Comments for ‘Aladdin’ Musical Star, Billy Kametz, Tragically Dies at 35

jim guessing as genie (left) and billy kametz as aladdin (right)

Credit: Disney


  1. byron

    That is so young to die. R.I.P

    1. Sheri

      So sorry to hear this. My family and I enjoyed him in Aladdin. Way to young to die.

  2. Sad

    So sad. My mom and I loved this show

  3. timothy

    disney please step in and pay this mans bills.

  4. Lynne Y

    So sorry to hear. We saw the Aladdin show several times. Condolences to his family and friends.

  5. Tiffany

    Didn’t Know He Played Aladdin But I’m Aware Of His Voice Over Roles In Many Video Games/Anime Movies/Shows Thoughts And Prayers Goes Out To His Family Childhood Friends Voice Over Costars Plus Managers As Well. He Is Missed And Won’t Ever Be Forgotten.

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