Comments for VIDEO: Disneyland Guest Rips Out Brick from Main Street, U.S.A. Sidewalk

Left: A Guest crouches down and pulls a red brick from the sidewalk on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland. Right: A photo looking down Main Street towards the Castle with a curious emoji overtop it.


  1. Chip T. Stone

    This Guest is a brick short of a load.

  2. Chris

    The brick work is actually intentionally designed by the company that installed it to be easy to remove and replace individual bricks. This way if one becomes damaged or several need to be removed to access under them, it is a minor task to do so and doesn’t incur a lot of extra expense.

    So please do not go pulling up the brickwork, yes some will come up easier than others, but all are designed to be able to be removed.

  3. Peggy

    It appears important for Disney Magic fans to make a personal connection and also connect with other Disney fans. There is a mailbox on Main Street that held a notebook and pen. You could sign it and leave a message. Disney locked it up. People exchange items in lockers. They have small items they will give you if you identify them. All in great fun. In the comradeship of Disney.

    1. Kevin

      Yeah vandalism sure is “great fun”. Then these same people will turn around and complain how bad the state of the parks are and how their upkeep is lacking. SMH.

      1. Michael

        I’m the sort of person to complain about the state of the park. I’m not the sort to vandalize the park. We are a different sort of people… unknowingly working together to make your life miserable it seems.

        1. Kevin

          You and the vandals are just two sides of the same annoying coin, Mikey. And it will take a TON more to ever make my life “miserable”. Nice try though.

  4. Kevin

    This is ridiculous. Why does this site continuously condone and celebrate the horrible behavior by people that go to Disney parks? Stop making these Tie Tok and twitter idiots ‘famous’ by reporting these ‘stories’ and showing the videos.

  5. David Cartier

    I guess it’s a good thing she wasn’t on a cruise! One hopes that this irresponsible woman and her family receive lifetime bans for vandalism. From both Disney properties and the cruise line as well. It might be fun for her but someone else might trip and break a bone.

  6. KatB

    Anyone realize that if you pick up the brick, put a pin underneath, you have now created a tripping hazard because of the unevenness of the brick. Then a person comes by, trips and tries to sue Disney for disrepair of the walkway. What you think may be a fun “tradition” could cause injury.

  7. Brad T.

    So vandalizing the park and leaving litter behind is “fun”? Why can’t people just enjoy the park and not interfere? You’re just not that important.

  8. Dusk Killaz

    All you upset commenters are ridiculous XD “Don’t hurt my beloved Disney world that I spend 1/3 of my total income on!! I might trip!”

    Disneyland is a joke and is one of the worst wasteful things we have ever created.

    1. Iron_Will

      Have a Magical Day!

    2. Pat

      Your anger stems from personal issues, and goes deeper than the fact your poor life choices make you unable to afford a trip to Disney.

  9. tvnutt

    D bags committing acts of D Baggery for clicks and views. Monetization of this crap needs to stop.

  10. Michael

    I love Disney content but it seems like everything reported is negative. I think some positive stories would go a long way. Disney is a magical place and it shouldn’t be that difficult to be positive once in a while.

    1. Liz H

      Michael, I agree about the negativity. Before my last trip to Disneyland the reports were so negative I was expecting a bad experience and it was still a fun and magical place to be with my family.

  11. C Million

    I like the idea of leaving behind something for other guests to find. But why not do it without vandalism?!?

  12. Chris

    I still have my brick from 2007.

  13. Phil

    So now destroying the park is a fun past time? Dont forget your can of spray paint and tag your face Di$net character.

  14. Anita

    Looked under that Brick on 5/12/22 found nothing, but a few price tags… There is (was)another hidden compartment in the coffee shop.. But this one was removed when I went on that day… So much for finding treasures people leave behind to find.. Was kinda fun since I am a key holder gives me something else to do while at Disneyland…

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