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Disney+ Day at Disney Parks

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  1. Victor Nazarian

    Management at Universal has a valid point. Disney management has squandered approximately $200,000,000,000.00 of company stock value (yes, $200B) while also potentially loosing the Reedy Creek agreement estimated to be worth an additional $300B in long term value. Think about that. That 1/2 of a Trillion dollars wasted is an epic failure.

    All of this has taken place while Disney has made truly unnecessary, money loosing decisions in their socially decisive public behaviors and media productions. I’m a fan of Disney. I am a stock holder. I was married at WDW.

    I am not against Disney. I am anguished that Disney Management has damaged the brand and prestige of such a fine, beloved organization. I dearly wish they would stop playing social politics and focus on providing excellent, profitable products and services to their customers? Is that really too much to expect?

    1. Julian

      Never a truer word has been said Victor.

    2. Joe

      Would truly be interested in how management “squandered” the $200 billion in stock and where/how you determined Reedy Creek has $300 Billion in long-term value?

  2. Ruthie

    No Johnny no Sparrow his private life should be just that private! Disney I hope you go bankrupt! Bunch of idiots. Johnny should sue you bastards for not having his back!!

  3. Gare O

    Justice for Johnny.
    I really love my Disney+ And really don’t wanna pay to not have ads since I’m already spoiled with the luxury of not having ads. But not to mention they are going to continue to raise prices. I get inflation and things go up. But man our paychecks don’t go up with everything.

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