Comments for “Murdering Tolkien’s Work,” Amazon Turns ‘Lord of the Rings’ “Woke” With Female Orcs

Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins

Credit: New Line Cinema


  1. Dfiferent readings

    I know to some people adding females to the species that literally represents corruption and evil sounds feminist, but I just find it accurate. Maybe they should be truly progressive and make all orcs female.

    1. don parloto

      I want orcs being freemasons…

  2. Bob bob

    If it were made by Disney, there would no doubt be same-sex married Orcs, Trans Orcs, and bi-sexual black partnered Asian Trans Orcs. Because yes, these represent the norm… If they don’t add these Orcs, Disney must be transphobic and homophobic, obviously.

  3. G

    I wont watch it

    1. Rantanamo

      The article literally has a tolkien quote invalidating all of the complaining, yet people are still doubling down.

      1. StrangerRanger

        I wouldn’t say this invalidates the other comments, but it’s obvious the comments about how orcs breed are based on the movies not the books. Orcs came from elves and elves breed. The bigger concern is how they incorporate the female orcs into the story. I can see it now…a female orc will be the chief of a clan and dominate all the other orcs. She will be a bad ass and all the other orcs will fear her. She’ll be a Xena Warrior Orcus.

  4. Dave

    What a laughable, pathetic excuse for an article. Please keep writing these, I genuinely enjoy laughing at incels desperate for relevance

  5. KitKat

    Sooo… Tolkien wrote that there must have been female orcs… so Tolkien was woke?! Gasp! Shock! Horror!

  6. Bill ho

    Aren’t Orcs made? They were corrupted elves. Why do created creatures need females? To procreate? Amazon definetly screwed the pooch on this. The sounds less and less interesting the more I know about it

    1. Mike

      Uruk hai are created, orcs are born. There’s a difference between the two that a lot of commenters seem to be missing. I think most of you who are upset about this only ever saw the movies and don’t actually know Tolkien’s work, the world he created, or what his intentions would be and are just looking for a reason to fight some nonsense culture war that nobody else cares about except you.

      1. StrangerRanger

        There’s enough here to be worried about without worrying about female orcs. By all accounts, they’ve completely turned Galadriel and Elrond’s characters into something unrecognizable. They tried to make Middle Earth diverse in the laziest manner possible and they’ve completely jacked up a story that people from all cultures and demographics love.

    2. Sam S.

      One of the major themes in Canon is that evil is creatively sterile. Thus none of the “evil” races are true independent creations. Thus orcs and trolls are corrupted elves and ents, respectively. Uruk-hai, are kind of “upgraded” or “enhanced” orcs, at least in terms of physical prowress..
      There absolutely had to be female orcs, though whether any of them got the modifications, whether Uruk-hai were intended to breed with standard orc females, or whether Saruman intended to maintain control by keeping them sexless and denying them the drive for freedom that having a family can engender, is a separate question.

  7. Bill ho

    Also will these female orchestra be modest? Or will they be every bit as disgusting as male counter parts?

  8. Tyler

    This is pathetic. Female orcs are part of tolkiens own writings.

  9. Robert

    Alex, you clearly don’t know Tolkien’s works very well. It’s well known that Tolkien himself literally stated, in writing, that female orcs existed; however, due to their involvement in his stories the male soldiers were solely featured. There’s also a difference between orcs and Uruk hai. In the future, please do some basic research before spewing your bs.

    1. Gamal

      Waiting for Amazon to announce gay elves!

  10. StrangerRanger

    I hope Amazon has changed their mind about this but word was they were going to have gay and trans characters and graphic sex scenes, in addition to the already jacked up character redevelopment we’ve already seen in the trailer. I am not homo or trans phobic, but it doesn’t belong in LOTR. Why does Amazon want to make Tolkien’s work into GOT?? If they just try to to be true to Tolkien’s vision, they could have a hit that everyone loves. Peter Jackson already proved that. They could still have diversity and inclusion but doing it in a way that fits the Middle Earth world.

  11. jakeman

    The whole thing is woke, with black elves, black dwarves, women 50% of characters, etc.
    Betcha no black orcs, trolls, or other villains, though. That wouldn’t fit the guilt-ridden retributionist woke narrative, would it?
    Let’s fundamentally rewrite all ancient to modern literature, art, history, etc., to satisfy the liberal-progressive Party’s guilt for what they did to people of color.

    1. Joe

      Tolkien literally confirmed the existence of female orcs, but let’s just conveniently gloss over that fact while you whine about the “woke left”. I would say read the full article but that’s obviously beyond your capabilities nor does it fit your incel, ultra right wing agenda you’re so desperately trying to push. But please keep making wild assumptions and attempts to connect things that aren’t really there. And who knows, maybe Amazon will cast you as one of the trolls! You certainly fit the part. Some people truly aren’t happy unless they’re complaining about something.

  12. Bean

    Imagine seeing Amazon running roughshod over jrr tolkeins work by having some AI and/or corvee laborer writer crap out something vaguely similar, and then you dorks complain about “some of the orcs are ladies”

    Pathetic. It’s like this is just an opportunity to be incel losers instead of critiquing anything worthwhile

  13. Butch

    It’s probably not a good idea to throw your lot in with white supremacists, Mr. Lue. Believe it or not, being the token Asian lapdog to their movement won’t get you any brownie points when you’re in a camp.

    1. Xenu

      How come there are no Asian elves? That’s pretty racist to only have black and white elves. They need some Hispanic ones too for inclusivity.

  14. Timo

    Tolkien, in a letter in 1963, so suck this:

    There must have been orc-women. But in stories that seldom if ever see the Orcs except as soldiers of armies in the service of the evil lords we naturally would not learn much about their lives. Not much was known’.

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