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natalie cheating husband splash mountain

Credit: @ibizadaze - TikTok


  1. Pocho Villa

    🎶🎶🎶It’s a man world after all…🎶🎶🎶

    1. Universal Studios

      Make America gay again.

      -Ron Desantis-

      1. JustSaying

        Ron is still in the corner shaking after it was pointed out to him that Bugs Bunny was transgender.

      2. Unicorn

        Gay is the way!

    2. david

      James Brown said it first and said it right.

    3. So they all think. They are so wrong!!!

  2. Mike

    Good for the husband! Live your life to the fullest. If these people were gay no one would care. Only straight people get all bent out of shape about other peoples’ sex lives.

  3. Kevin from Realville

    Who brings their nanny to Disney World?

    1. Walt

      Who the hell needs a nanny for two kids?

  4. Ting Ming

    Who? A man who’s cheating on his wife with her.

  5. Danielle Pollet

    yeesh, even real nightmares come true too. guess it’s not exactly the happiest place in the world like it claims to be.

    1. stephen

      You’re right consider that this was at WDW and they call that the most magical place on earth. The happiest in on the other coast in Anaheim.

  6. Walt

    If you read to the end. The “controversial ride” based on Song of the South. The ride is not controversial nor is the movie. Floyd Norman said it best in his book and the Uncle Remus museum docents defend it. It’s only controversial to woke crybullies and snowflakes that have their feelings hurt over every imaginary slight. They continue to ruin everything including Disney. They are the most intolerant of all people

  7. Focus Linda

    I’m so sorry that she went through that, I hate to see broken families.

    I have no clue why people keep talking about being gay, who the actual F gives any type of care?!

    In my opinion all gays are HATERS of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. Not to mention that gays have NO morals surrounding the family unit.

    1. chuck


  8. Chris

    Maybe if she were gettin’ it done then he wouldn’t need to advance on the nanny.

    1. Typical man cheater reply

  9. Joem

    Is no one going to mention the “SECRET Disney ride photo” that you can view and purchase on your way out of the ride??

  10. Caroline RN

    This site should be called,
    “ Disney Enquirer “
    What trash this is and, the writer also goes so far as to follow up with at least 9 months more of garbage on this ?
    who does this.

    1. Stuart Piedmann

      Welcome to ITM

  11. Mickeymouse3

    I thought a nanny was supposed to tend to the kids. If that’s the case, why did wifey let nanny sit with hubby in the first place? Why didn’t wifey sit with hubby and stick the nanny with the kids?
    Me thinks enquiring minds should know.

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