! I agree that Disney could do more to make the park more enjoyable, even with the new Genie+ pass you still have to wait in long lines because you can only book a lighting pass every 2hrs. All in all, folks are still going to pay 1ks of dollars to spend time and make memories at Disney.

  9. Frank

    I lost respect for WDW when the pandemic started. As an AP holder we were expected to keep paying even though we couldn’t use our passes. $325/month for my family and not be able to enjoy it? Wasn’t happening. WDW is in the crapper and going down.

  10. Donna

    The revamped Festival of the Lion King is terrible. No flying birds, no monkeys on trapeze. Used to be wonderful. I wouldn’t waste my time.

    1. Nick H.

      I feel you. We have gone every year since 2014 except 2020 because of the pandemic and we can see how WDW is money hungry. Walt has to be rolling over in his grave smh. I wish Roy granddaughter would take over. She actually cares.

  11. Nick H.

    I mean, honestly, finding Nemo to me was nap time and A/C stop. Have been to the show probably 4x and I have YET to watch a full show lol. 5 min in and I’m zzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Joey P

      Sleep with the fishes. Heh…heh…

  12. Chris

    Hater’s gonna hate

  13. Nigel

    The Disney Company in general needs to get rid of current upper management and get someone in the with Walt Disney’s core values and vision. Current management is what is tearing the Disney name down and they need to get AWAY from all the wokeness that they seem to have started embracing and get back to what they used to do best. FAMILY entainmant and TRADITIONAL FAMILY values.

    1. James

      They need to stop supporting all the rainbow crap and maybe business would pick up!

  14. D Murray

    If Walt was still alive, he would vomit at what Disney has turned into.

  15. Robert

    Nemo show is boring. Shorted Lion King show is just ok. Disney is losing their magic.

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