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Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights

Credit: Universal Hollywood


  1. Thanos Snap Activist

    This must be an report because the house has already been announced at least one of them Dracula versus, The Mummy versus The Wolfman. P.S. Title your report Properly. You said price changes on event tickets but your report is about the express passes so you should say price changes on express passes not tickets.

  2. Chris Wood

    I went to the 30th anniversary of horrors nights. It didn’t disappoint. I’m not easily scared, but I can honestly say that the Beetlejuice house was creepy. And one of the scare zones about aliens taking over earth and forcing human to kill each other was way to creepy and gives governments ideas. So it was a good good time. It is a must. And stayed at one of the high end hotels, which I recommend, for the express pass, its more expensive, but the pass is included. Now on Halloween they did have a horror feast express pass, which was not included and not the same a skip line pass.

  3. Rob

    The speculated houses listed in this article are for Universal Hollywood. There is no terror tram in Orlando.

  4. Chuck

    Is it possible to get to everything in 1 night or should it be a 2 night event?

    1. Liliana

      Later in the season it’ll be a three night visit. Plan accordingly.

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