Comments for Unruly Guests Allegedly Run Rampant in Disney, They “Licked Everything”

guests watching fireworks disneyland

Credit: Disney Rewards


  1. Tanya Hyde

    Did you ever see a Guest lick another Guest in a fight at the Parks?

  2. Bob Cheapskate

    Ive seen all of the above and people who don’t speak english acting confused at how a line works and just try and cut ahead. Seen it a lot. People are rude and selfish.

    1. Heidi Claire

      Yeah, they could at least speak English while line cutting.

  3. Mary

    I would not go to Disney if I was picked up in a limousine, flown first class and was even paid to go.

  4. Biff

    Went to Disneyland last Thur and the end of February. The quality of the bathrooms is really bad, a small step up from public park bathrooms.

  5. Orazio

    Our recent trip was great! But about 25 years ago, we were standing in a crowded line. The older woman with the group ahead of us fainted, falling on my niece. My wife, my children and I immediately jumped into action, got her sitting, gave her water, talked with her, to see if she was lucid, called over a cast member who also responded to call for support.
    Eventually she said she was fine. But her family, had ignored her. And the got mad at us, claiming we ruined their day.

  6. Orazio

    I am now disabled and my most trip required my use of a wheelchair. The staff was overwhelmingly helpful. I’ve been to WDW at least a dozen times before. No problems.
    But in the past I did see unattended kids racing each other in wheelchairs and using the wheelchairs to jump lines with no parents in sight. Albeit infrequently, we did see it on several different trips. Yet, I do have to say, with a higher presence of wheelchairs and disabled attending the parks, we did not see the wheelchair scamming at all during our latest trip this past March. And being in a chair out of necessity, I was far more aware of issues from that angle.

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