Comments for Walt Disney World Is Directly Connected to New York By a Series of Tubes

Captain Mickey with the Statue of Liberty

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Kampie

    You dizzy, cause you spun that article title hard…

  2. CalicoJack

    False advertising much?

  3. Jason

    Yes there are tunnels from disney to NY but they are not used for garbage disposable, they are used for human trafficking

    1. Jenn

      You are so wrong for that 😂 but makes you wonder doesn’t it? The kids that go missing in the park that don’t make it to the news???? 🤔 Hmmmm

    2. Lou

      It is not a physical connection it’s an intellectual property connection IE use both use the same system

      Just another bait click article!

  4. Jenn

    How come there aren’t any cameras that flow through the “tubes” to show the world how it works? I am one that would be interested in that…. Come on Disney you have the funds and the time to produce such a video. Heck, someone could produce a horror film using the idea of these tubes. If someone does produce such a movie… I request and demand compensation for the idea… Just putting that out there! Lol! Yes, I was today years old when I found out about this. Pretty cool though.

    1. Nick

      Probably because it’s just literal trash being pushed/pulled through a tube. It’s just a long/fast trash chute.

      1. Matt

        There’s no story, just the comments. I’ve refreshed this page and opened it up on 2 different devices. Must be some sort of joke…

  5. Tommy

    In other news, New York and Florida have the SAME number of letters in their name. Coincidence? I think not.

  6. Garbage tubes for Disney or New York solves it.

  7. I Now live in Florida and wouldn’t give them a dime of my money. Until all this is thoroughly investigated, BOYCOTT‼️

    1. Avian

      Don’t worry – they won’t miss you at all. Absolutely slammed with visitors.

  8. TK

    Retired after 26 years in engineering services at WDW and believe me this is a ridiculous story.

  9. Chris


  10. Chris

    So Disney is tied to NY by the garbage they produce.

    1. Neo

      Of course. It was inevitable.

  11. Darren

    What a waste of time

  12. Jim


  13. Nutsnack

    They are for pedophile politicians.

  14. P. Hugh Litzer

    One of the best ITM articles

  15. MF

    I guess “NY and DisneyWorld share similar approaches to trash collection” didn’t have quite the same *ring* as “NYC and WDW are directly connected”…..

  16. Jimmy

    I would have guessed the Disney tunnel was connected to Epstein’s island

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