Comments for Will Smith Speaks, Says He Saw His Career Collapse In a Vision

Will Smith at Oscars 2022

Credit: ABC


  1. Russell

    Well, we are definitely gonna find out…

  2. Chris Wood

    The only thing will smith saw was his wife give him a look. “Stop laughing at me and defend me you PUTZ!” He was laughing at the joke as well. So he should spare us the anticlimactic melodramatics. The whole thing is crap, everyone still living in fear after the slap, including the 3 harpy hosts, who were cheering at his Oscar win. But they are still living in fear. PUUULLLEASE

  3. Richard

    That’s the hazards of marrying a thot!

  4. Sarah

    Will, you are going to be alright. Keep positive. Not everybody condemns you Will. You will be surprised at what the future holds for you. Good luck.Sarah

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