Comments for Hundreds of Universal Guests Flee Ride as Fire Alarms Go Off


Credit: @tommyhawkins


  1. Tiffany

    I can promise you fleeing is an over-exaggeration. This exact same instance occurred last August on this exact same ride. It was drizzling and my husband and I were in line getting ready to ride when it went off. Trust me no one fled but calmly vacated the ride, and was allowed to go back to the ride after they confirmedthere was no fire, to either fetch their belongings out of the lockers or to finally ride it. My son’s (2 teens ,and a pre teen) were in the family waiting area because my youngest was scared to ride, so the teens and us did the family swap so that someone could sit with him while we took our turns in pairs. My biggest issue with the whole evacuation was that they sent a handful of kids (other families has multiple kids sitting in there waiting) out with no idea where they went. Fortunately my boys were smart enough to wait by the entrance until we got out.

    1. Bryan

      Do you mean that the ride went down or the ride had a malfunction, because the article is saying that it was a fire alarm, not rain.

  2. Bryan

    The article was saying, that they had to evacuate the WHOLE building because of a fire alarm.

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