Comments for Blizzard Beach Closed Indefinitely, Aerial Photos Show Current State of Water Park

blizzard beach aerial photo

Credit: bioreconstruct


  1. Carrie

    They should pull their finger out on this one. It’s the 50th anniversary Summer and they have a whole waterpark out of commission!

    1. J

      Meh, they refurbish one of the two parks every year. It happened to ge delayed thanks to CoVID, I’m sure it’ll be back soon enough.

    2. ScubaChef68

      If Disney would focus less on being WOKE and POLITICS and they refocused and put that energy back into their parks and entertainment…The would see a 50% growth in Revenue.

      1. Cindi Galaxy


      2. Sharon L Inserro

        Yeah that’s it😂😂

      3. Don

        They are sold out for many days. They’re doing just fine.

        1. Jeannette

          I’m curious to see outcome after 50th celebration and Covid “get me out of the house”. Going down

      4. AVATAR underwater maybe??

      5. Jim

        Agree, they chose “woke” over customer care.

      6. Jim McDermott

        As a Cast Member of Disney, I can speak for us as a Company and say – nobody cares if you don’t come because of that. We want all people, including gay and transgender ppl, to visit. If that’s too disturbing for you, go somewhere else. Truly.

    3. Denise Miller

      Probably due to lifeguard shortage. People need refund$$

  2. Mark

    Disney is the most mismanaged business in the US. Parks closed and overpriced. They spend more time being politically correct than managing a business. Going down the toilet.

    1. AGREED 100 %

    2. Cindi Galaxy


      1. Dawn S Arsenault

        Lol? Nothing intelligent to say? Disney deserves to lose money. Their WOKENESS is their DOWNFALL.

        1. 0.o

          Did you really just jump up someones ass over “lol?”

    3. Sharon L Inserro

      😂they’ve ALWAYS overpriced it’s just now the right is criticizing because they don’t like Disney FREELY SPEAKING 😂😂politicians ALL politicians hypocrites you people make me laugh BOTH SIDES RED AND BLUE

    4. Tim

      They need to hire you to run the company. Your astute, sophisticated comment shows that you know more than all of them combined.

  3. John

    It’s really sad to see and hear about the water park closed again. Blizzard Beach should be open. Especially, for the Summer. Not infinity.
    It also sounds like this is happening way way too much.

  4. Jacob

    I’m pretty pist about that

  5. Sheila

    We have tickets and Disney won’t refund! I think everyone should know that!

    1. Trish

      If you paid with a credit card like American Express you call them and tell them . They will then fight for your refund.

  6. Tom

    This 50th anniversary for Walt Disney World has been a complete DISASTER in all respects. The 25th anniversary was leaps and bounds above the 50th. Someone has really messed up at Disney, what a shame to see the current situation with Disney, they are getting their hand in to much between takeovers and media they have become nothing more then an out of control monopoly which is in need of outside control. They are trying to Disney fyi Star Wars, Fox and so on. Was a huge Disney fan since the 70s and the quality that Disney was unique for has disappeared completely, now just about the almighty dollar every time you turn around. Parks and rides falling apart, I think Disney would now be rated below Universal and Sea World so sad. They have really dropped the ball big time.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      Wow you couldn’t be more incorrect if you tried. Strong is your delusion.

      1. Your wrong and he is right. Disney cares to much about being woke. Disney was a dream that you got to experience every time you went there. Watching the expression of my kids and then my grandkids was a experience I will never forget. Now it’s time for universal and islands of adventure. We will miss Disney. But you enjoy it.

        1. Cindi Galaxy

          Nope. He’s right and you’re wrong. I go often and it’s crowded as it has always been. It’s expensive as it has always been. It’s magical as it has always been. Thank goodness Disney is taking a stand against hideous injustices and a neurotic liar governor. If you don’t like it, don’t go. No one will miss you.

    2. Maria Sanchez

      I agree 100 percent it’s all about the money, we were big fans of Disney specially me since the 70’s now I much rather go to universal. When COVID started they lost a lot of money but it’s wrong the way there trying to make it up it’s very sad 😞

      1. Tim

        A business focusing on turning a profit. Insane!

