Comments for Major Noise Complaints Caused Theme Park to Remove Section of Coaster

Oblivion coaster at Alton Towers

Credit: Alton Towers


  1. Truth Speaker

    This article is absolute bullsh*t

  2. Ryan

    November 2004 was when the audio was removed. You’re literally 18 years late.

  3. Illisia Adams

    Wait, they removed that? But that was #socool! 🙁 So I heard… I was quite looking-forward to hearing the classic “DON’T. LOOK. DOWN.” when I get a chance to visit 🙁

  4. Vanessa

    I really miss the audio on this, it was part of the whole experience. You’re gonna scream anyway, it is scary to be fair. BRING IT BACK so my kids can have the same experience as I did.

  5. Gman

    What total garbage. Scrolling through to find any content and eating my life
    Oh.. but maybe this is about the adverts I pass on the way . Blocked for good

  6. Michael

    That was the first ride I went on you can’t get rid of the best part of the ride nobody will get the thrill of the ride

  7. Aye

    Advert. Nothing else

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