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Credit: Screenshot via Law & Crime Network


  1. Shel

    Mr. Depp opened the door to a conversation the world needs to have: ABUSE HAS NO GENDER. All people should have equal rights to protection from abuse.
    In a fight for equal rights the only thing that makes sense is equality for all! Mr. Depp, you did this. You started a very important movement needed now more than ever. Thank you for your selflessness toward the greater good. With all my respect🙏

  2. Kelly Connerton

    She is absolutely correct, womens rights are moving backward and she is a direct cause, She has just made it harder for women to be believed when they are in a real abusive situation.

  3. Jennifer Pankey

    I cannot agree more. The amount of manipulative gaslighting that she projects adds to the stereotype that women behave this way. It’s not accurate, true women who have been abused do not function that way. I promise to teach my daughters that we are all equal in our humanness regardless of age, gender, color, religion etc

  4. Mickeymouse3

    I’m sorry, Amber who?

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