Comments for Viral “Disney Adult” Claps Back at Online Haters After Intense Character Interaction

TikToker meeting Goofy at Walt Disney World

All Images Credit: Everyday Is Disney (@everydayisdisney) TikTok


  1. Mike

    Don’t get the whole Disney adult label. My Disney trips sometimes include just my wife and I and others include our young niece but at the end of the day what’s the difference? I honestly didn’t even discover Disney until I was married and my wife wanted to go but now I’m hooked. It’s a place of imagination and fun and for me it’s a chance to shut out the outside world for a week and have fun. I’ve never been more relaxed than after a WDW vacation and this from someone who is a rope drop to park close kind of person.

  2. Cyndi

    I’m a Disney adult! I’ve been going to WDW since it opened. In this time of hate, rudeness, and the “me first” attitude, Disney is a place to recharge and be a kid d again. I bring my kids, and my grandkids, we all love the fact we can let go and be carefree. Keep being a Disney adult!

  3. Heidi Joy

    Just before COVID I stood in line, by myself, to do a character meet with Minnie and Mickey (I was 55). It was the first time I had ever been up close to the characters and to my surprise, I started crying, like deep belly sobs. It was emotion from when I first went to Disney in 1985. Years and years of Disney but it was Always about my children. Now alone and the characters embodied all the memories of my children growing up and now they are adults bringing their own families. Minnie and Mickey met me with hugs and we stood together and talked(I talked, they did their mouse communication) makes me choked up remembering this interaction

  4. Micki

    To some like myself, Disneyland is a safe haven and healing place. I suffered from childhood trauma’s and Disneyland was my safe haven so as an adult I go by myself at times and am overcome with emotions from the wonderful memories I’ve had there and still have.

    It is sad that some people are such jerks, I’ve had “pass holes” and “influencers “ ruin the park because they don’t care for anyone but themselves……..

    I hope it won’t stop you from going as it hasn’t stopped me……

  5. L. Jen

    Let’s just hope the guy inside goofy wasn’t a pedo since the company continues to higher those kids of people. They loooooove Disney.

    1. Wow you are a special kind of person… Wow

    2. I just realized that maybe you are special, the word you wanted to use is HIRE. Higher is a word used for height. Or smoked too much maybe that’s what you did.

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