      2. Tina

        Go woke, to broke

      3. SWM

        Completely done with Disney and their “woke” points of view.

    3. Brian

      I worked at WDW in the early 90’s and returned a few years ago. I was shocked at the lack of cleanliness of the parks. I couldn’t believe how rude some of the cast members were! We would have been fired acting and talking to guest the way I was treated. EPCOT food and wine was a drunk fest, filthy language used by drunk people in front of children. Disney parks have gone way down as compared when I worked there and has really overpriced themselves . Very sad as I had respect for the company and we “cast members “ were proud to work for WDW

    4. Str8WM

      Could not agree more! Disney has gone off the rails with their “woke” agenda, ESPECIALLY the month of June !

  7. Jackmehoff

    There’s atleast 10 things, from my point of view, that were in greater need of refurbishment. To take a Waterpark down during the warmest and some of the busiest months, when you have attractions failing consistently, is off the wall. Typhoon lagoon is a very different Waterpark experience than that of Blizzard beach, so this was, as par the course, a bizarre move by disney. Unless there was a major operating issue, this is more inconvenience for the park-goer added to an already very long list. I’m kinda at a loss with disney and their seeming contempt for their customers.

    1. Sandra Sketchley

      What?? I have paid good money for the water park option, do I at least get a partial refund for only 1 waterpark? It was suppose to reopen in March!

      1. Sarah

        No you don’t. They’re “smart” enough that it’s worded in their tickets that being open is not a guarantee and you take that chance when purchasing tickets to any of their parks, not just the water parks.

  8. Tim

    Makes sense since they are really hurting for help and can’t staff what they already have opened. Not their fault.

    1. John

      Yes their fault, they fired a lot of people.

    2. Yes it is.

    3. Steve

      Sad, Disney can’t get people to work there to finish timely. They fire contractors who disagree with their political views. Disney no longer embraces family values. Just woke corporate greed.


        Can’t get people to work there because they are so WOKE. Who the hell would want to work for them.

      2. Str8WM

        Exactly! They’re too concerned with the gays rather than their loyal traditional clientele.

  9. Alex

    I think the biggest complaint I have is that what were they doing during the last 2 covid years there when they went 2 straight years closed. youd think they would uograde/refurb the parks then. What a missed opportunity

    1. Robert Downey

      COVID shut them down. Construction companies are not considered essential, so they were not allowed to do any work. That is why they got nothing done.

      As for the other comments from others stating that Disney FIRED too many…they didn’t FIRE anyone, they laid them off. When things started to come back online they reached out to rehire them all, but most had moved on to other jobs. They had no choice, as they need to eat and have a place to live. It is unfortunate all around.

      1. Billy

        I thought Florida never shut down. Isn’t that one of the points I keep hearing from the governor’s fan club?

  10. Cappy

    This is all a result of Trump’s mismanagement of the country. He turned everyone into haters so of course the happiest place in the world will suffer.

    1. Cappy is Dappy


    2. John smoww

      Trump didn’t mismanaged anything. Or divide anyone, that is Obama and his supporters. Disney is messed up because all the old workers died or retired, the results is a worthless new generation of Karen’s like you

      1. Neenah


    3. Chuck

      You mean Biedens screwing up everything that Trump left him? Everything that sleepy Joe touches, turned death and decay.

      1. Neenah


      2. Cindi Galaxy

        bwahahahahahahahahaha gasp hahahahahahahahaha

      3. Karen

        Could be they ran into some problems. You never know. The old Oddesey restaurant in EPCOT wound up being built over a sink hole so it was closed, and isn’t the lake the result of one?
        I imagine that water parks take a ton of maintenance.
        Now I don’t like what is happening with the parks now, you have to reserve everything in advance, pay extra for fast passes, less food, no perks, and worse of all political garbage has crept in. Walt is probably spinning in his grave. They need to fire the bean counters, get some people with imagination and spirit back in there and put things back the way it was. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

    4. Robert Downey

      It is funny how every single post on a Disney story seems to turn to politics at some point. Trumpers and Biden alike. When will you all realize, they are all liars and NONE of them have the public interest at heart. They are career criminals that line their own pockets. They say they care so idiots will vote for them. Trump even admitted it. I am sure Biden is the same, if he can remember that is lol. The result is the hate filled, entitled jerks that wander the US streets daily with a huge chip on their shoulders. Just think back 2 years ago before COVID. Yes there were issues and gun issues, but not on the scale we see now. People getting beat up in a drive through for a messed up burger order? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Grow up!

