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  1. Charles Arcadipane

    I really dislike the reservation system. Before the pandemic I enjoyed picking a park, walking around it for a couple of hours and then going back home. Now, I have to see if a park is available, make a reservation, and then drive there. Often, there’s no availability, which frustrates me to no end. That and the fact that Disney has gotten too political, makes Universal all the more appealing. Theme parks should be apolitical at all costs.

    1. joenywf64

      A lot better yet in the early 2000’s b4 the smartphone, when there were less 3 min roller coasters & no star wars(both which now have brought in insane crowds). & only PAPER fast passes you got only the day u were inside a parks. & $30! a day 4 day non park hopper ticket pkgs, working trams, $7 parking, $30 a night offsite motels & few if any waiting lines on weekdays after labor day in sept!

  2. You should message the reader and tell them to join the lawsuit filed in CA for all the Apers who are in the same boat…..Disney tried to get it dismissed and the judge overruled them, saying the lawsuit has merit

  3. Crystal

    Lol his pass says no blockout dates, and then clearly it’s marked as a blockout date, this is how it works now, they make and change the rules whenever they feel like it, that’s a great way to have high guest satisfaction scores I’m sure.

  4. Jarvis

    Well, yeah, they already have YOUR money, so that’s done, they would rather have a new guest come to pay without you there being a pest. Now get in line or Disney will dox you and send the gay Mafia to your house. 🤭😀😂

  5. Stacey

    We just came back from 2 weeks in Orlando and went to Universal and Seaworld because Disney now charges more for fast pass (now Genie+) and you have to be up at 7am to try and book slots, then you have to check your phone all day to get other slots, and now they’re introducing that you have to buy Genie + days individually now 😂 No flexibility and sounds overall stressful, not what we want on holiday plus it’s a clear cash grab, don’t fancy being glued to my phone all day either. Our daughter still loved Universal and Seaworld and we do anyway.

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