      At the end of the day Disney is like all businesses, they are there to make money..period. If you don’t like it, don’t go and shut your mouth. There are still plenty of us out there with educations and common sense that understand how the world of business is and are willing to pay to enjoy what they do offer. Stay home if you are not one of them or build your own PARK and stop slamming Disney. You think you could do better running a park the size of Manhattan? Do’t kid yourself. They are huge and it costs a lot of money and takes skills.

      1. Nightlynx

        Very well said. Neither political party cares about the American people. Disney ultimately is a for profit business. Like them or not. Don’t give them your business if you don’t like them it is as simple as that.

    5. Jack

      LOL! Trump owns you! 24/7, 365 rent free!

      1. Robert "Ironman" Downey

        Not sure to whom your comment is pointed @Jack. I hate them all. Public paid liars!

        1. Wendy

          Was just at typhoon lagoon and a cast member there told us the extended closure is due to construction/replacement of the conveyor belt for the rafts. Apparently there are ongoing delays with it. Also that they cannot employ enough lifeguards to staff both parks.

        2. Kim

          I love Disney and will continue to go as often as I can! If you don’t like it, don’t go, it’s as simple as that!!!

    6. Cheri

      Seriously. Have you been y to o a gas pump or grocery store!!

    7. Ro

      Oh really. Do you have a 401k? What was it under President Trump. What is is today. How much did you pay for gas under President Trump. How much do you pay today. Live in Nyc? Where every day someone is shoved onto the tracks in a hate crime? Not when Trump was president. How much love is there now that the left has us all at each others throats. They dint even bother to pretend its about unity and healing any more.

    8. Don

      You sound like Biden it’s Trump’s fault. I gave anything for a mean tweet and $2.00 gas

    9. Tlaw

      No, despite the resurrection of Jan 06, it really is all Putin’s fault. I just heard Biden blame Putin for the gas and food inflation so it must be true.

    10. Dave

      No I think the progressives had the hate and racist thing down way before Trump came along….

  11. Linda

    Enjoy Biden! Gas prices and everything!

    1. Jim M

      It’s both sides fault in the political arena. Nobody wants to work together anymore to solve our problems. The politicians just care about themselves while everything is going to hell. When is the last time they compromised on anything that would help us out. All bluster while they lead privileged lives. Which is why we need term limits.

      1. Robert Downey

        Jim M,

        Totally agree on term limits. Career criminals like this should not be allowed to get rich and disappear while we suffer with what they have allowed to happen.

    2. Robert Downey


      It is great that your educated insight lays the blame square on ONE person in the world, when the pricing is set not by the US president, but by OPEC. The greedy are the ones that hurt us, Biden and some other nations are trying to go EV to eliminate the pump issues, not to help them. READ A BOOK, or a PAPER once in a while. Stop letting the media make up your mind and think a bit. OPEC says “We need to raise prices due to rising costs of refinement” yet they also boast record profits? Well which is it? Are you losing money, or just taking advantage of a situation to profit?
      IF Trump had one, he would be in the same bed, or worse cause he hates EV and is directly responsible for killing all the laws that were in effect to stop this garbage.

      1. Jack

        Slow Joe owns this debacle. He started attacking oil companies his first day in office. He is an utter failure.

        1. Robert "Ironman" Downey

          @jack, he attacks because there is a better way. They are getting fat and rich off your money at the pump and you keep giving it to them willingly. We should embrace EV and stick it to them. Read some history. In the late 1800’s the same thing happened to “Steam” for rail and Kerosene for homes. When Oil came in, they made cars…when electricity came, well…you know “I hope”. This is the next evolution and people refuse to embrace that EV is going to win. Oil is a finite resource and the prices will continue to go up. You can’t blame one person. No US president has the power to control everything..that is why they have 3 branches…again “History”. Unlike Trump-ish thought process, this is not a dictatorship. Stop pointing fingers and do something about it. If you dont like Gas prices…stop buying gas. Go EV.

          1. mandarin

            hey bob, if i can’t afford a couple more dollars for a gallon of gas do you actually think i can afford an electric vehicle?

          2. I don’t know but I love me some RDJ!!!

        2. Cindi Galaxy

          bwahahahahahahahahaha gasp hahahahahahahahaha

    3. Sam.

      Linda we are here talk about the Waterpark not who hate old grumpy lady.

  12. Nick

    Probably due to staffing issues like everywhere right now. At least they have the better water park open this time.

    1. J

      I mean both parks have their perks. Typhoon Lagoon is more teen/adult oriented in attractions and Bli,zard is more toddler/child friendly with a few thrill slides for teens and a wave pool that won’t skin your knees. 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Mason

    I don’t care. I am wondering if this will be a re-theme nobody asked for except for twelve people on Disney’s Twitter page.

  14. Wendy

    Was just at typhoon lagoon and a cast member there told us the extended closure is due to construction/replacement of the conveyor belt for the rafts. Apparently there are ongoing delays with it. Also that they cannot employ enough lifeguards to staff both parks.

  15. J.L. Howell

    Guess they should spend more money and time on fixing stuff and less on getting involved with Florida politics!

  16. Ted

    This is ridiculous. As a pass holder they should give refunds at least partial amounts. Considering we bought sports package which included that Waterpark I am pissed off. Seems they tend to do that Jesse thinks they can do whatever they want we take all your money we charge you what we want but we don’t have to give anything in return over here sign this. Ridiculous I don’t care who you are big or small truth in advertising and produce the product.

  17. Harvey Stevens

    I’ve been living in Florida all my life and I’m 45yrs old.
    I’ve never heard of Blizzard Beach until I read this article.
    Disney needs to do more advertising when this park reopens👍

  18. Mr White

    Likely trying to make gender-neutral and decolonise it

  19. Pipiolo

    I bought annual pass with sports package for the 50th anniversary and I totally regret my decision. My kids are not even enjoying the parks anymore. Eveything sucks, super pricey, way less quality, and their customer service is worse than ever. And when I say everything I’m also including Hotels, Restaurants, Stores, Shows, Cruises. With their woke and inclusion agenda, they forgot about competency and quality. If they would have focused in the business and not in politics, they would have more and better staff. That’s a fact!

  20. Thomas

    I think they are going to turn it into a Pandora attraction. The 2nd movie is water themed and the 3rd movie is already in production. Pandora is a big hit at DAK. If done correctly, a Pandora park WITH water attractions would work quite well.

  21. Kimberlain

    I took the Summit Plummet plunge in 1996. The decline of Blizzard Beach seems to reflect Disney as a whole. I predict Disney will be sold for parts in the next few years.

  22. John

    That’s because Disney is more worried about all the gay stuff

  23. CJ

    Hi Bob! Whenever you are through being a Cheapskate? Just know this is peak Water Park Season and Team Disney Orlando is losing revenue because of your modus operandi! Chapek needs to be replace with someone else who is more competent!

  24. Jen

    Just thankful they’re still actually doing *something* with it, instead of leaving it to rot. Like they previously did with a different waterpark.

  25. pattimarie

    Jon smoww–I think you are very confused. You claim to think Trump is good so I assume you are not woke. “Karen” is a term/concept invented by woke people, and you are using it like you agree with it. If you don’t like wokeness, why are you using their concepts and terms to explain yourself?

  26. Dave

    Don’t give two craps about Disney and their woke bullcrap. I got lots of money to spend elsewhere with the fam. They can stay woke and go broke for all I care. FD & FJB!!!!!!

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